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When You Know You Know Chapter 22 Preview:

“I’m at work,” Aaron mumbles into his mobile as he shifts it between his shoulder and his ear. “Uhh staring at Katie’s engine if you must know.” He smirks at Robert’s obvious gulp at that bit of news which draws a look from Katie and Cain both.

“You gonna be chatting all day there sunshine or are you actually gonna do the work I pay you to do?” Cain glares at him, arms crossed over his chest.

“Right, I’m fine Robert. Bye,” Aaron says as he lets the phone slip from his ear into his hand, shoving it into the pocket of his overalls.

“You two have sorted out your little tiff then?” Cain asks, mocking tone dripping with sarcasm.

“Don’t know what you’re on about,” Aaron plays dumb.

He’s been doing it all week, even though he feels bloody awful about the whole thing. Every reminder of it just makes him feel worse too. Though he jokes to himself now and then that he might punch him again if it would get him to shut up and leave him alone for five seconds. As it is, he calls him at least three times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night. He texts him too, like he’s afraid that if he leaves him alone for a second that he’ll end up on the edge of that quarry again. When he really thinks about it, he’s not sure if he would have actually jumped or not but he’s glad he didn’t. He told Robert the worst thing and he didn’t leave. Even if he is driving him nuts right now, it means everything.

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hi! do you have any ideas of words that can replace "i love you"? (like that "okay?okay" one)

Alright. I love this ask. I love it, because it gives me the opportunity to talk about something that I absolutely adore. I am 100% in board for this kind of thing, and heres why;

Language is an illusion. Seriously. The only meaning words have, are the ones we give them. Words and phrases only mean whatever we want them to mean. Words are tools. We use them how we please. Dont believe me? Loot at how many words and phrases Shakespeare invented. It took me a while to realize this, and I actually learned it through acting. See, as an actor, you take the script given to you, and you have to give it meaning. You have to use someone else words to convey emotion. The same monologue can be done 50 different times by 50 different actors, and each one could be entirely different, because each time they gave different words different meanings. It’s all in the way you say it, and the context you put it in. Anything could mean ‘I love you”, anything. 

If the emotion is there for the character, it will be clear in their words 

Now,I happen to have a set of characters that are hopelessly in love, however, they are absolute idiots who do their best to avoid actually saying the words. So i have a lot of examples. I am also a person who finds it a bit difficult to tell someone I love them, but again, I find away. I hope these work;

1. “Are you okay?” 

“Are you?” 

2. “Im sorry”

“Apology accepted”

3. “Are you happy?”

4. “Good Morning”

5.”Good Night” 

6. “Good Bye”


8. “Yes or no?”


9. “Really?”

“Of course.”

10. “Always.” 

11. “Ive got you back” / “Im right behind you”

12. “Im right here.” / “Im here” 

13.”Sweet Dreams”

14. “Do you mind?” 

“Of course not”

15. “Thank you”

“You’re Welcome” / “Any Time” / “Anything for you” 

16. “I hate you” 

“The feelings mutual” 

Here’s a couple of classic/common examples that I hope either work for you, or I hope sparks inspiration in you. Remember anything could mean ‘I love you’, if that’s what your characters are thinking, then it will shine through whatever words they say to each other. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Of Ships

Ignacio enters the Pixie’s Kitten. It’s a very fine establishment, with plenty of people wearing very strategically placed bits of silk, as well as some rowdy dudes enjoying the libations and sights.
Ignacio: Hola, I am seeking for men and women to fly my ship.
Everyone looks up at this bombastic entrance and several people raise an eyebrow.
A scantily clad women, presumably of the evening, takes Ignacio’s arm.
“Well, I’m sure we can find someone who can… pilot.”
Ignacio: So long as they are good with the helm and accepting of gold, I do not care.
Madam: “Well, are you looking for a… bosun, or a cabin boy?”
Ignacio: Preferably a bosun, por favor.
Ignacio is not quite so familiar with sailing terms in Common.
The woman pats Ignacio’s arm and walks off, sighing to herself.
“The good looking ones always plow the other row…”
Ignacio: Plow rows? I’m looking for sailors.
Madam: “No no, I understand. We’ll find someone.”
The woman walks into a back room and is gone for some time, before coming back with a guy that might have been carved from a tree. He looks Ignacio up and down.
This burly fellow is shirtless and looks like his skin is half oil.
Ignacio: Ehh… He does not look like a sailor.
He’s not wearing the uniform.
Señor, do you have a sailor’s outfit?
Madam: “I think I could find one somewhere.”
Ignacio: I’m not convinced. Can you provide me a more authentic sailor? Perhaps someone who owns a belaying pin?
The man grins.
“I have one of those, too. Not sure where it is, though. You want to help me find it?”
Ignacio: I suppose. Do you mind long stays in the sky?
Faregal: “I do need to be paid overtime.”
Ignacio: Do you have any experience at the helm?
Faregal: “Helm and belowdecks, too.”
Ignacio: Excelente.
Ignacio turns to the madam.
Ignacio: I would like to bring this one with me.
The madam blinks.
Madam: “We don’t typically do long jobs.”
Ignacio: I will be keeping him. I’ll pay him well. I desperately need a helmsman for my long voyages in the sky.
I don’t normally hire prostitutes as sailors, but I think this one can do the job. What is your name, señor?
Faregal: “How mu- wait, an actual sailor?”
Ignacio: Did I stutter?
The buff dude looks confused for a few moments before nodding.
Faregal: “Right. Of course. A ‘sailor’. Sure. What are your rates?”
Ignacio: Two gold per day.
Consistent work.
The buff prostitute blinks.
Faregal: “Two g-”
Turns to the madam.
Faregal: “I quit, you’ve been lovely, thanks, bye.”
Ignacio: Bien. I have one more place to visit before you see the ship. Hasta luego, señora.
The madam stares after this high roller.
Ignacio walks out of the brothel with the prostitute in tow, What is your name?
Ignacio: Bien Faregal. I need you to perform any and all services asked of you, even if they seen unorthodox.
Faregal looks at Ignacio.
Faregal: “Yeah… for two gold a day, you can whip me bloody.”
Ignacio: Oh, and you will never discuss your pay with your crew mates.
Ignacio unfolds his sword and holds it to Faregal’s throat, “Understand?”
“Woah! Woah! I understand!”
Ignacio: Muy bien.
Ignacio folds his sword.
Ignacio: Where can we find a good hunter in this city?

