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Rhodey plays basketball with some local youths whenever he's back home in Philly. Tony has hair implants. So does Steve. (I don't care that he's forever young. Don't curr at all) Sam is actually a pretty terrible singer. Natasha has a crazy sweet tooth. Sour patch kids, skittles, starbursts, the whole lot. But weirdly enough Twizzlers are her go-to snack at the movies even though they're not particularly sweet because she likes to use them as straws for her Icees

Rhodey: YES. The guys he plays with aren’t impressed with his War Machine stories, they tease him like he never left. Their mothers still fuss that he’s ‘too skinny’ and try to set him up with a wife.

Tony: Headcanon accepted. They’re expensive and quite good, but they’re a thing.

Steve: Headcanon utterly rejected. His hairline is protected by Truth&Justice (that’s the brand of a hair growth serum btw.) 

Sam: He nearly caused mass death when he performed “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton at karaoke night. Someone* ‘accidentally’ tripped over the mic wire and unplugged it halfway through. They got a raucous round of applause. Sam thought it was for him.

Natasha: If you held her upside-down and shook her (good luck with that), there’d be dozens and dozens of Starburst wrappers falling out of her pockets. She hates chocolate. She came close to actual murder over the last packet of Tropical Skittles once. 

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“You’re awful, i love you...” - [The Joker/Harley Quinn/Steve Rogers - One shot].

Based onImagine: You dated the Joker before he was sent to Arkham Asylum. Years go by and you marry Steve Rogers, but your ex looks for you as soon as he’s out.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in title“Love me dead” by Ludo

Notes: When i wrote “Shooting chandeliers” i forgot to mention that i consider Ludo’s song to be perfect for Harley + The Joker. So here i am, saying it now because i love music and it inspires me. K, bye. ahaha.


Tony Stark was working on his iron suit in the back of his workshop.

He was welding the right arm and connecting electrical wires when a noise, coming from his study, distracted him. He pushed his welding mask back.

-Hello? …Pepper?

He walked into the study and stopped in his tracks when he found two men in suits and wearing masks, guarding a third man who was sitting on his rotating chair which was facing the opposite way; Stark could only catch a glimpse of his green hair sticking out.

Tony’s holographic computer was projecting each of the Avenger’s ID’s. Clearly, the man with the green hair had been snooping around.

-Who are you? –Tony asked.

The chair spun around slowly and Tony’s eyes widened then narrowed when he recognized the man; Gotham’s famous villain, The Joker.

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