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I headcanon Ketch is all over 'alternative substances' ....

You know what, I think you’re right. But I don’t think his idea of a good time on drugs and DEAN’S idea of a good time on drugs is the same.

Dean is the “let’s split this joint and watch movies under some warm blankets and eat nachos” kind of dude

Ketch is the “let’s do cocaine off a stripper’s ass in the casino VIP lounge on a Tuesday afternoon” kind of dude

(Ketch is a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie - motorcycle, tattoos, reckless awol missions/problem with authority, indiscriminate killing. Dean is not. Often they are poised as the same in canon, but their reasons for doing similar things are different, which I think would translate here as well.)

Saved By Vodka

How long has it been oh my lanta. 

I’m trying to catch up on some requests rn so here’s one I’ve recently finished. Again, I got carried away haha, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy. 

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Saved by Vodka 

(Pietro Cutie Tipsy NOT DEAD Maximoff x Cutie Angel Pie Reader) 

It was a quiet day at the tower. Yes, the windows were shattered and the floor as still littered with broken glass and fallen debris, but it was nothing but quiet. Y/N’s brother and his super-friends were out of town and she had the lab all to herself. Don’t get her wrong, she was worried about the battle in Sokovia, and was pretty pissed off at Tony for having created a megabot that wanted to destroy all mankind for this new “perfect” generation to reign, but she was requested by Tony and the rest of the team to stay put in the tower and wait until they got back. They made it pretty clear that she was much more useful here than there. So she obliged- she had her music plugged in, the speakers up in full blast as she worked on some apology notes and checks to the towns and cities the Avengers have recently destroyed. She was very known to the UN by her charm and her notes and donations were always greatly appreciated.

Her music was cut by a phone call… from Pepper.

“Oh shit,” she mumbled before answering the call and shutting her eyes, bracing herself just as Tony should be, “Hi, Pepper,”

“Y/N, where in hell is your brother?!” She screamed on the other end of the line. Y/N winced at her tone, proceeding with her work. Her voice came out casual but at the same time strained, as if she didn’t want to have the conversation, which is most definitely true, “He’s at Sokovia-,”

“Sokovia? Where’s Sokovia?!”

“Eastern Europe, if I’m right.”

“What? Did he really create that murder bot?! Patch me through to him, now!”

“Sorry, Pepper,” Y/N sighed, sliding her chair from one end of the room to another to retrieve her juice box, “I can’t,”

“What do you mean you can’t?”

“Pretty busy right now,”

“Ask Jarvis!”

“Jarvis isn’t available right now either.”

In the background from Pepper’s end of the phone call, the sound of the screams on television alerted Y/N that she was watching the news… which is probably what she should be doing too… “What’s that purple thing?!”

“That’s Vision,” Y/N informed her calmly, “Jarvis is kinda in him.”

“There’s another murder bot?!”

“Not really, he’s kind of the good guy… which Tony also kind of created.”

“Oh my-” Pepper’s volume was lowered just as she began her rant as another voice joined in on their conversation. “Hey, Y/N,”

“Hey, Tony,”

“Tony fucking Stark!” Pepper exclaimed and Tony’s face visibly scrunched up into a cringe, “Hey, honey, how’s Canada?”

“Don’t you how’s Canada me! I leave you alone for two minutes and-”

“Baby, look, I love you, okay? But we have a life on the line and I really have to go. Talk to you later, I’ll send you flowers, I miss you, I love you. Bye,” Tony ended her call from his suit and went back to talking with his sister. He quickly turned to her and glared, “Did you tell on me?”

Y/N shook her head, “Nope. What’s the sitch?”

“We have a fallen soldier. Need you to get to the medical bay ASAP. Don’t worry about the doors. I’ll be there with Helen and the body in ten.”

“The body?”

“Bye, Y/N, I love you, I miss you, I’ll send you flowers!” Tony smirked and hung up, leaving Y/N a confused heap.


Y/N watched as her brother walked on the launchpad, a jet following after him. He phased out of his armor and brought his sister into his arms for a hug. They acted so casual, as if there wasn’t just a worldwide threat going after their asses. The thing was, Y/N had been born into this life. Their father worked for SHIELD, so she knew the risks of losing a family member. She’s been more of a homebody- always tinkering in the labs and, more recently, the medical bay. Ever since she found out about her abilities, she’d spent more of her time in the clinic, helping out with injuries within the team.

Y/N had the power to heal any type of injury, although she hasn’t really explored them all that much. Only Tony knew about what she could do- she’d almost told Bruce once but she had second thoughts… So up until now, she was an inexperienced healer.

“I need you to revive a body,” Tony deadpanned, walking with her to the clinic.

“A body?! Like a-a dead body?!”