fam(ily) - two | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 4,840 
genre: fluff// future angst? ?? i dont think there is any rn
warnings: explicit language, slight degree of exploitation 

one | two three

[A/N]: how do ppl manage to write 6k chapters like dang?? that’s a lot of work ?? 

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Ever since encountering Jimin, you never skipped out on morning drop off. Jimin dropped them off at school every morning and picked them up from after care. You left earlier than after care hours because you had to work at the club. Your only opportunity was morning drop off.

Before meeting Jimin, you hid inside the classroom. It wasn’t your responsibility to greet the parents, your cousin was the face of her classroom. You usually helped her with planning out her lesson plans for the next couple of days. It wasn’t anything that needed your immediate attention.

“Since when did you do drop off?” Kim asked the morning of the first time you joined her by the door. You had shrugged and smiled brightly at the incoming students and parents.

Many parents were confused at your presence because they’ve never seen you before. You had to explain that you were an intern, not a substitute for the day. Even several students had commented on your sudden change.

Your cousin didn’t make it a big deal, because she knew your intentions. It became obvious when Jimin arrived with Minjoo and Minseo. Kim had silently watched your body language and the slight tint on your cheeks arise. 

Now every morning, you shared a small conversation with Jimin whenever you could. Kim would greet other parents in the process. 

“Good morning, Ms. Kim… (Y/N).” Jimin shyly smiled. He usually showed up in business attire, however, he entered with a simply, cozy hoodie. Minjoo and Minseo were jumping in their matching lilac dresses, holding their father’s hands. They were eager for another day at kindergarten. 

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Fresh Start - Part 3

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Joe West and Julian Albert

Words: 2369

Warnings: none

Tags: @onceuponateenpanwolfian @moonlightbae14 @gothesimplethingsinlife @writingsofagirlintomanyfandoms

Request: none

Notes: thank you to everyone who’s reading this story! I’m so happy you like it so far!

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PART 1  /  PART 2  /  PART 4  /  PART 5  /  PART 6  /  PART 7  /  PART 8  /  PART 9

Of course that incident during your very first hours in Central City had consequences. You told Thea what happened that same night and, of course, she ended up telling Oliver in no time. As a result, your voicemail was full of messages of a really angry, worried and protective older brother who threatened with showing up in Central City and taking you back with him if you didn’t call him back in less than 12 hours.

Talking him out of that threat in the morning wasn’t easy at all but somehow you managed to calm him down after being with him on the phone for more than an hour. You really appreciated his concern but there were times when you just wanted to kick his ass. Especially when his overprotection caused you to be late for your first day at journalism school.

You were lucky your teacher was a nice mid-age woman. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been allowed to walk in the class. The first subject was actually pretty interesting. They were going to teach how to write a proper article, what register you had to use and which one you couldn’t, which were the right words according to the topic. They were going to teach you how to write. What you didn’t expect was to have work to do by the time the class had finished.

“I want an article about the topic you chose concerning Central City. It can be about projects the Mayor is carrying out, shops opening, metahumans, crime…whatever you chose is ok. Just remember: adjust your register, your language and state your sources. You have a week. Thank you and I see you on Wednesday” she explained while she took her papers.

The rest of the classes were as interesting as the first one and you couldn’t wait to see what this degree had to offer but you were already loving it. Lucky for you, the only work you had to do so far was writing that article and you had a week. Your way back home, all you could think about was topics to write about and you couldn’t come up with any good one.

