bye nicki!

  • Neil: Rules are made to be broken.
  • Kevin: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
  • Nicky: Uh, pinatas.
  • Aaron: Glow sticks.
  • Renee: Karate boards.
  • Matt: Spaghetti, when you have a small pot.
  • Andrew: Your hand.
  • Everyone:
  • Andrew: what? too far?

Okay i'ma need all y'all Nicki haters to shut the fuck up y'all looking mad stupid right now!! Nicki is 1,2 & 3 in Most countries while being Number 1 in US. This hate is really getting so annoying and it’s crazy that y'all haters are attacking Nicki’s beats, flows, raps. Remy is a flop and everyone can see it don’t try to defend her. She just took the biggest L lmao 😂 No Frauds is fire, Nic ain’t talking no lies all facts 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 “WHAT TYPE OF MOTHER LEAVE HER SON OVER A STACK?” All y'all so called Remy fans need to buy her album before you talk shit, I need receipts?? #MyOpinion #TeamNicki


The Foxhole Court Character/Ship Aesthetics >> 
  “The Monsters”

It’s about  f a m i l y.
 Not necessary the one we were born with,
   But the one we  c h o s e. This one.

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