“His heart just stopped beating six minutes ago, there’s still time,” Tony shrugged and pushed her into the clinic where some agents had already carried a body in. She gaped at the dead man on the table and looked at Tony, “I can’t do this,”

“Yes, you can,” Tony said, his voice lowering, turning serious. “Look, this guy saved Clint’s and a kid’s life. He’s a good kid… And he has a sister.”

“Tony… I don’t…”

“I just thought that, if I’d lost you and I knew something could be done,” Tony frowned. He cared about his sister dearly, having been the only family left in his life, “I could never live with myself.” Tony put his hands on her shoulders and gave her an almost pleading look, “I know you can do this,”

That was enough to get her up and going, doing everything she could to fix up the dead man on her table. First, she healed his wounds, speeding up the process of the regeneration cradle, next she fixed all the internal bleeding, and then she started him up. She placed both her hands on his chest and took a deep breath. Tony was in the corner, watching out for her, ready to help her if it got too much for her to handle. Helen and a few more nurses who were in the room were asked to step aside as Y/N used her abilities. It was a sight to see for them- a “medical phenomenon”, Helen had muttered under her breath.

Y/N’s hands began to glow a misty gold as she gave everything in her to get his heart beating again. She felt the energy in her slowly starting to drain out. She didn’t notice Tony’s hands holding her upright.

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” Tony told her, yet doing nothing to pull her away. He knew better than that. Y/N shook her head, glancing at the heart monitor

“No, I almost got it,” Y/N slurred. Her vision getting increasingly blurry as she tried to focus on the man’s- Pietro’s- paling face. She’s never done anything to this extent with her powers before. It was draining her.

“Y/N! I said that’s enough!”

“Shh, Tony,” Y/N mumbled, exerting everything into the situation at hand until there was a beep and then there was a gasp and then there was nothing.


Y/N opened her eyes to her brother towering over her. She was on the couch, in the living room, surrounded by the Avengers. From the looks of it, they’d been watching the whole fiasco in the clinic and they wanted answers.

“Hey, Superstar,” Tony smiled once Y/N came to, “How you feeling?”

“Drained,” Y/N rasped, “Thirsty. Hot.”

“Got iced tea, extra ice and, um…” Steve frowned, looking into the glass he’d been holding, “No tea.”

“Water. Iced water.” Tony rolled his eyes and grabbed the glass from Steve to give to Y/N. With a little chuckle, she accepted the glass and sat upright. It was then that she noticed the new girl who was standing beside Clint by her feet.

The girl introduced herself as soon as she noticed Y/N’s attention had been directed to her, “Hello… I am Wanda Maximoff.”

“Hey,” she replied, reaching out to shake the girl’s hand. Wanda took a quick glance at Tony hesitantly before she looked back at Y/N, “You saved my brother. Thank you.”

Y/N let out a sigh of relief. So he was okay… so she did it.

“It’s not a problem,” she said and gave the dead man’s sister a soft smile. “I’m happy to help.”

“I was wrong about you, Mister Stark,” Wanda confessed, “Ever since I saw your name on the shell that killed my parents, I had thought you were the evilest thing the world could conjure up.”

Tony let out a puff.

“I thought that ending you would make things easier, save more lives; rid the world of such animosity… but I was wrong. I had never thought you and your family would bring me back my only family left. For this, Mister Stark, I humble myself. I’m deeply sorry for misjudging you.” At this, Tony smiled, and reached forward to shake Wanda’s hand.

“If it’s any consolation,” he said, looking around him, “It looks like you’ve gotten more than you’ve bargained for.”

Just as Wanda was to ask what he meant by that, Clint already had an arm around her, “Welcome to the family, kiddo! We have Taco Tuesdays and the rest we either get Chinese or pizza.”

It was no surprise that Tony threw a party a few weeks after that. In the span of that time, Y/N had only seen Pietro twice, only because she’d been busy going around to pay for things Tony broke. She has bonded with Wanda a few times though, when they would go out to shop for clothes.

That night would be the third time she would encounter Pietro.

She was sitting on the bar, having her third drink and chatting with Steve when Pietro saw her from across the room. Just as the other times he’d seen her, he felt a tug in his heart that made him want to get closer to her. Oh how he wanted to just talk to her, to be able to spend some time with her and show her how grateful he is to her for bringing him back.

“Party, drink, nice outfit,” Tony listed as he approached Pietro, eyeing him closely, “Eyes on my sister- something is bubbling in that little white skull of yours and I don’t think I like it.”

Pietro didn’t drop his gaze, “Hush, old man, I am thinking.”

Tony groaned, “If it’s about Y/N, I want you to stop.”