It took you a time to find a parking spot and when you did, you went straight to Jitters to have lunch since you still didn’t have time to buy groceries and didn’t feel like doing it. When you finally had your lunch and a table to sit, you took out your laptop and started doing some research on the city while you called Thea.

“Hey! How was your first day?”  She asked the moment she picked it up.

“Great! I already love it” you smiled with enthusiasm. “But I already have work to do and I honestly don’t know where to start” you said.

“What is it about? Maybe I can help” she suggested. Soon you told her what the class was about and what you had to do, hoping she could really help you out on this one.

“And I don’t know what I can talk about. When the teacher started talking about writing an article, I immediately thought about writing it about Oliver, you know? I can get an interview with the Mayor of Star City” you laughed. “But then she said it had to be about Central City” you sighed scrolling down the screen in search for some inspiration.

“I would do it about metahumans” she said right away. You frowned at the answer.

“I’m not really interested in them” you commented.

“But people is! It’s an article people would read. Normal people with super powers? C’mon!” She exclaimed.

“Well you have a point…” you said as you typed ‘metahumans’ and searched for it. “I would definitely have information” you added as you saw all the results.

“And I’m sure you can even go to the police and ask someone there. They must have an expert or something like that” she told you.

“I guess…” you whispered. “Actually yes, maybe I can do it about metas” you nodded to yourself. “Thanks Thea, you’re a love” you said.

“I know” she said. You rolled your eyes at the response. “I gotta go to work but I’ll text you later, ok?”

“Ok, bye Speedy” you said before hanging up. “Metahumans…” you mumbled looking through the articles that had been written about them. “The world is crazy” you added before closing your laptop.

You had your topic, you had a week and you were hungry. It could definitely wait.

When you finished your lunch you went straight to the supermarket. You couldn’t just waste money eating out so the sooner you had your food, the sooner you would stop wasting money. The rest of the day was spent at home, unpacking and putting everything in place while you made a list of the things you needed for the apartment. By the time you were done, you were completely exhausted so you made yourself some popcorn, connected your computer to the TV and turned on Netflix.

Next day at university, the classes were as interesting as the first one. Except History of Journalism. That was the most boring class you had ever attended to and the teacher didn’t help. All he did was turning off the lights, turn on the computer and play a PowerPoint while he started talking in a monotone tone that would make anyone fall asleep.

So, after 15 minutes trying to paying attention and not getting anywhere with that, you opened your internet browser and started doing some research of metahumans as you took notes of everything you saw that it looked interesting. You knew there had been many metahumans attacks here in Central City but you never thought there would be that much. In less than five minutes you had a whole list of fifteen metahumans with different powers. But one of them stood out: The Flash.

The scarlet speedster that had saved Central City was all around the papers. Obviously he was loved by the whole city and he had even worked with the Green Arrow sometimes. It was interesting but the articles didn’t give you much more information. You needed a source and you knew where to get one: CCPD. You searched through the department web and soon you came up with a name: Julia Albert, metahumans expert. He was your guy.

When you finished your classes you went straight to the police department. There had to be someone who could give you more information about these metas so, once again, you were standing in front of the desk. Fortunately, this time there was another man behind it. A nicer one than the last time.

“I’m a journalism student and I have to write an article for one of my classes” you started explaining after he asked you what you needed. “I’ve decided to write it about metahumans so I was wondering if I could talk to Julian Albert? Your expert” you smiled.

“First I would need to your student ID if that’s not a problem” the man smiled at you.

“Oh sure! Sorry” you chuckled looking for it in your bag. Soon you found it and showed to him before hanging it around your neck.

“Alright, Miss Queen” the officer said with a smile. “Albert’s lab is upstairs. Turn left and you will find it at the end of the corridor” he informed you.

“Thank you” you smiled at him before following his instructions.

You would love to say that you got there with no problems but the truth was that your orientation wasn’t good at all so you had to ask for indications once again. Finally, you found the door with a sign next to it that said “Forensic Lab”. You peeked in and saw a blond guy sat down in front of a table, focused on some papers, and another one next to the window, looking at some kind of tube. Before you could say anything, the blond one got up in a hurry.

“Caitlin texted me. She has the result. I’ll text you later” he said taking his coat. His British accent actually surprised you.

“Alright” the other guy said.

“Hi…” you said shyly as you walked into the laboratory.

Both of them looked at you at the same time, obviously not expecting anyone at the moment. You imagined the blond guy was Julian Albert, the expert, since you recognized the other one as Barry, the nice guy you met on your first day. It looked like he recognized you as well, since he smiled at you the moment he looked at you.

“Hi! What a surprise,” Barry said.

“Do you know her?” Julian asked confused.

“I met her the other day downstairs. What are you doing here? Is everything ok?” He asked walking over you.

“Yes, actually I came to talk to you…Julian?” You said looking at the British.

“That’s too bad because I have to go. Sorry. But I’m sure Barry will be able to help you” he said walking pass you before you had the chance to say anything.

