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honest to god i can see chirrut and baze like. sitting down places together, somewhere less populated in jedha, just to eat food or drink water or talk and its like they have a nice date that neither of them call a date until chirrut goes “well i guess you could really call this a BLIND date huh baze” and baze malbus takes a minute to just think about this man, chirrut imwe, next to him. a good long hard minute.

Dating Damon Salvatore would Include..

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  • Seeing his smile whenever he sees you.
  • His mood lifting up whenever you’re around.
  • Him constantly kissing you that lead to make outs from time to time.
  • Damon taking you out to dinner as always which leads to amazing *smut* after.
  • Lip locking in front of Stefan which makes him do a ‘wincing’ face and him walking away.
  • Damon always telling you how much he loves you.
  • Becoming close with Bonnie and Elena – and the others too.
  • You gushing over Damon to the girls.
  • Caroline rolling her eyes and telling you how bad he is for you.
  • Shopping with the girls.
  • Catching Damon shirtless most of the time.
  • Damon telling you how good you always look.
  • Him having to remind you that you’re his.
  • His very protective of you.
  • Gets easily jealous when he sees you with his brother and a male.
  • You being his anchor and calming him down whenever he feels the need to kill.
  • Helping him with his blood urges whenever he’s around you.
  • Him always asking you and offering you to turn you.
  • You comforting him and telling him how important he is to you and everyone else whenever he wants to flip his humanity switch off.
  • “Oh Mama is lookin’ fine!”
  • Smirking at you whenever he sees you.
  • Being his weakness.
  • His heart always beating faster whenever he senses you’re around.
  • He would never hurt you.
  • Both of you endlessly loving each other.
  • ‘Borrowing’ his clothes after sleeping over – just kidding, stealing ;)
  • Sleepovers!
  • Him tightly holding you by the waist whenever you come over to sleep.
  • Cuddling and snuggling.
  • Steamy makeouts in public.
  • Him not ashamed to show his affection in public.
  • Going out to cafes in the morning and drinking coffee and tea with him.
  • Him helping you pick out outfits to wear to parties.
  • Telling you how hot and beautiful you look all the time.
  • Damon being proud of having you be his girl.
  • Showing you off to the whole Mystic Falls.
  • Helping him with cases and mysteries in the Sherriff department.
  • Having deep conversations at night in bed – pillowtalks.
  • Talking about growing old together and having a family even though you know it won’t be possible – which leads to him offering you to turn once again.
  • “I love you so fucking much.”
  • His passionate love for you.
  • His deep love for you.
  • His endless love for you.
  • Him always teasing you and you doing the same.
  • You getting jealous whenever he’s with Elena – even though she’s your friend.
  • Him telling you that he’s yours, and that you shouldn’t be worried.
  • Holding hands all the time.
  • Damon kissing your neck and body whenever he pleases to in his house.
  • You basically living in the Salvatore building.
  • Get caught seeing with only a long top on in the house and Stefan saying, “Next time, keep it down.”
  • Stefan being your brother practically.
  • Stefan looking after you whenever Damon’s not around.
  • Damon threatening everyone who takes care of you to make sure you’re in safe hands.
  • Damon treating you like a Queen.
  • You both having so much trust and respect for each other.
  • Him trying to protect you and tell you to stay away from danger, but you never listen.
  • Silly fights and sometimes serious ones too.
  • Him doing anything to protect you and make sure you’re safe.
  • He would risk his life for you.
  • Being just as witty and sarcastic as him.
  • “What’s with the attitude?” “Oh look, I must’ve gotten it from you.”
  • You catching him look at you and him not looking away – smirking with a dangerous look in his eyes.
  • Damon telling you how much you mean to him and how you’re his world and if you ever died or anything ever happened to you he couldn’t live with himself.
  • Him promising you that he will always be there for you when you need him.
  • Comforting you and giving you soft, sweet kisses whenever you feel upset.
  • Him whispering sweet nothings to you.
  • Always flirting in front of the pack and them telling you to get a room.
  • Grabbing your ass whenever he feels turned on.
  • “Damon!” “Yes, I’m here!”
  • Him saying that he’ll be with you whenever you needed help in seconds.
  • “There’s no way I’m letting you out of my sight and risk your life again!”
  • Him always kissing your hand like a gentleman whenever it comes to romantic dinners.
  • Going out and talking about anything you could think of and he would still listen.
  • Him admiring how cute you look when you blabber on.
  • Looking deep into his crystal blue eyes.
  • Helping him with his drinking, telling him not to drink so much when he feels the need to.
  • Teaching him how bad alcohol can be to the body but him not caring.
  • “I swear if anyone touches you, I would not be able to live with myself.”
  • Being his date to family dinners and royal parties by the Mikaelsons.
  • Katherine constantly jealous of your relationship with Damon.
  • “She’s a keeper, Damon.” “I know.”