“How did you…”

“I already have Steve to worry about.” Tony explained. Upon realizing this, he chugs down his drink in distress. When he resurfaced to tell Pietro off about his little crush, the asshat was already gone. Tony looked around and then at his glass, “I need a bigger glass.”


“No way, so you’re telling me the boats were too heavy?” Y/N laughed at Steve’s story. He nodded and raised his drink in confirmation, “No one really understood what the beeping noise was all about until we all got off.”

Y/N laughed, “That’s amazing,”

“Yeah, well, it would have been much better if you were there.” Steve smiled, looking at her almost a little too flirtatiously, “Things are always better when you’re around.”

Y/N’s face flushed as she looked down to take a sip of her drink, “That’s so sweet of you, Steve.” Steve was a nice man, with an extremely amazing heart of gold. The world could only dream of having someone as amazing as he was, yet although he shows her a certain amount of interest- and she appreciates it- she doesn’t think she’s just the right person for him.

“Captain, hello.” Wanda suddenly was beside them. She gave Y/N a smile and addressed her before she gave Steve her attention once more, “Would you like to dance?”

Steve gave her a kind smile and accepted. Y/N laughed as she watched the two fumble around like idiots to the beat of the music, questioning herself whether or not she thinks any of these two can dance.

“Your laugh is just as beautiful as you are, draga,” a voice said from behind the counter. She turned to see Pietro pouring himself a drink of vodka. She clicked her tongue, “That’s a strong drink, Pietro,”

Pietro chuckled, “I think it is what I need right now.”

Y/N twisted in the swiveling chair she was sitting in to face Pietro who raised a glass of champagne. She allowed him to pour some more in her glass. Pietro took a moment to just stare at her, to just look into her eyes before she pulled her gaze away from him. Y/N couldn’t deny this connection she had to the dead man. As if after the day she’d healed him, all she wanted to do was be by his side. Although time and life said no, she’s now with him, right now, and maybe, just maybe, life was saying yes.

“Beautiful,” Pietro breathed once more, taking a large gulp of his vodka. She blushed and took a big gulp of her drink as well. She knew of Pietro’s reputation of being a flirt, but that didn’t exactly make her immune to it.

“You clean up pretty nice too,” she told him, gesturing to his button down shirt and slacks. “True bachelor get up,”

Pietro chuckled, “I try,” and again, another sip. He was getting tired of just drinking it all away. He needed to say it now, get it out his system. He promised himself he’d take it well, if she doesn’t feel the same, it would be no problem. It would suck, but he won’t make a fuss about it.

“Y/N,” he finally started, sounding a bit distressed as he did. He was caught off guard by her eyes on him. “I- I… Ever since you saved me that day, I have had this feeling…”

Y/N’s breath hitched. Pietro made no comment to that but proceeded to what he was saying, “That I wanted to just be with you. Be close to you, physically and e-emotionally, you know? And because of that, it has fueled me to get to know you more. From our brief encounters in the past, as quick as they were, I’ve… fallen… to,” Pietro cleared his throat, “to… like you a certain amount. A very big amount, actually,” he chuckled. Y/N giggled at his nervous tone, masking the fact that her heart was beating as fast as the man in front of her could run.

“With that,” he cleared his throat again, eyeing the drink in his hand, “I was wondering if you would allow me to better get to know you, so I may, finally admit to you how much… I do, truly…” He looked up at her, “Love you.” as soon as the words left his mouth, his one hand reached for the bottle of vodka to his left and took a big swig out of it. Oh how he loved the drink so much more now than he ever did in his life.

Y/N found this cute, and as he was speaking, she had already mulled over the fact that she too may share the same feelings he has for her. She had realized that she hadn’t said anything for about a minute which made Pietro very, very anxious.

Y/N glanced around, spotting Steve already by the pool table and Tony entertaining Pepper (whe was still fairly angry). She then gave Pietro a warm smile, “You want to get out of here?”

In a second, the two were already walking down the sidewalk outside the building. “I’ve always wanted to try that Shake Shack everyone has been talking about.”

“We have the whole night ahead of us,” Y/N told him. “Let’s have some fun.”

“I have approximately a full bottle of Vodka in me,” Pietro grinned, “I think fun I can guarantee.”

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Moar Fics by me (with love)

Just some Steve/Tony fluff

Steve and Tony were just ending their Easter lunch. Nothing special, they were just happy they had each other after all that happened to them.

“I’m going to call mom.” Tony said as he open Skype.

“Are you going to tell her?” Steve asked as he placed kiss on his cheek.

“Of course. I can’t hide anything from her.” he said and click on ‘call’ option.

“Tony!” she said happily.

“Hey mamma. Happy Easter!”

“Happy Easter darling. How are you? What are you doing?”

