bye nicki!

everyone makes it a thing to make neil the uncultured part of the foxes but y’all ever think abt how kevin never really went out of the nest for things other than exy?

give me kevin seeing hungover ravens and not understanding alcoholism until he gets the first taste of it through andrew. give me kevin having no idea what the fuck star wars is. give me nicky and aaron pulling a steve rogers and listing down all the things kevin needs to experience at least once in college. give me the foxes playing random music using allison’s speakers to see what kevin bops his head to


piercings? on neil? don’t mind if I do

k but you ever think about neil and piercings?? i just imagine one day nicky comes in like hey im gay check out my new cute ass earrings and surprisingly, it puts neil into a bit of consideration, because he actually likes them and hes never gotten the chance to just, Get something bc he wanted them on his body (ie tattoos, piercings, accessories) so he goes to matt and matts super excited bc um yes neil you can have whatever you want go tell allison she’ll know where to take you. Allison is super hype and she takes neil to get em pierced, he thought the pinch was the worst (i headcanon neil w/ sensitive ears bc i dig that) but the approved nod from allison makes him guess it was worth it. Back at the dorm he minded his own and it wasnt until later in the day nicky perked up at neils new piercings and excitedly pointing them out to the rest of the foxes, earning kevins disdain, the foxes compliments, and drew grabbing his chin and pushing his face to the side to get a better look at the ears. He stares for like a milisecond, says nothing, and goes about his day. It wasn’t til they were alone in their room andrew pins neil down on the floor, “yes or no?” and of course with neils its always yes, so drew just kinda nibbles on neils ear and oh my god when neil makes a cute little noise due to his ears being more sensitive then normal lets just say drews taking a bit of “revenge” for neils neck kink.

omg just imagine once his ears heal he gets some cute fox earrings omfg im so dead

  • Neil: Rules are made to be broken.
  • Kevin: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
  • Nicky: Uh, pinatas.
  • Aaron: Glow sticks.
  • Renee: Karate boards.
  • Matt: Spaghetti, when you have a small pot.
  • Andrew: Your hand.
  • Everyone:
  • Andrew: what? too far?
studying 101: how to stay focused, motivated, and on track.

lots of you have been messaging me asking for study tips and methods i personally use, so here is a masterpost for studying that i’ve created for all of you! feel free to reblog and add your own advice, but just remember to keep in mind that learning is a very individualized process and what may work for me may not work for you. that being said…here we go!

staying focused

- an app called self control (which i think is only available for mac) is perfect for people who use their laptops to do work but always find themselves aimlessly browsing buzzfeed, facebook, and twitter instead. it blocks websites for you for a specified amount of time so you can’t access them! what i like to do is set it for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, do some intense studying, and then reward myself with a 15 minute break. then i set the timer again.

- sometimes when i try to sit and study for long periods of time, i start to get antsy and starting fiddling with my pens or shifting in my seat a little too much. what i do to combat this is get out of my seat and do a very quick mini work out to calm my nerves and get the restless feeling out of my system. this also helps if i start to feel drowsy or tired because it helps get oxygen to your brain and gets blood flowing! i like to do to 10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, 10 pushups, and 10 squats.

- switch up your studying methods occasionally. there’s nothing more boring than copying notes everyday or reading chapter after chapter of the same textbook. quiz yourself with flashcards, create a diagram or chart instead of plain notes, annotate your textbook as your read with different pens… varying your methods of study will not only help you grasp the material better (since you’re learning it in many different ways), but it’ll keep you from getting bored.

- turn off your cell phone. i’m sorry. but seriously. turn it off. put it away. and none of that “i’ll just put it on silent” bullshit. turning it off is way better because then you get too impatient/lazy to turn it on and use it again.

- try not to devote more than 5-6 hours of studying per day. after that long, your brain becomes over-tired and stops processing information as well. there’s no point in forcing yourself to sit any longer. i myself usually study for 3-4 hours a day, and if i need to do more than that, i’ll do one session in the morning/afternoon and one in the evening.

staying motivated

- keep a picture of nicki minaj giving one of her “stay in school” speeches on your desk/as your laptop background (when you’re using it to do work). seriously. and if you’re not a fan of nicki then bye.

- this is so preschool, but when me and my roomie lived in the dorms our first year (of college), we would put up tests that we got an A on on our mini fridge. seeing them displayed there made us want to study more for exams and tests because we got so excited to pin shit up on the fridge. try it. it’s surprisingly rewarding.

- there’s an extension for the google chrome browser called momentum that displays as your home page your main goal for the day and a to-do list. i’ve found this is really helpful because whenever i start up my computer in the morning, i’m shown what i need to do for the day (along with a pretty nature picture - you’ll see what i mean when you install it) and can check things off as i go.

