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I’ve gotten a handful of messages asking why people think Nami is lesbian or saying that there’s “no hint” that she might be in the series. Despite popular posts like this one by nepetaleijon and explanations on my own blog (though none recently), people are either missing these or have trouble wrapping their head around the idea. 

Nami being a lesbian IS a headcanon. But it’s not a headcanon with 0 canon support to it. She has never once expressed physical or romantic attraction to any men in the series. But she has remarked on both Kalifa and Cindry being attractive. I imagine that if Nami had remarked multiple times that she found men that they met “sexy” or “hot,” people would hold that up as near absolute proof that Nami was physically attracted to men. But when she does it to other women it doesn’t count at all? 

Nami has an incredibly close bond with Vivi and thinks of her as so strong, incredible, and inspiring (take a look at these scenes). Nami finds Kalifa sexy and Cindry pretty. She has happily gave Lola treasure as a thank you for how much zombie-Lola helped her and felt very close and fond of her after very little time together. And Nami spent a good bit of time on Punk Hazard reflecting warmly on her appreciation for and admiration of Tashigi, who reminds her so much of her mother. Is it that hard to imagine that there might be some romantic feelings for Tashigi mixed in there too as she’s thinking about her with a look like that? There are other ways of interpreting these scenes, and they are not proof that Nami is lesbian. However, in my opinion they sure as heck solid hints and her finding Kalifa and Cindry attractive is just plain out there. And if Nami is to express attraction to men in the future, wouldn’t that just make her bi or pan? If people want to ship Nami with a man or with no one at all, they’re free to do that and I won’t try to stop them. This is still a headcanon and not a fact. Just don’t try to tell me that there’s no canon reason to think of her as lesbian because the scenes above hint otherwise.

I work as a cashier and the other day I was waiting for an elderly couple to pay me - one was counting out the coins and the other the cash, and I was thinking about how so many couples I see do this routine, where one has the money to pay and the other a purse or pocket full of change, and it’s the cutest thing and basically I decided that for Genos and Saitama they would end up doing the same thing without realizing it – Genos would carry the money and Saitama would have the coupons and the poor cashier like me would be dying of how cute they are as a married couple ;;;;