“We’re fine. You should come and visit us. You know I don’t like you being alone on Easter.”

“I’ll be fine. Don’t you worry. Hey Steve.” she said as she saw him removing plates from table to sink behind Tony.

“Hey mom, happy Easter.” Steve comes behind Tony hugging him.

“Happy Easter Steve. Make Tony help you with house chores. Don’t be lazy Tony…”

“Mom…” Tony pouted.

“It’s okay. I don’t let him do anything. He needs to relax.” Steve says and share short kiss with Tony. Maria was puzzled.

“We are expecting baby, mom.” Tony said touching his belly.

“Wha- How?”

“You are going to be grandma. We’ll tell you everything the next time. Now we are in hurry.”

“Okay take care of yourselves. I love you.”

“Love you too, bye.” Tony said and end call.

Pepperony Week Day Three: Family/Kids

“Remind me why we’re babysitting Loki’s daughter?”

Pepper didn’t pause reading her book.  “Because she’s also Jane’s daughter and Jane is one of your best friends.  And because I’m due in three months and both of us need to get used to having kids around.”

“Can’t we just watch videos like the other parents?” Tony grumbled, his arms crossed over his chest.

“We tried that and you fell asleep,” Pepper replied.

“Not my fault they waste time with boring stuff like breathing and… breathing.  I don’t even remember what else.  That’s how dull it was.  Like watching paint dry.”  

Pepper rolled her eyes as she marked her place in ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’.  It was a quarter to one and according to the schedule Jane left, it was time for Christina to have lunch.  Grilled cheese with the crusts on and celery sticks.  A sure pleaser for the magically inclined toddler. 

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Iron's daughter: Part 1


Summary:  Tony Stark expected nothing special this sunny morning in Malibu, as suddenly a little girl stands in front of his door. Unfortunately (Y/N) isn’t a scout; she is carrying a letter which contains thrilling news for him. She’s his daughter.  And he didn’t even know he had one for eight years, until now!


Warnings: Besides grammar mistakes.. maybe some light swearing.

Furthermore, as we in Germany say: Viel Vergnügen beim lesen! :D 

„Mum, why exactly do I have to do this?” I saw her eyes flickering in the rear-view-mirror to give me a look; I could only interpret as her being totally annoyed. To be honest, I wasn´t really cooperative during this whole journey in the backseat of our Chevrolet. I stared back at her in the angriest way I could. Mum tried to listen to the radio while I was repeating the same question over and over.

“Because you need to know who your real father is, (Y/N). That´s why!”, she finally said and I saw she was biting her upper lip nervously. This answer was stupid.

“I don´t need a father, he was never there. Why does he need to show up in my life now? Why now Mum!? It makes NO sense!”

“Stop complaining missy, you´re gonna do as I say.” I don´t want to spend my entire holidays with a man I have never even met once in my life. The only thing I knew was, that we were heading towards Malibu.  I was really angry with Mum that she wanted to go on vacation together with her new boyfriend and without me. So she thought it was the best idea to dump me at my father’s place. I´m not even sure, he was in knowledge of my existence at all.

“Please, honey. Don´t hate me, I´m trying to do whatever is best for you.” I didn´t want to believe her, I just stared outside the window.

The blue ocean was reflecting the sunshine underneath the iron blue sky and it was sparkling so bright it almost hurt my eyes.  I patted the shell of my sleepy looking turtle and even smiled again at the way she pulled back her leg every time I touched it. “Looks like we´re gonna have a great time buddy.” I said under my breath.

Mum drove up a road and finally the car stopped in front of a giant residence on a sea-side cliff along the coast.

“10-8-80 Malibu Point 90265. This must be it.” Mum muttered and pulled the hand-brake before stepping out of the car. This place was incredible huge and looked very expensive. I couldn’t deny that I was terribly impressed by this.  

“C´mon, Y/N, this is gonna be fun. I´m sure your daddy is really glad to meet you.” “Don´t call him that.” “What?” “Daddy. He´s not my daddy.” I said while I was grabbing my bag and tossed it over my shoulder violently.

“Call him whatever you want honey.” She gave me a small peck on my hair after she brought me to the door. At least I thought it was some sort of door, it was just a huge wall of glass.

“Why don’t you just put a bag of dog shit here and set it on fire?” I suggested in a very sarcastic tone and immediately imagined myself sitting in such a paper bag.“ I kinda felt like that.  “I don’t want to hear that word again.” Mum admonished me and gave me that reproaching look, which I absolutely couldn’t stand. 

We waited for at least a minute after she knocked at the pane several times, but nobody came to open. “Seems, he isn’t home yet.” She noticed and started to rummage in her purse. She pushed a folded piece of paper in my hand. “What´s this?” I asked. “You’re not going to talk to him?”

