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from the Jamilton agent au

Quick context: Thomas and Alex have to go undercover at a ball but there are rumors that a specific group of people will be there that will recognize ya boy Alex so he has to go deep undercover ;;;;

Dating Damon Salvatore would Include..

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  • Seeing his smile whenever he sees you.
  • His mood lifting up whenever you’re around.
  • Him constantly kissing you that lead to make outs from time to time.
  • Damon taking you out to dinner as always which leads to amazing *smut* after.
  • Lip locking in front of Stefan which makes him do a ‘wincing’ face and him walking away.
  • Damon always telling you how much he loves you.
  • Becoming close with Bonnie and Elena – and the others too.
  • You gushing over Damon to the girls.
  • Caroline rolling her eyes and telling you how bad he is for you.
  • Shopping with the girls.
  • Catching Damon shirtless most of the time.
  • Damon telling you how good you always look.
  • Him having to remind you that you’re his.
  • His very protective of you.
  • Gets easily jealous when he sees you with his brother and a male.
  • You being his anchor and calming him down whenever he feels the need to kill.
  • Helping him with his blood urges whenever he’s around you.
  • Him always asking you and offering you to turn you.
  • You comforting him and telling him how important he is to you and everyone else whenever he wants to flip his humanity switch off.
  • “Oh Mama is lookin’ fine!”
  • Smirking at you whenever he sees you.
  • Being his weakness.
  • His heart always beating faster whenever he senses you’re around.
  • He would never hurt you.
  • Both of you endlessly loving each other.
  • ‘Borrowing’ his clothes after sleeping over – just kidding, stealing ;)
  • Sleepovers!
  • Him tightly holding you by the waist whenever you come over to sleep.
  • Cuddling and snuggling.
  • Steamy makeouts in public.
  • Him not ashamed to show his affection in public.
  • Going out to cafes in the morning and drinking coffee and tea with him.
  • Him helping you pick out outfits to wear to parties.
  • Telling you how hot and beautiful you look all the time.
  • Damon being proud of having you be his girl.
  • Showing you off to the whole Mystic Falls.
  • Helping him with cases and mysteries in the Sherriff department.
  • Having deep conversations at night in bed – pillowtalks.
  • Talking about growing old together and having a family even though you know it won’t be possible – which leads to him offering you to turn once again.
  • “I love you so fucking much.”
  • His passionate love for you.
  • His deep love for you.
  • His endless love for you.
  • Him always teasing you and you doing the same.
  • You getting jealous whenever he’s with Elena – even though she’s your friend.
  • Him telling you that he’s yours, and that you shouldn’t be worried.
  • Holding hands all the time.
  • Damon kissing your neck and body whenever he pleases to in his house.
  • You basically living in the Salvatore building.
  • Get caught seeing with only a long top on in the house and Stefan saying, “Next time, keep it down.”
  • Stefan being your brother practically.
  • Stefan looking after you whenever Damon’s not around.
  • Damon threatening everyone who takes care of you to make sure you’re in safe hands.
  • Damon treating you like a Queen.
  • You both having so much trust and respect for each other.
  • Him trying to protect you and tell you to stay away from danger, but you never listen.
  • Silly fights and sometimes serious ones too.
  • Him doing anything to protect you and make sure you’re safe.
  • He would risk his life for you.
  • Being just as witty and sarcastic as him.
  • “What’s with the attitude?” “Oh look, I must’ve gotten it from you.”
  • You catching him look at you and him not looking away – smirking with a dangerous look in his eyes.
  • Damon telling you how much you mean to him and how you’re his world and if you ever died or anything ever happened to you he couldn’t live with himself.
  • Him promising you that he will always be there for you when you need him.
  • Comforting you and giving you soft, sweet kisses whenever you feel upset.
  • Him whispering sweet nothings to you.
  • Always flirting in front of the pack and them telling you to get a room.
  • Grabbing your ass whenever he feels turned on.
  • “Damon!” “Yes, I’m here!”
  • Him saying that he’ll be with you whenever you needed help in seconds.
  • “There’s no way I’m letting you out of my sight and risk your life again!”
  • Him always kissing your hand like a gentleman whenever it comes to romantic dinners.
  • Going out and talking about anything you could think of and he would still listen.
  • Him admiring how cute you look when you blabber on.
  • Looking deep into his crystal blue eyes.
  • Helping him with his drinking, telling him not to drink so much when he feels the need to.
  • Teaching him how bad alcohol can be to the body but him not caring.
  • “I swear if anyone touches you, I would not be able to live with myself.”
  • Being his date to family dinners and royal parties by the Mikaelsons.
  • Katherine constantly jealous of your relationship with Damon.
  • “She’s a keeper, Damon.” “I know.”