- while you eat breakfast, make a to-do list for the day and include one thing you’ve already done (e.g. cook & eat breakfast). that way, you already get to check something off and it’s easier to keep going for the rest of the things you have to do. 

staying on track

- keep a planner/agenda. i personally like having a physical agenda, but i know some people who prefer their phones for convenience. i look for agendas with a monthly calendar followed by a week on two pages. what i like to do is take my syllabi i’m given on the first day of class and write down all of the major assignments or tests in my planner and highlight them so they’re easily seen. i write down the readings week by week since those are subject to change, whereas major tests/papers usually do not.

- speaking of syllabi, keep them where they’re easily seen. for example, tape them above your study desk so you have easy access to assignment and reading due dates as well as contact information and office hours for your professors.

- some classes are modeled such that the current week’s lesson build upon what you learned in the previous week. it’s very easy to fall behind in such classes, so what i like to do is go over the notes i took in lecture and rewrite them in more explicit terms. if there’s something in my notes i can’t explain to myself, i’ll flag it and take it to my professor’s office hours (or simply email them, if the question is simple enough) so i’m not clueless come the next lesson.

- #SundayGetShitDoneDay. yep. it’s totes a thing. use your sundays to try and get ahead with the reading assignments. i’ve found that reading assignments (as opposed to online assignments or papers) are the first things to get ignored once the workload increases. try and combat this by doing them ahead of time on the weekend.

that’s everything i can think of off the top of my head! feel free to message me with other/specific questions you may have and i’ll try my best to help you out. i hope you found this guide useful! happy studying! :)

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26 + 46 with the monsters?

this got Super long but i’m really rusty with writing right now so, excuse the length.

26. “I dare you to go down there.”


46. “Nobody’s ever gotten past that cove.” “Why?” “Have you not heard the tale?”

Aaron settled down by the campfire, holding his hands out to keep himself warm. If only Nicky had grabbed the generator when Matt was offering it, Aaron could’ve been having a better time without reception right now.

A better time not listening to shitty campfire stories while Kevin downed whiskey from the flask Andrew had given him, watching Andrew pick off each and every marshmallow Neil managed to skewer over the fire.

When his tale was received by even more crickets, Nicky asked, “So, what’re we doing tomorrow? Y’know, aside from finally going back home because Jesus fuck, I don’t think I want to catch fifteen different diseases out here.”

“Trust me, you will,” Aaron muttered, then huffed when Nicky nudged him.

“Don’t jinx it, asshole,” Nicky hissed.

Neil shrugged, then said, “I’ll probably go for a jog tomorrow, look around, get some pictures while I’m at it. I think Kevin needed some for a project.”

“Don’t remind me,” Kevin grumbled, taking another swig from his flask.

Aaron stood, ignoring the way his knees creaked in protest to the sudden movement. “I need to piss.”

“Don’t get eaten by a bear,” was Andrew’s farewell. A middle finger was Aaron’s.

They’d picked a good spot in the park, a clearing past a random cove that was secluded enough that rangers couldn’t easily find them but was safe enough that they could dodge out the moment something went wrong.

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what do u hate about twenty one pilots


ok first of all the band/fanbase seems VERY elitist when it comes to ~not being like those OTHER UNINTELLIGENT rappers~ (see: drake, nicki, travie etc)

u notice a theme there lmao (not to mention lane boy is racist af)

another thing is that the fanbase goes on and on and ON about how ~the CLIQUE IS SO ACCEPTING  WE LOVE EVERYONE~ but will defend a LITERAL TRANSPHOBE over listening to ACTUAL trans ppls complaints

yet ANOTHER elitist esque thing is how the band is like “if u abbreviate our band w NUMBERS and dont TYPE IT OUT u dont ~get our band~” like????????

 ok first of all WHAT is the POINT of abbreviations  exactly???? convenience. and they want u to Not do That

second of all there may be people who find it physically easier to process the post when the abbreviation is  typed out in numbers  (be it dyslexia or not being native to english ) and they want u to Not Do That

third of all???? like… let ppl fuckin abbreviate ur fuckin bands title however the FUCK they want FUCK OFF

ok final gripe i have and its just i dont like their music lmao

7.8/10 too much deep not enough Fun


The Foxhole Court Character/Ship Aesthetics >> 
  “The Monsters”

It’s about  f a m i l y.
 Not necessary the one we were born with,
   But the one we  c h o s e. This one.

concept: the monsters go to eden’s. nicky, kevin, and aaron all get wasted. aaron is drunk enough to dance, nicky is having the time of his life (just like he does every time they go, because his cousin is drunk enough to dance) and kevin isn’t drinking any problems away. they all pile in after a long night, sated and smelling like mixed drinks. aaron is leaning on nicky, who’s leaning on kevin. they fall asleep in the backseat while neil and andrew hold hands up front.