“Baby, I don´t think that would be a good idea. Just give him this letter after his arrival and it will be explained all by itself. Okay?” She took a few steps back.

“I´ll wait in the car until I know everything is fine. You will wait here for Tony. Bye darling, I love you!” I was so angry at her for leaving me here like this, that I couldn’t say a word. I just watched her waving goodbye and stepping into the car.

So I sat down at the edge of the sculpture in front of this giant house and waited. I took the turtle out of my pocket and let her walk a bit around the floor, until I finally heard music.

I think it was ACDC, but I wasn’t sure, so I lifted up my head to see who was coming. The music came closer. I saw a pretty fancy, silver Audi arriving and it stopped at the opposite side of mom’s car. A bearded man with dark hair and sunglasses smashed the door and didn’t even notice her. He just walked passed by, from where I sat and whistled the melody of the song he had just listened to.

He was about to step in the house and I was almost afraid he wouldn’t notice me either, as he suddenly freezed and stopped whistling.  He slowly turned around and I saw his eyes looking oddly at me from under his dark sunglasses.

I took a deep breath and stood up, holding my turtle close to my chest. “Hi.” I whispered.

“I don’t wanna buy cookies kid.” He said. I put a frown between my eyes. Do I really look like someone who sells cookies? “Anthony Stark?” I asked to be sure, he was the one I was looking for. He didn’t really know what to say.

“What do you want?” I took a heavy gulp and he was still not moving a single inch from where he was standing. Somehow I felt that he was expecting being some sort of bait for me. 

“My name is (Y/N), and I think I’m your biologic genetic inheritance.” His mouth dropped. “My what?” he asked and took his sunglasses off. “I said, you might have had intercourse with my mother eight years ago and she turned out to be pregnant.” 

His eyes widened in pure horror and his whole body stiffened. “Are you trying to tell me, that I’m- I’m…” “My father.” “No, I’m not.” “Yes you are.” “Says who?” “My Mum.” I gave him the letter she gave me and he took it as if it were a bomb.

“Listen, silly thing. Many kids like me to be their dad. But I can’t make any imaginary dreams come true, alright?” “Are you a megalomaniac or somethin´?” I asked and he let out a sigh. “Just read.”  His gaze flicked down the letters and his face turned paler than a ghost. I heard the motor of Mum’s Chevrolet starting the moment he laid eyes on the letter.

“HEY!” he shouted so loud it made me jump a little and I watched him running towards my Mum’s car. The letter fell down on the ground. But she had already fled with such a speed, she was impossible to catch for him. She didn’t like conflicts though, I thought. “Come back here!”  Her wheels squeaked around the corner until it fully disappeared. I picked up the letter from the ground before the wind could let it fly away and I read what my mother had written.

Dear Tony, 

I have waited too long to tell you this, but I think now the time has come and I owe you the truth.  This charming little girl, who gave you this letter, is the baby I carried for nine month after the day we have met. Her name is (Y/N). She’s your daughter Tony.      I want you to know, that you don’t have to blame yourself for anything. It has been my decision to raise her by my own.

 I thought it would be the best idea you two finally could get to know each other and spend some time together. She never had a real father. I’m sorry, but I knew this would be the only way. I´ll pick her up at the end of her holidays.

Please take care of her.                        Loves, (Y/M/N)

I let out a deep sigh and stared at the man who waved his arms in the drive-in of his property, until he gave up. So she really never told him about me. I must confess it hurt a little.

“HAHAHA! Good prank.” The man suddenly smiled, turned around and pointed at me. “Okay, guys. That was very funny. You’ve totally got me.” But his chuckles went more and more quiet as he saw that nobody came out. I wondered who he was expecting to make such a prank on him.

“This ain´t funny” I told him and his amused grin left as quickly as it came. His arms fell at his side. “No it’s not!” He was quickly walking towards me again now and I lifted up my chin so he would see that I wasn’t afraid of him. Neither his furiousness, nor his irritation, because there was suddenly a random girl maintaining being his daughter.

“You’re a spy or something aren’t you? Did Nick Fury send you here?” I shook my head. What the hell was he talking about? “I- I’m not a spy.” I responded awkwardly.  “And who’s Nick Fury?”

I saw that he was about to say something as he raised one finger, but he clenched his jaw and decided to ignore any of my questions. He walked pass me and slammed the front door closed, so that the glass dangerously trembled. “You cannot leave me here like that.” “I just did!” he yelled while he fled inside, but I decided not to be this easily defeated. “It sure is incredibly hard to believe any of this. I can understand, but it’s the truth” I yelled back and still not catching his attention. “I’m extremely thirsty!” I shouted as hard as I could through the door and he finally stopped.