When he was gone you just stood there like an idiot, a bit confused by how he had stormed off all of sudden. Did you smell or something? When you heard a chuckle in the room, you turned to look at Barry to see him laughing silently.

“Something funny?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“No, sorry” he chuckled. “You just…look funny right now” he shrugged.

“Well, thank you” you said crossing your arms.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you” he apologized and put the tube on the table. “Can I help you?” He asked.

“I…don’t think so” you frowned. “I came here because I’m writing an article about metahumans for a class so I wanted to talk to the expert but he’s gone faster than The Flash” you told Barry.

“Believe me, The Flash is way faster than that” he smiled as he walked over you. “What are you studying?” He asked.

“Journalism. Just started” you smiled proudly.

“Really? A friend of mine is a journalist for the CCPN” he told you. “Central City Picture News” he added when he saw your confusion. “You’re not from here, are you?” He asked.

“I’m from Star City, actually. I’m still trying to get used to the place” you shrugged.

“I see” he nodded. “Well, Julian is busy right now and I think he will be gone for a while. But maybe I can help you” he shrugged.

“Do you know anything about metahumans?” You raised an eyebrow.

“You would be surprised” he chuckled.

The answer was somewhat odd but you decided to let it go. This guy was one of the few people that had been nice to you since your arrival so you didn’t want to bother him with stupid questions.

“Well…ok” you nodded. “So can I ask you some questions?” You said awkwardly since you still wasn’t too sure about how this interviewing thing worked.

“Barry!” A big man came into the room wearing a black coat with a white shirt underneath. “We have to go. Cisco called me. It’s important” he said.

“Eh…Joe, this is (Y/N)” he said stopping this Joe for talking, like he could say anything wrong.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you had company. I’m Joe West, detective” he smiled kindly as he shook your head.

“Nice to meet you” you smiled at him and looked at Barry. “Raincheck?” You asked.

“Absolutely” he said taking a piece of paper and writing something down. “Call me tonight and we can meet up, alright?” he said handing the paper over.

“Sure. Thank you” you smiled at him.

“No problem” he smiled back. “See you”

None of them gave you time to say anything else before they left. Well, it looked everyone in this place was in a hurry except you. With a sigh, you put the paper in your back pocket and you looked around but since you had nothing else to do there you decided to leave the place before someone saw you. You didn’t even know if you were supposed to be there unaccompanied.

You had to do a couple things for college and you were starving so you went straight to the apartment to get it done. The afternoon was over before you even realized but you managed to get everything done in time. Still, you had some laundry to do so you took your basket and went to the laundry room of the building. Before putting the jeans in the machine, you checked the pockets and it was there when you came across the piece of paper Barry gave you.

“Damn!” you exclaimed.

Quickly, you put your laundry in the machine and took out your phone. It was almost 1 a.m. but maybe you were lucky and Barry was still awake. First, you saved his number into your phone and then, hesitantly, you dialed it and waited, biting your lip as you felt some tickling in your stomach.

“Hello?” His voice said on the other side of the phone.

“Hi Barry. It’s me, (Y/N)” you said.

“Oh, hi! I was starting to think that you had found another metahuman expert to talk to” he said making you laugh a little.

“I would never do that to you” you smiled. “Sorry it took me so long, I’ve been busy” you sighed.

“No worries. I’ve been busy too so I guess you called just in time” he said.

“I’m glad then. So…when are you available?” You asked biting your lip. Why did you felt so nervous doing this?

“Are you free tomorrow? Maybe we can have some coffee around 10 in the morning?” He suggested. Luckily for you, you didn’t have your first class until noon the next day so 10 should be fine.

“Sure! That would be great” you agreed.

“Perfect. Do you know where Jitters is?” He asked.

“Of course” you smiled. “So…see you there at 10 then” you said.

“Sure. See you tomorrow. Goodnight” he replied.

“Goodnight Barry” you said and slowly hung up, ignoring all those sensations going up and down your body just by the sound of his voice. Definitely, you needed to calm down.


i heard faceday got changed to faceweekend which is neat cus i didn’t have time to take any pics yesterday whoops so yeah here’s me n the boys

Acceptance - Taeyong (M)

A/N: I know… it’s pretty rushed… honestly I could’ve made a series out of this prompt but I don’t got time for that so it’s a one-shot… and referring to the baby was weird af bc i didn’t wanna make up a name… tried to keep it general but asdfghjkl

and Happy Belated Birthday Zey! @taeyongbelviso

Originally posted by nctaezen

Pairing: Reader x Taeyong ft. Mark

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 2,505

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Tbrow guy - the tutorial

seems like the original post was too vague so lemme describe it more

ive shared this page method before in a post, but i have customised it since to fit a more anime style (the original tutorial was meant for anatomically correct faces)

1 you basically imagine a bended page in whatever angle you want

2 mark the middle of the face (where the nose goes)

3 draw a middle line in a visible curve (so you find which way the nose is pointed)