(This one is quite long! Hope you guys like and tell me what you think. PS: Alec Lightwood’s one is up next. xx)

Just Jealous Pt.7 (Richie Tozier/Reader)

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part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6

(A/N: First of yall yes of course I am aware this is not a Richie gif but yall where the fuck are all the new gifs the movie is OUT get ON IT or I’ll be stuck using miscellaneous Finn gifs until the day I die. Anyways, woo! Last one! Thank you all so much for stickin thru this shit fest. I feel bad that this is so short and also cheesy but hey yall should be used to this by now. I live on cheese.)

Summary: Richie takes you home after your confrontation with your now ex-boyfriend. 

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ain’t no mountain high enough

Summary: Stark continues looking at Peter. Peter considers the fact that the world is probably going to end within the next few days, and they, collectively, are supposed to be stopping it.

“Uh,” says Peter, waving his fingers a little bit. “It makes you feel really cool. You should try it.”

“We’re not painting our nails to match,” deadpans Stark.

“Well, sure,” says Peter. “But don’t come crawling back to me when you can’t defeat Thanos ‘cause you didn’t wanna harness the power of friendship.”

so this fic came into being for two reasons and two reasons alone. (1) this pure and healing artwork, which is absolutely precious and (2) that one post that’s like – Gamora: “You All Are Not” // Peter: “Y’AIN’T”. i wrote 10k words of fic about nail polish and the power of friendship in space. what a time to be alive. it’s set roughly … a year-ish? after the second movie? and beyond that, etc. peter and gamora have embraced their existence as “married in space”, is what im saying. title’s from the song with the same name OBVIOUSLY, i sincerely hope i’ve done these characters justice bc ive never written for them before, spoilers for vol.2 obviously, and, finally, important to note: I know absolutely nothing about the comics outside of what my little brother has told me in detail, so the line about Everyone Literally Dying is supposed to be a vague plot point reference to the original infinity war comics, wherein according to my brother, everyone literally straight up dies but then the universe is reset and they get up and are totes fine, no big thang. or something. hell if i know. just … ignore it if it’s confusing u, bc it’s confusing me too, i just needed some semblance of plot. enjoy!“You guys … painted your nails to match.”

There’s about three things Peter’s come to know about Tony Stark in the brief period they’ve been acquainted.

One: he appreciates some bangin’ tunes, which Peter has maintained since he was a skinny kid trying to make friends amongst human-eating space pirates is an immediate and automatic reason to respect a man;

Two: he’s kind of secretly scared shitless of Nebula. Peter understands this. Everyone’s kind of secretly scared shitless of Neblua, except for maybe Gamora, of whom many people are also scared shitless (hell yeah, thinks Peter; his wife is so much cooler than him);

Three: the guy’s an asshole, but that’s mostly just how he deals with stuff, which means that he’s an asshole-but-not-really-an-asshole, or at least, the sort of asshole who can be tolerated and even liked. Peter, personally, can relate to this more than most.

But, seriously? He’s hating on the team colours?

“Uh, yeah,” says Peter. “You guys don’t have that?”

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I Want To Give You the Best Life I Can (Jake x F!MC Headcanon)

Requested by @lahuertasprincess​ who wanted a proposal 💍 HC, so here’s my take, before canon blows it all to hell lol

Note: Written with my F!MC in mind, will use default name Taylor. Just in case there are references or personality things you guys don’t recognize, they’re probably my HC for her XD

This is one of those ones that kind of read like a fic so it’s a bit wordy!