I followed him and walked straight into a light blue body scan. “What the-“

“Don’t worry; it’s just my intelligent computer assistant FRIDAY.” “Like Robinson Crusoe’s Friday?” I asked, because that was my favourite book besides Jules Verne’s The Centre of the Earth. “At your service” A female voice said and my eyes widened in admiration. “That’s cool.”

His residence was so huge and in a modern style of architecture.  With paintings on the wall I could only imagine being expensive high art. He must be a wealthy man.

“Can I call you Tony?” “No.” “Do you live here alone?” “No.” “So you’re married or do your girlfriend lives here with you?” Tony stopped running away from me and looked me right in the eyes. “What would you like to drink nosey one?” I followed him towards the bar and sat down on one of the chairs.

“Hot chocolate” I responded, because it was my favourite. Tony lifted up an eyebrow, but he started to pull some milk in a white mug.

“How old are you again?” “Eight three quarters” I answered and I saw him doing the maths. “Oh boy.” He needed to sit down at the chair next to me and filled himself a glass with brown coloured alcohol, but then decided not to drink it.

Instead he just stared at me, like I was some sort of alien. He stared so strange it almost felt I was somehow hypnotising him. I sat down my turtle in front of him on the desk without breaking eye contact and she started, slowly as she was, to walk off. “Is that your turtle?” He asked emotionless. “Yes.” “What’s her name?” “Turtle” “You named your turtle Turtle?” “Yes” I said again. “Why?”  “I don’t think amphibians can remember their name.” He nodded. “That makes sense…I think.”

I started to feel a bit worried about him, though he really looked frantic. Maybe I could try to calm him down a bit. “Did you know the Cherlydridea serpentina, a highly aggressive turtle which lives in the south of America can bite so hard, it can rip off your finger within a second?”

Tony sarcastically stared at Turtle like it could be a highly dangerous weapon and I suddenly noticed that this fact wasn’t calming at all. “Fascinating” he said, while I was taking a sip out of my mug. I shrugged my shoulders.

“What am I supposed to do now?” he asked and drifted away. He cupped his face in his hands and grunted. “I can’t watch after a kid“.  

“I’m afraid, you have to, Tony: Until my mom comes back” I muttered and slowly slurped the sweet chocolate under the suspicious eyes of my new dad.  “Do you have marshmallows?”

Iron’s daughter Part 2


To my other imagine:

The Dance They Had Promised (The death of Captain America)

A Few Bottles In

I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot write short one shots. I always somehow end up with 8 pages or more on Word.

Requests are open! 

Here’s another Pietro one! 

This imagine was based on these requests: 

These are pretty alike so I put them in one. I hope you guys don’t mind. But here you go! 

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A Few Bottles In 

(Pietro Cutie Pie Still Alive Maximoff x Cutie Pie Reader Stark) 

It was a quiet day at the tower. Yes, the windows were shattered and the floor was still littered with broken glass and fallen debris, but it was nothing but quiet. Y/N’s brother and his superfriends were out of town and she had the lab all to herself. Don’t get her wrong, she was worried about the battle in Sokovia, and was pretty pissed off at Tony for having created a megabot that wanted to destroy all mankind for this new “perfect” generation to reign, but she was requested by Tony and the rest of the team to stay put in the tower and wait until they got back. They made it pretty clear that she was much more useful here than there. So she obliged- she had her earphones in, up in full blast as she worked on some apology notes and checks to the towns and cities the Avengers have recently destroyed. She was very known to the UN by her charm and her notes and donations were always greatly appreciated. 

Her music was cut by a phone call… from Pepper. 

“Oh shit,” she mumbled before answering the call and shutting her eyes, bracing herself just as Tony should be, “Hi, Pepper,”

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“You’re awful, i love you...” - [The Joker/Harley Quinn/Steve Rogers - One shot].

Based onImagine: You dated the Joker before he was sent to Arkham Asylum. Years go by and you marry Steve Rogers, but your ex looks for you as soon as he’s out.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in title“Love me dead” by Ludo

Notes: When i wrote “Shooting chandeliers” i forgot to mention that i consider Ludo’s song to be perfect for Harley + The Joker. So here i am, saying it now because i love music and it inspires me. K, bye. ahaha.


Tony Stark was working on his iron suit in the back of his workshop.

He was welding the right arm and connecting electrical wires when a noise, coming from his study, distracted him. He pushed his welding mask back.

-Hello? …Pepper?

He walked into the study and stopped in his tracks when he found two men in suits and wearing masks, guarding a third man who was sitting on his rotating chair which was facing the opposite way; Stark could only catch a glimpse of his green hair sticking out.

Tony’s holographic computer was projecting each of the Avenger’s ID’s. Clearly, the man with the green hair had been snooping around.