(This one is quite long! Hope you guys like and tell me what you think. PS: Alec Lightwood’s one is up next. xx)

The Happiest Place [ Chris Evans x Reader ]

Request : It’s the anon that asked for the Sebastian imagine, it was perfect loved the way you made y/n captain marvel 🌸 could I request another one 😂 sorry about all the requests but a Chris Evans imagine where y/n and him spend the day at Disneyland because Chris is a huge Disney nerd thanks

a/n : here anon ! I’m so so sorry it took so long to finish but I FINALLY DID AND IM SUPER HAPPY W IT i hope you enjoy it as much as i did writing it :D don’t be shy to request, guys ! i don’t bite ;-) also would you guys wanna be tagged every time i post ??? message me if you wanna be tagged lol

“I can’t believe you dragged me here.” You roll your eyes at the tall man who was pulling you by the hand.

“Like I haven’t brought you here before.” He laughs, shaking his head as he adjusted his baseball cap and sunglasses. You scoff at his actions, mumbling about how his so called ‘disguise’ doesn’t even work.

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy’. See, even the sign’s tellin’ you to lighten up, babe. C'mon, I promise you we’ll have fun.” He nudges your shoulder lightly before wrapping his arm around your waist securely.

“Can’t we just stay at home? You just came back from filming and I wanna lie down, I’m getting sleepy.” You give your most believable yawn before resting your cheek on his shoulder. Chris chuckles, looking down at you and stopping.

“If you fall asleep, I can always carry you around.” He says, bending his knees to place one of his arms at the back of your knees. Suddenly, you were in his arms, close to his chest. You stare at him wide eyed before punching his chest.

“Oh my god Chris, Let me down! Stop, you’re making a scene.” You whisper as you look around you to see if anyone was looking at the both of you. Chris lets out a loud laugh, before returning back on the ground. He places his hands on your shoulders, looking at you in the eyes.

“Let’s make a deal. If you can stay awake for two rides, we’ll leave. If you can’t, we’ll go back to the hotel, like you wanted. Deal?” You furrow your eyebrows as you thought about the deal, ultimately deciding after a few seconds.


Oh how in for a treat you were.

Two rides later, you were buzzing with adrenaline, almost demanding Chris to lead you around the amusement park. Chris gives you a wide grin before leading you through the crowds of the park, showing you his favorite rides and the snacks he claimed to be ‘to die for’.

On almost (if not) every ride you’re on, you find Chris babbling about the Disney movie it’s inspired by. He uses his hands to make these weird, inaccurate (but adorable) diagrams of a certain scene. He tells you trivia about a certain character, which you definitely knew beforehand but for his sake you nod along with his bright eyes and enthusiastic voice.

“Two ice cream bars, please.” Chris asks the man in charge of the ice cream cart. He pulls out his wallet, but you put your hand on his arm.

“Chris, let me pay.”

“What? No, I-”

“Chris, just let me pay for this one thing. Please?” You gave your best puppy dog eyes at him as you pulled out your own wallet. He sighs as he stared at you for a little longer. “Fine.” You grin up at him.

“Just this once, okay?” He tells you with a stern tone. You chuckle as you take the two ice cream bars from the man  and hand him the money.

“Okay, Cap.”

The day flies by and before you know it, you and Chris are in front of the castle. He’s standing on the ledge, looking down at you with a smug expression.

“Chris, get down! You might fall, people are staring.” You giggle slightly at his antics.

“Who is Chris? I am Prince Charming, you must be Cinderella.” You scoff before bursting into laughter, extending your hand to him.

“You’re such a dork.”

“You know you love it.” He wiggles his eyebrows. You roll your eyes as his warm hand envelopes yours.

“The fireworks are about to start, let’s go.”

You lead him down to an empty space in the sea of people. You look up at Chris, seeing his head poking up in the midst of the crowd. His eyes are blown wide with excitement, the corners of his mouth quirked up into a smile that you would find on a kid in a candy store. Chris looks down at you with curiosity. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like you love me.” He tries to hide the smile threatening to break out. You shrug playfully, looking up at the sky, waiting for the fireworks. “Maybe I do.”

In your peripheral vision you see his bearded jaw drop. You smile to yourself, trying not to laugh at his expression. “What-”

“Shh, it’s starting.” You whisper, bringing a finger up to your lips as you look at him. He hums disapprovingly beside you before facing forward, looking up at the sky. The castle glows blue as the rest of lights turn off. the enchanting sound of trumpets booms throughout Disneyland as beams of light dance in the night sky. The lullaby-like sound of the flutes play as a woman’s voice comes through the speakers.