4 mark a horizontal middle line and transfer the line in the middle, thats the nose base! (also add ears while ur at it cuz why not)

1 basically connect the mid line and the edge in a straight line (about 1/3 of the way down from the forehead line and the horizontal mid line) to make the Anger Brows

2 imagine spheres that touch the page from the inside (placed in the middle of the squares created, but touching the brow)

3 i call this eyebrow thing the T-brow because this is the only structure that blocks the eyeballs from view (cant see any eyeball above the eyebrows, also none from behind the middle line, helps keep eyes in boundaries)

4 at this stage i would finish the nose diamond, the top triangles are longer than the bottom and the nose is almost never wider than the distance between the eyeballs, dont tend to keep any other consistent proportions with it

5 the mouth goes in about the middle of the bottom section of the face and follows the chin curve

now for how to actually use the base, thats a different story folks!!! 

keep in mind this is just guidelines, you don’t have to follow these proportions religiously

its meant to help if you have difficulty with drawing symmetrical or proportional faces (like me) its not meant to teach you how to do these things!!

hopefully this is not too confusing!!! bye!!!!

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[1] I just got into your Villain!Izuku AU (It's a blessing) and I'm hung up on the gag about Izuku's quirk being genre savvyness and how that would work. The main question being, is Izuku aware his reality is a comedy or does he make his reality a comedy? Quasi-Omniscient perception of the rules of the universe, or very specific probability manipulation? Where the most humorous/impossible outcome becomes inevitable whenever Izuku's around...

[2] And then would that be a passive ability or is he picking the outcome? If it’s passive he’d basically be playing headgames with his own quirk, which would be hilarious, and if anyone decided to play on his level they’d have the same advantage (with the fun bonus that their ridiculous strategies come crashing down out of Izuku’s range. Active probability manipulation isn’t really genre savvyness, but could just as cool, especially if there were appropriately arbitrary limitations…

[3] Like his quirk can only make something more likely proportionate to how humorous it is. Or to how unlikely it was- he can’t do anything to 50/50 odds, can give a decent boost to a 10 or 25% chance, but something like a 0.000003%? You better believe it’s happening. (Kind of like that bit in some Pratchett books where a 1 in a million chance always works out, 1 in 999,999 or 1 in 1000001 you’re fucked, but if it’s 1 in a million? It’s happening)…

[4] There’s also the option that it’s just regular probability manipulation, and Izuku’s such a little shit he uses it exclusively to make ridiculous things work out. That’s not really so much genre savvyness anymore but it seemed in character to me. This is a lot of rambling over something inconsequential but thanks for your cool au I love it! I only actually have a general understanding of probability bye.

i honestly don’t know how a genre-savviness quirk would work, but all of these sound plausible and hilarious. i love the idea of izuku’s quirk being a passive ability, wherein his mere presence is enough to change the story from a shounen action manga into a comedy. he’s not even trying to cause it, this just naturally happens around him, and he’s simply taken full advantage of the chaos he causes. ideal 

active probability manipulation is even funnier because this suggests that izuku could potentially do anything, be a great hero, establish himself in any number of personas, and he uses it to make sure that his glitter bomb traps will work. and i think that’s incredible 

Anonymous said: if villain izuku’s quirk is being genre savy, I imagine him in a glaringly obvious disguise but no one notices 

this is one of my favorite things that anyone has ever suggested to me about villain!izuku. yes

it also made me consider something else for izuku’s quirk though. what if instead of being genre savvy, izuku’s quirk is more like… saiki’s brainwashing power… he can change your perception of things and events, so you think of crazy events as not a big deal. he uses his quirk to make people overlook the fact that he’s setting up a prank – they walk right by like it’s the most normal thing in the world – and then izuku drops the effects of his quirk. chaos. everyone is in disbelief that they didn’t notice 

also some gems from a conversation with @salvainterra

the sheer disaster of such a quirk in villain izuku’s hands? terrifying, and absolutely incredible. we can only dream

plum legacy archives

i’ve started to upload all my old toby and navy / plum legacy photos over at my old url (plumb-barb) - i actually reached my daily limit of uploads the other day doing just that lmao, i’d never done that before. but i have them all set to queue and post five a day. i think that’s a good amount without being too spammy. but omg i got so faking sad seeing my old posts with them. like. bye. they’re my heart so much. but really i loved looking through them again (and i hope anyone who goes to follow that side blog will also) and it made me want to work hard to rebuild my tavy save. i’ll have to do a lot of work (edit everyone, find a new world, find a new house, decorate the house, shoot myself in the face, etc.) but it will be worth it. anyways that’s all i wanted to say, please go follow my side blog if you’d like to see some of my old plum legacy photos again! i even put some there that i had but never posted because i thought they were ugly but seeing them now they are just precious to me  ~<|:^3


Tattoo Pt 1

Season 3a Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 2,874

Warnings: Mentions of Sex, Fluff

   It was around noon when I finally woke up. Stiles was softly snoring underneath me, and I smiled, looking up at him. These past four months have been so normal and fun, and Stiles and I easily slipped into our relationship. Scott says it was because we were practically dating already, just without the kissing.