-Who are you? –Tony asked.

The chair spun around slowly and Tony’s eyes widened then narrowed when he recognized the man; Gotham’s famous villain, The Joker.

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A/N: the anon is talking about this video, which is the very definition of adorable 

By the 5th “I love you, Papa” Peter said to Steve, Tony was already filming Peter in his diapers, saying goodbye to Steve who had an errand to run on that day. 

“I love you, Papa,” Peter said again, the camera shaking as Tony giggled. 

“Well, I love you more,” Steve seriously replied, kneeling down so he was Peter’s height. “Are you going to give me bye bye’s?” 

Peter nodded, coming up to Steve to hug him. Steve kissed Peter’s cheek lovingly when they broke away and Tony swore his heart was about to burst with adoration. 

“I’m going to have to go now Pete, okay?” Steve asked, ruffling his son’s hair as he stood up once again, inching closer towards his motorcycle. 

“I love you, Papa,“ was Peter’s answer. 

“I love you too, son,” Steve replied, chuckling when he saw Tony holding a hand over his mouth, trying to contain his laughter. “Go stay with daddy now, okay? Papa’s gotta go,” 

“Come here, Petey,” Tony said, motioning Peter to come closer to him.

“Bye, Tony, I love you!” Steve said in the same sing-song tone he used on Peter, grinning at him. 

“Bye, Papa,” Tony softly answered, loving little moments like this with his family - moments he thought he would never get to have.  

Once Steve got on his motorcycle Peter, who was standing next to Tony immediately went near Steve’s motorcycle saying, “Bye bye, Papa!” with an “I love you, Papa!” followed quickly after.  

“Bye Pete, I love you!” Steve answered. 

“Come here, baby,” Tony said again which Peter did, until Steve started the motorcycle and Peter went near Steve again while saying, “Bye bye, Papa!” and “I love you, Papa!” 

“I love you, sunshine,” Steve answered without missing a beat as he put on his helmet. 

With that, Steve started to make a turn on his motorcycle and he was about to drive away when- 

“Be careful, Papa!” 

Steve stopped his motorcycle, replying, “Thank you, Pete, I love you,” 

Tony was taking to much pleasure in this, because really, those two are adorable. 

“Love y’too, Papa!” 

Then, Steve started slowly driving away from their house, answering Peter’s “I love you’s” and “Bye bye, Papa” like he never get tired of hearing answering it. 

Steve must saw that Peter was following him, because he stopped his motorcycle, got off of it and kneeled on the ground, opening his arms wide for Peter to wrap himself in. 

Tony zoomed a bit on his camera so he could capture the moment perfectly. 

“I’m going to go now, okay? You’re going to look after Daddy for me right, little man?” 

Peter nodded vigorously, answering with an “I love you, Papa,” 

Steve chuckled, kissing his forehead he replied, “Love you too, sunshine,” with a pat on Peter’s back, Steve said, “Now go back to Daddy,” 

With that, Peter started running towards Tony making car like noises. Once he was in reach, Tony patted his head lovingly. 

With one final look, Steve got on his motorcycle again and started driving. 

Peter shouted “I love you, Papa!” and Steve as always, even in a distance, still answered back without missing a beat, “I love you, Peter!” 

You Came To My Rescue

(Jaime Preciado)

“Hi baby.” I greeted my boyfriend Jaime as I walked into Vic’s living room.

They had just finished practice and I had come to pick him up.

“Hey guys.” I waved to the rest of the boys as I made my way to Jaime to sit in his lap.

The boys all just looked at me with stupid grins on their faces. They were up to something. But before I could say anything a tall redhead came walking out of the kitchen.

“Shut the front door! What are you doing here?!” I squealed when I finally realized it was my best friend Shaylene.

“I missed you! I needed to see your beautiful face!” She smiled widely as I ran to hug her.

“How long are you here?!” I asked excitedly when we were done with our bone crushing hug.

“A few days.”

“So you’ll be here for the show?”

“Mmhmm.” She nodded with an incredibly large smile on her face.

“Yah!!” I yelled jumping up and down.

God, I missed this girl.

We all sat and talked and caught up for a while until it was time for Shaylene to go.

“Alright kids. Time for me to go. Gotta go see Mama.” She smiled standing and moving towards the door.

“I’ll see y'all tomorrow.” She cheered waving to all the guys.

“Ok. Bye. Love you. Tell mom I said hi.” I hugged her before she made her way outside.


“Whatcha guys doin’?” I asked walking into mine and Jaime’s dining room.

The guys were sat around our kitchen table with various papers strewn about in front of them.

“Finishing up tour plans.” Jaime cheered smiling widely at me.

If you couldn’t tell, he’s very excited for this tour.

