bye i dont like u


and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

I got tired of drawing OW characters so I took a break- 

it’s been two days and I already miss drawing them lmao

im sick of people being so ignorant abt asian people and asia in general. we are not!!! all!!! the !!! same !!!!! some kid today claimed that the japanese and chinese languages “are basically the same” right in my face !!!!! why do ppl think racism against asian people doesnt exist!!! why is everyone so ignorant??? why are we never discussed in the media?? why r racist jokes against us a casual funny thing?? why r we basically lumped in w white ppl.. FUCK your model minority idea!!! fuck the idea that only east asia exists and there is only ONE ASIAN CULTURE. just one?? do ppl not understand that asia is fucking huge. there r so many cultures and languages and ppl and yet we r all lumped into one and our women r treated like were all fair skinned small eyed black haired delicate girls and we r fetishized and sexualized so much. treated like were exotic creatures, objects for white men. r representation in the media is shit and r problems r never discussed and im just. sick of it

list of produce 101 trainees that doesn’t deserve the hate for being in the top 11:

1) kang daniel

2) park jihoon

3) lee daehwi

4) kim jaehwan

5) ong seongwoo

6) park woojin

7) lai guanlin

8) yoon jisung

9) hwang minhyun

10) bae jinyoung

11) ha seongwoon


I love you. Both of you.

honestly y’all have gotta stop calling ships like semishira and kyouhaba rarepairs

The Half Cat

TW for animal body horror; mild spoiler alert for mogami arc

general warning for weirdness and length. srsly dont expect anything going into this. honestly how has this thing become so fucking long I am delirious

also you can read this on AO3 just fyi

There was one point in those months when Shigeo welcomed any kind of change.

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AU: Your boyfriend, Justin Bieber, accidentally posts a sexy lingerie picture you sent him one night while he was away. Needless to say, you were not happy about the picture no matter how much everyone else was.

  • me, last year: oh no, i can't block them or they'll think they've won and i can't be weak like The SJWs(TM) oh no
  • me right now: and u blocked, and u blocked, and u blocked; u im blockin jus cos i dont like ur hair damn,. and u blocked bye bitch, and U blocked/./,,,