   Scott and Allison were still split up, but he was taking it pretty well, and despite his relationship ending, he had been nothing but supportive to ours. Sheriff had already taken me in with open arms, as did my parents for Stiles. It seemed like they all expected this to happen sooner or later. I think my dad had hoped it would just be a little later than now.

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I have to talk about this!!!

First of all, if you go through Chase’s replies, they really don’t have anything like this.  They’re not Wendy’s.  They’re not responding to random tweets about pop culture.  So I can only imagine how this conversation played out in the social media office or whatever between the Black woman who OBVIOUSLY knew this would get traction and the white management who doesn’t know Black Twitter or Insecure.

Janeen:  Todd?  Can I run something by you?  I think we should respond to this tweet.

Todd:  Who is Tasha?  Is she in the news?   This situation isn’t **whispers** racial is it?  Doug, do you know Tasha?

Doug:  I don’t think so.  Isn’t there a Tasha in the mailroom?

Todd:  No it’s Tamara.

Doug:  No, Tanisha.

Todd:  No wait, I think her name is Tawanna.

Janeen:  Her name is Marie, but focus please.  Tasha is a character on an HBO show called Insecure.  It’s pretty much the biggest conversation on Black Twitter this summer.

Todd:  Is that different from just Twitter?  Is it in the app store?

Doug:  I don’t have it on my phone.  What’s the icon look like?

Janeen:  It’s just regular Twitter guys, but it’s a bunch of Black people, most of whom are linked to the same general network of influencers and conversation starters.  If we respond to this tweet, I guarantee it will get traction within a tight circle of visible users.

Todd:  What should we say?  Is the Insecurity Show any good?

Doug:  Oh I know.  We can say “Tasha don’t work here!  Girl bye!” and include a gif of Linnethia Leakes.

Janeen:  Actually…I think understated is best?  Any reference to the show will be enough to make our social media footprint.  We don’t have to, um, blacken it up.

Todd:  Doug?  Thoughts?

Doug:  I think…I think let’s try it.  Let’s defer to Janeen on this one.  Do what you think is best.

Janeen:  Thanks guys.

Todd:  Oh and tell Tamika in the mailroom we said hi.

I mean, that’s how I see it in my mind anyway.  And it definitely got the intended reaction from Black Twitter, so props to Chase.

But also, props to Issa Rae tho!  I can only imagine how tickled she must be for this kind of random ass shoutout.  Everybody is winning today.  I’m here for it.

Never Forget (Part 3) - Steve Rogers

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5

Steve Rogers x Reader 

Summary: Things with Steve have been going great, but what happens when you start to feel like you’re not a priority?

Word Count: 1921

Warnings: Just some angst, little bit of language. 

A/N: Okay, I’m really proud of this. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to crank out something that wasn’t one hundred percent fluffy, but I did it. Let me know if you liked it!! Also, letting @whiskeyandwashitape & @thelostswan this exists!!

Not my gif, credit to the owner. 

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This was getting ridiculous. 

So far, in your opinion, at least, you’d been a very supportive, easy-going girlfriend. It had been a little over two months with Steve, and you really were falling for him. You loved the way the corners of his mouth flickered upward when you said something stupid, and his dumb, old-fashioned jokes. You loved how the longer you looked into those deep, oceanic eyes, the more lost you got. You loved how he did things just for the sake of being good. And you knew that dating a super soldier was going to be complicated- and it wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t help it that terrorists and aliens and bad men existed and that it fell on his shoulders to take care of it. 

That one night - that date at your house that had ended with the two of you sleeping on your couch - had been wonderful. But since then, no date between you and Steve had ever really ended. He would get a phone call or a text or something, and just give you that look, like, I don’t want to go but I have to. And you would insist that everything was fine, that you understood that he had a job to do. 

You finally cracked one night when he took you to a carnival. It had been lots of fun - he wore sunglasses and a hat so he wouldn’t get recognized, and won you this cute little red, white, and blue teddy bear. You split a churro with him, and he kissed you at the top of the Ferris wheel. It was very sweet, very When-Harry-Met-Sally-Sleepless-In-Seattle-Rom-Com cute. 

You were walking hand-in-hand with him, towards the cotton candy booth, when it happened. His phone beeped, and he glanced down at it. You’d grown accustomed to silently praying every time he looked at his phone - praying that it wasn’t SHIELD or Nick Fury or someone in danger. And he gave you that look, lips slightly pursed and eyebrows knitted in a frustrated kind of way. “I’m sorry, Doll. Duty calls,” he said, shoving his phone back into his pocket and releasing your hand from his. 

“Yeah, whatever,” you muttered, running a hand through your hair. 

Steve looked slightly taken aback. Usually you were understanding, and you said you weren’t upset and he had to do what he had to do. But this was the second time this week this had happened, and what felt like the millionth time since you’d started dating him. You couldn’t help but be irritated. 