“Just imagine, if you were standing right here 60 years ago, you’d be standing in the middle of an orange farm. One visionary man who stood right where you are now, but instead of orange trees, he envisioned a magic kingdom. This man’s name, is Walt Disney. And his dream would be called, Disneyland.”

As they played a recording of Walt Disney, the first few fireworks launched into the sky. You watch at they exploded into the sky. The recording ended and more fireworks lit up the pitch black sky. You took a glance at Chris, who was smiling so wide you thought his skin was going to split. Just as Peter Pan’s voice cut through the music, Chris placed his hand on your shoulders.

“Let’s show ‘em just how magical this place can be!”

And in that moment his lips touched yours, you realized you didn’t need any more magic than what you already had.

You heard more fireworks in the sky, the music playing all around you but all of this was somehow just a background sound as your heart pounded on your chest like a boxer at the gym. You eyes were just about closed as Chris’ hand held your jaw in place. Your hands situated themselves around his waist, pulling him to you automatically.

Right before he pulled away he pecked your lips once more before looking you in the eye with his chest heaving up and down. You looked up to see the fireworks now in full swing. Chris pulled you to him, resting your head on his chest as you watched the rest of the show.

You felt him lower his head to place a kiss on the crown of your head before going down to your ear. “Would it be really cheesy if I said I saw fireworks just now?” He murmured, his beard tickling the shell of your ear. You let out a loud laugh before looking up at him.

“You’re such a dork, Evans.”

“You love it, really.” He smirked.

You did, you really did.

And he loved you too.

McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess

Being a multifandom trash like me is so hard especially when all your fave groups decided to have a comeback in the same freaking month.

Let me live okay??

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

“Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer morning could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder.”

Sweet Apology (m)

Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1,713

After a minor argument, your boyfriend never hesitates to make it up to you with a small token of apology.

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For @viper-seven, who is my only good guy!Brock friend. (I’m accepting applications though for new additions). ((Let it be known this is absolutely NOT htp).

He didn’t know his name, he didn’t know his age or how long it was since the last time he slept in a bed or what even a grape tasted like. But he always remembered there was someone who cared for him, his name was always programmed right back into the asset’s head– Brock Rumlow. Someone who snuck him candy bars when others weren’t watching. Someone who would casually elbow him with a proud smirk to get the Soldier to laugh when he told a joke. Someone who would kiss him so gently it was as if the asset may shatter. The softest touches always were the ones the Soldier appreciated the most– and Brock was the softest of them all. 

The asset liked candy, liked it so much that he’d often get sick on it whenever Brock was around. Brock always made sure to buy him kinds he’d never tasted. He’d even special order custom candies, international candies, anything the Soldier wanted, Brock would always get him. 

“Why?” the asset asked as Brock gently pressed them against a wall, his fingers slowly creeping up the asset’s abs.

“I like it when your lips taste like sugar,” Brock whispered, voice low and husky, like dark chocolate with a splash of coffee. 

“So it’s only so I taste good?” the asset asked between gentle kisses, kisses so light he wasn’t even sure Brock had kissed him. 

“No,” Brock replied. “You’re sweet as sugar.” He kissed him light on the jaw, like a feather against silken skin, drunk on sunlight. “You sparkle like sugar.” He kissed the asset’s nose, light like the warm breeze on an early summer day. “And just like sugar, too much of you sometimes is a bad thing.” He scooped the Soldier’s lips into his, lapping his tongue out to run along those sugar-stained lips.

The asset giggled softly into the kiss. “Cause I kill people?”

“You don’t kill people,” Brock said, his eyes darkening as he stared at the asset with an intensity that made the Soldier want to cry. “Every life you take is my burden and mine alone. You’re as pure as sugar cane swaying in the sun. I take all your sins and you bear none.” 

The asset lifted his arms above his head, chewing at his bottom lip. “So I’m your sugar?”

Brock barked out an amused laugh, his dark eyes shimmering in delight. “Yeah, Sugar. You are.” He flushed himself against the asset, pressing his lips softly against the asset’s, always asking for permission and letting the asset decide the pace to set. Always gentle. Always kind. 

It was a fine line they walked and the asset knew it too well. This memory, like all others would one day be swept away in the swirling wind, just like crystals of sugar spilled from clumsy hands. 

when you’re embarrassed & overwhelmed about how much you love your datefriend & your tiny son and you gotta try to save face so you don’t lose your tough guy street cred

(another screencap redraw b/c im……..predictable. please click for a better quality image)