bye gnight


Round 2 Game 1

“He’s an unbelievable player and he showed that tonight… He doesn’t get enough credit.” @cmcdavid97 on @Drat_29’s four-point game.


↳ hi
↳ this is 🐳🍇
↳ I was just going to sleep but I saw kookie’s channel and couldn’t pass it up
↳ In today’s chicago concert ending mention
↳ we live far away, but we will always be together
↳ (Jungkook) did his mention to me and to tell him if it’s right, while practicing he he kept asking ‘does it make sense?’
↳ so he did his speech excellently as expected. I think that if Kookie is passionate enough he can do everything well
↳ anyway, it’s great because he’s speaking english too
↳ he practiced the sentence like a hundred times (english)
↳ askin me whether that sentence makes sense or nor (english)
↳ impressive. he does everything so well (english)
↳  well bye, goodnight!
↳ gnight (english)
↳ 🌛

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Really let yourself be happy.”

This is something my new pal (and dad hi), @needlepitt said to me earlier today and idk it just stuck to me so i made this :’) 

anywho, don’t grow up too fast. if you’re young, be young don’t rush to graduate high school and go to college and whatnot, because you’ll regret it. and if you’re not as young, don’t live in the past and think about all the mistakes you made. today is happening and you need to focus on that. live your (southern mother fucking democratic republican) life.

 imma sleep now, DON’T BE A WEEB!

Since my finals are a week after next week i can’t update much but I will stream the whole heckin friday after and raffle stuff what ever u dudes do so like/reblog to enterrr i dunno how this works anymore but this is 1-4 place for fully colored digital and 4th place is mono traditional art n stuff. bye friends gnight edit: I forgot to say this is for 555 followers and thx so much ps: i was too lazy to put example art and u guys DO follow me so eh