“Oooh. Gotcha.” I nodded turning to leave so they could finish but Jaime grabbed my hand to stop me.

“No. Stay.” He pouted before pulling me into his lap and locking his arms around my waist.

“Ok, so, all the girls are coming on for the first 5 days right?” Vic asked looking at all the boys and then at me.

“Oh yea. I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys. Would it be too much of an imposition if I stayed on til Nashville? I need to see my cousins and this is the perfect excuse.” I asked cautiously not wanting to annoy anyone.

“For sure. It’s no problem.” Vic nodded before making a note on his paper.

“Thanks guys.” I smiled and Jaime squeezed me tighter.

It had been a while since I had gone out on a tour with them so we were both pretty excited.

“I gotta get going baby. I love you.” I whispered to Jaime when it came to a lull in conversation.

“Ok. I love you too sweetie.” He whispered back before kissing my nose.

“Bye guys. Love you all.” I waved after I stood up.

“Love you too!” They all replied in unison.

All of us girls were hanging out back stage watching the opening band when I heard a voice yell.

“Babe!” I turned around to see Shaylene strutting up to us.

“Hey beautiful. I thought I was picking you up?” I questioned hugging her.

“I decided to take a taxi. Cause we’re getting fucked up tonight!” Shaylene cheered smiling at all us girls.

“Fuck yea.” Mike yelled coming to wrap his arms around Alysha.

Those two are so cute I can’t stand it.

“Oh shit. You don’t know everybody. Hun, these are the lovely ladies behind Pierce the Veil. This is Erin, Alysha, and Danielle. Ladies, this is Shaylene. My best friend since kindergarten.” I introduced and Shaylene waved at everyone.

“Hey.” The girls replied in sync.

We all went back to sipping our drinks and enjoying the music waiting for the boys to come out and do their thing.

“Here’s to an amazing first show back! I love you Mexican bastards! You rock! Now let’s get fucked up!!!!” Vic toasted holding up his bottle of Jack.

“YEA!!” The boys yelled back also raising their drinks.

It was definitely going to be a hell of a night.


“Baby. I’m gunna walk Shay to her taxi. I’ll be right back.” I yelled to Jaime over the music as he poured another round of shots.

“Ok. Be careful.” He nodded before giving me a quick kiss.

I met Shaylene near the bus door where she was saying her last goodbye to Tony.

“Bye babe. I love you. Text me so I know you got home safe.” I waved to Shaylene as I closed the cab door.

“Ok. I will. Love you too. Bye beautiful.” She waved back before the car pulled away.

I turned around and started heading back to the bus but only got a few feet before I came face to face with a rather large man.

“Hello gorgeous.” The man greeted with a large, creepy smile.

“H-hi.” I stuttered out trying to continue walking.

“What are you doing out here all by yourself princess? It’s late.”

“I was just about to go back to my bus. Thank you for the concern though.

“Not so fast. I thought we could talk a little more.” He stopped me grabbing my hand.

“I’m sorry. I really should go.” I pleaded desperately trying to pull away.

“I said stay!” He growled grabbing my arms and shoving me into the wall of the venue.

“That’s a mighty short skirt don’t you think?” He whispered before moving to kiss my neck and run his hand up the front of my skirt. “God, you’re gorgeous.”

Oh god. Why did I wear a skirt? Someone come out here already and save me.

“Y/n? Sweetie are you out here?” I heard Jaime yell from the distance and I mentally cheered. But before I could reply the man put his hand over my mouth.

“Hey man. What do you think you’re doing?” Jaime asked the man as he walked up behind him.

“We just had a small misunderstanding. We’re fine. Right honey?” He informed Jaime, removing his hand from my mouth and brushing my hair out of my face trying to act sweet.

“Oh. Well to me it looks like you’re groping my girlfriend. Am I mistaken?” Jaime replied cockily and the man turned around quickly with a shocked look on his face.

“I-I uh.” He stuttered out stumbling backwards.

“That’s what I thought.” Jaime chuckled darkly before cocking his arm back and decking the man. “Get the fuck on douchebag. And don’t come back.” Jaime yelled at the now scurrying piece of scum.

“Are you ok baby?” Jaime panicked checking me cover.

“I’m fine.” I whispered pulling my skirt back down.

“I should’ve gone with you. I’m so sorry.” He apologized furiously pulling me into a hug and kissing the top of head.

“Jaime, it’s fine. You came to my rescue. That’s all that matters.” I reassured him snuggling into his chest further.

“I love you.” Jaime cooed placing his hands on my cheeks and kissing me passionately.

“I love you too.” I smiled pulling away from him and leading him to the bus.

God. What would I do without this man? My knight in shining skinny jeans.