bye guise ~


dear anon,

4give this half-assed drawing (i can’t aone he’s 2 magnificent 4 this)

(this is how pre karasuno vs datekou bathroom funtime adventure should’ve gone)

Would my friends rather see: 

A (completely headcanon based and therefore likely to become entirely canon divergent) Maledictus OR an anthropomorphised (admittedly female) version of Credence’s Obscurus? 

Or I guess neither and suggest something else?

Tagging my credence friends 4 their important opinions but everyone is welcome to say smthn. @ahomeofmany @repressedmagic @obscurii @credeuce @salemiism (either I am somehow missing a lot of u guise, or I need more Credence’s to follow)


Kissing Rehearsing for the concert

since the day he met me