“Y/N,” he sighed, looking at you. “I can’t not go. I have to go.”

“I know,” you snapped, rolling your eyes. “Believe me, I know.”

“Don’t be mad,” He said, eyes fluttering towards the exit. “Please, don’t be mad. I’ll… I’ll call you when we’re done, okay?” 

“Whatever, fine,” you said, turning your back to him. And when you turned around again, he was gone. 

Three days passed until you heard from Steve again. 

It was four in the morning, and you woke up to the sound of your phone ringing. Disoriented, and partly blindly since you didn’t have your contacts in, you pulled the charger out and looked at the screen. It was Steve, calling you. What the hell? 

You answered it with a hoarse and slightly incoherent, “Hello?”

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve’s voice relieved you. You often went a few days without hearing from him when he went on missions, but you couldn’t help but worry about him. “I just wanted to let you know that we’re all alright. I’m on a plane right now, heading back.”

You slowly sat up, and reached over to turn on your bedside lamp. Even though you were kind of angry at him, you were happy he was alright. “Well, that’s good,” you said with a yawn, leaning against the headboard. 

“Oh, god. Did I wake you up?” Steve asked. 

“Well, yeah, it’s…” you lifted the phone from your ear to check the time, “It’s 4:17  here, but, I mean…” You rubbed at your eyes. “It’s fine. I’m glad you’re alright.” 

“Yeah, me too. So, look, about the other night-”

“You know what, Steve? Just forget about it, okay?” You said, crossing your legs Indian style and pulling a blanket closer to you. 

“No, I can’t forget about it, Y/N. You’re unhappy, and I want to fix it.”

“You can’t fix it,” You said, shaking your head. “And honestly, I’m too tired to even talk about it, alright?” This was the first time you’d ever been mad at him, and you didn’t want to deal with it. 

“Okay,” he said, sounding defeated and submissive. You hated that he sounded like that. You hated that you were the reason why. “Well, do you want to go back to sleep? I’ll let you go if you want.”

“Actually, yeah,” you said, sighing. “I have a big day at work tomorrow- buy one, get one half-off on heels. Gonna be packed.” You yawned again. 

“When do you get off?” He asked, a hint of sadness in his voice. He hated you being mad at him almost as much as you did. 

“Six. Come over anytime after that, if you can, alright?” 

“Okay. Get some sleep, Doll.”

“I’ll try. Bye, Steve.”

You didn’t sleep. 

Work that day was awful, and not just because of the sale and all the people. You couldn’t stop thinking about Steve, and about all the times he’d ditched you to go be a superhero. Your head was in the wrong place, and you couldn’t focus on anything. You even knocked over a display of shoes that one of your subordinates had spent a whole hour putting together.

You were drained, and over it all by the end of your shift. You just wanted to go home and shower and sleep for three days.

When you opened the door to your apartment, you saw Steve sitting on the couch, reading a book. You had given him a key in case of emergencies. You let a lazy, exhausted smile rise to your face. “Hey,” you said quietly, shutting the door and locking it behind you. It was hard to remember that you were mad at him when you missed him so much. 

He shut his book and looked at you, that goofy grin on his face. “Hey, Doll,” he said, standing up and walking over to you. He looked cautious, like you were a ticking time bomb. You shook your head and took a step towards him, giving a long, well-needed hug. 

“I missed you,” you sighed, dropping your bag at your feet and burying your head in his chest. “I was worried about you.”

He stroked your hair for a moment, and you just stood there, breathing each other in. He smelled like Old Spice.

“I missed you, too, Y/N.”

Finally, you pulled away, and took in a deep breath. Your heart hurt without him, but it didn’t change the fact that you didn’t feel like a priority in his life. 

You crossed the room and sat on the couch, feeling relieved to finally be off your feet for the day. Steve sat on the opposite end of the couch from you, leaning against the armrest.

“Can we talk now, Y/N?” He asked, turning to look at you. You crossed your legs, leaning back against the couch.

You sighed. “Yeah,” you said, already wishing this conversation was over. 

Steve took in a deep breath, and ran a hand through his hair. “Do you… do you want to break up with me?” he asked, quietly, scared. Like a kid. Fuck, you thought. 

“No!” you exclaimed, eyes widening. You grabbed his hand across the couch. “God, no, I don’t want to break up with you. I-I… I’m just…” You groaned, and ran your free hand over your face. “I’m just irritated, because I feel like I’m not a priority, and I know there’s nothing you can do about it. You have a job to do and you have to do, and I feel so guilty about being mad at you for it, but I am, y’know? And maybe I’m not even mad at you. Maybe you’re just the only person I can take it out on.”

“You can be mad at me,” said Steve, pulling his hand away from yours and tangling them in his hair. “I don’t want you to feel like you can’t be mad at me. It’s healthy for couples to argue - I read that somewhere, I think.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to be mad at you, Steve,” you said,  crossing your arms over your chest. “I don’t get very much time with you when you’re around, and I don’t want to spend it fighting with you, y’know?”