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  • So I imagine that the gang will find their way back to Varryn’s village, before the final showdown with Rourke, and settle down there for a while.
    • They know how to get home by now.
    • They just have to do it. 
    • They spend a couple of days there and prepare and plan for the final stretch before they get home.
  • The gang is all nervous and excited. They’ve gotten this far, and they’re all confident they can make this last life or death mission, too.
    • Craig, Sean, Zahra, Aleister, and Grace all help with gathering items for weapons that the techies try to put together with the Vaanti.
    • Raj cooks up meals for their last trip.
    • Michelle and Quinn gather and pack a bunch of medicinal herbs and first aid items.
    • Estela and Jake train with a few of the Vaanti soldiers, who volunteered to help with the final battle. They teach the rest of the gang what they know when they’re not busy with their respective tasks.
    • Diego, Varyyn, and Taylor talk about the game plan and discuss with the group when everyone’s free.
  • Everyone goes off to their separate huts provided by the Vaanti,
    • Taylor and Jake sit on the rope bridge, their legs dangling over the edge as they look out over the ocean.
    • Taylor is leaning her head on Jake’s shoulder. They’re both silent, minds focused on what’s going to happen in the next few days.
    • Jake: So, Princess, what are you looking forward to when you get home?
    • Taylor: Sleeping in a normal bed. Waking up in a city filled with people and no islands or crystals or–
    • Jake: *laughing* Okay, I get it.
    • Taylor: It’s “we” by the way.
    • Jake: Hm?
    • Taylor: You said, ‘when you get home.’ We’re going home, Jake. 
    • Jake: You know I can’t go with you back to the states, Princess.
    • Taylor: Maybe not right away, but you will. Or I’ll move to Costa Rica with you.
    • And she places a kiss on his cheek. Jake smiles, finding a little hope in her words.
  • Taylor: What about you, Joker? Drinks in a hammock on the beach as usual?
    • Jake: You know it. Except there’d be a sexy girl always laying next to me.
    • He winks at her. Then his eyes wander to a Vaanti couple walking across the bridge. 
    • He notices the hut they’re heading into has plenty of those flowers they saw from before, on another Vaanti hut. He recognized the couple to be handfasted. Married.
    • Taylor: Hey, Joker, you in there? 
    • Taylor waves a hand in his face. Jake halfheartedly smiles back at her.
    • Jake: Heh. Come on, we should get some sleep.

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daario naharis was a fuckboy pure and simple he thinks he’s hot shit but he’s so typical he’s arrogant, vain, pushy, dumb, vapid, belligerent, obnoxious, etc. i mean jon snow has his faults but at least he doesn’t encourage dany’s worst instincts

for example:


vs this

Error 410 || Tom Holland x Reader (Drabble)

Requested: by MOMMA BEE!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 don’t deny it. u asked for it u have it

Warnings: ANGST, mentions of death

Notes: y’all i wrote this shit for the spiderjizz scult since i love to make them cry with my sad headcanons. i love y’all i’m having a fANtASTic BiRthdAY also everyone search error 410 on internet bye

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You and Tom talked to each other everyday. You knew everything about him and he knew everything about you. Suddenly, one day, you stop sending messages at him and he gets confused. He messages you in Skype, tumblr, instagram and every other social media you gave him. He calls you every one hour expecting you to talk to him again. 

Since you sent him your home address in case someday he decided to visit you.
He immediately buys a flight to your country/state and starts packing his clothes and bought some candies and food that you loved for you two to lay on bed and watch movies. 

He thinks, ‘Did I do something wrong? Maybe she’s mad at me because of the nicknames I give to her but she never tells me that she was bothered by them.’ 

He gets really worried for the rest of the day. He urges to call you one more time to see if you actually answer the phone but instead the mailbox sounds.

“Hey Y/N! Maybe you won’t answer this but I have a surprise for you so, yeah haha call me tomorrow morning at 10am please.” he pauses for a second. “Please. Please, answer me, Y/N.”

He hungs up, disappointed that you were ignoring his calls and messages. He was so worried about you.
He takes the flight from London to your country/state and takes a taxi when he landed. He tells the taxi driver to send him to your apartment and then he arrives.

He knocks at your apartment door, with his bag full of your favorite sweets but instead the door cracks open.
He enters the room, “Y/N? Hey, it’s me Tom! I was coming through here to…” 

He finds you laying on your bed. He thinks you’re sleeping and lets out a relieved breath until he gets closer and finds a big circle of blood in your right side and a bullet in the floor. 

He’s petrified.


That guy, I’m standing right behind him and I’m holding the frying pan. But I can’t move. He shoots you, and then he turns and looks straight at me. He’s gonna kill me. I can’t make it stop. It’s never gonna stop.