He nodded. “I’m sorry I’m never around, Y/N,” he said, sighing and looking over at you. “But you know I have to-”

“I know,” you cut him off, standing up and walking into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. “I know. I’ve heard the speech a million times, Steve. You have to protect the people. You have to do what’s right. And I know you can’t, but I wish you could just blow it off sometimes, and no one had to die or anything for you to be able to spend some time with me.”

He followed you into the kitchen and leaned against the doorway as you scoured leftovers for something that seemed appetizing. “Are you ever going to be okay with this?” he asked as you settled on the rest of the sesame chicken you’d had yesterday. 

You opened the lid of the Tupperware container and put it in the microwave for forty-five seconds. “I don’t know, Steve. I guess I saw this coming in, and I figured I would just get used to it. But it’s hard, you know? Like, I drop everything for you when you’re in town, and I just feel like I’m the only one trying sometimes.”

“There’s nothing I can do about that, Y/N-”

“I know!” you exclaimed, groaning out of frustration. “God, I know, Steve! You’ve been telling me the same things for the past two months- it’s like you have a script memorized for when you have to leave. And I feel so bad for being angry at you for it, but I am. I’m angry, okay?” The microwave dinged, but you made no move to open it.

“So, what, then?” He asked, irritated, crossing his arms over his chest. You took a sip of your water. “Do you want to call it quits or something?”

“I don’t know,” you sighed, sinking to the floor and leaning against a cabinet, rattling the door with your weight. “I…God. It’s impossible for me not to be happy with you. And we have such a good time together. But I can’t decide if…” you trailed off, deciding not to say it.

“You can’t decide if it’s worth it.” He finished for you, and you looked up at him, nodding slowly in response. 

He shook his head. “How about we take a break then?” He said, and your eyes widened. “It makes me sad thinking about not talking to you, but I think you just need some time to think. We both do.” You said nothing. “Call me when you can decide, okay, Y/N?” You just stared at him. 

And then he was gone. This time he wasn’t coming back. 

Breakfast in Bed - Ten (M)

A/N: Hola friends. No I’m not back with Smooth pt 6…. love me but here’s some Ten for ya (even though Admin Finn wrote you some Ten smut already ㄱ_ㄱ jk ily Admin Finn c:) Anyways… not my best, I know, but I gotta warm up my smut writing bc tbh it’s been a while, and I want pt 6 to actually be really good bc I love ya’ll (especially all my fellow Johnny stans ^-^) Ok I’m sorry for wasting your time you can read now heh.

-Admin Kay

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Pairing: Ten x Reader


Word Count: 1,150

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Fast Food for Thought 2/10

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

Pairing: Theo x Liam.

Genre: Angst, Humor.

Words: 1,872

Summary: Fast food Teen Wolf AU that no one asked for. Liam starts working at Beacon Hills’ Burgers, the best fast food place in town. Theo is homeless, but comes in to Beacon Hills’ Burgers whenever he can, with whatever money he can scrounge up. Liam quickly becomes drawn to the mysterious stranger and wants to help him in any way he can.

Liam went to work the next day at 4:00. He was scheduled to be there until closing at 11:00. He hoped that Mason or someone else would train him how to close, because he had no idea what it involved. He walked in the door, greeted Scott, and clocked in.

“Hey, Liam. So, you’ll be closing tonight, but don’t worry, Corey is going to be closing with you, so he can show you what to do and help you get everything done,” Scott said.

“Corey?” Liam asked.

“Yeah, he’s worked here for like six months. I think he’s around here somewhere, but I can never find him. It’s like he’s invisible or something,” Scott said while glancing around the store.

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Can You Hear Me?

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @geeksandfreaks6713. “If you have time… could you possibly do an imagine with either Frank or Gee (you pick) where the reader is mute??? Thx!”

A/N: Trigger warning for ableism.

You were browsing around the small guitar shop, eyeing the different instruments, when you realized you needed to use the restroom. Your eyes flicked around the shop, looking for a sign that would point you in the direction of the bathroom. You weren’t even sure if they had one here. You realized, with a frown, that you were going to have to communicate to one of the employees that you needed directions.

This was a problem, because your disability had left you unable to speak since birth. You had, of course, learned sign language in order to communicate. But, you couldn’t be certain that anyone who worked here was fluent in ASL. You really shouldn’t have tried to come here by yourself, without your interpreter. But, she was busy today, and you hated that you had to sit at home like a child when she wasn’t available. You’d thought that since you were just looking, and didn’t actually plan on buying anything today, that you would be fine. Just browse around quietly and leave. No harm done. No communication necessary. Damn your bladder for fucking it all up.

You decided there was no harm in trying to sign. Maybe you would get lucky, and one of the sales associates would understand you. If that didn’t work, you were pretty sure there was a public restroom somewhere else in the mall (if you could make it that far).

Hello, you signed at the nearest employee. Can you help me?

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