bye creep


Oh my fuck. 😐😐😐 this douche has a complete essay tearing down women as a profile. I mean, look at this shit… Apparently he’s a fucking expert on what all women want, and how men are far superior. What a complete idiot. Then he wonders why he gets “hate mail” heh, perhaps he’s trying to become a famous douche like that Nicole Whatever. 😒😒😒😒


So it got better! He was dressed as Robin the first day of Zappcon when we recognized each other, so I feel my final response was that much more appropriate.

I do feel sorry for his girlfriend, though. Nobody deserves this brand of douchery. :/

anonymous asked:

what are a bunch of models snapchats?

ohh boy i got a FEW

sadoch (dominik sadoch aka domidick)
darwin.gray (darwin gray lmao)
hughlscott (hugh laughton scott)
lukepowell92 (luke powell)
martblu (martin conte)
stolbowsky (lucas santoni)
koszmarnykarol (carol sapinski)
jespertrip (jesper trip)
jordybaan (jordy baan)
janpurski (janoshka)
gussanches (gustavo sanches such a cutie)
fabiangrayy (fuckboy with a pretty face)
benjjarviss (benjy boy)
mihai bran (bakedbren)
mikeymogz (michael morgan)
ruben0172 (ruben pol)
robertosiposs (roberto sipos)
reecekingley (reece king)
maxvi (max von isser)
matthewbell93 (trash)
wojo2605 (wojtek czerski)
tom.94uk (tom webb)
svendevries (svenia de sven)

and thats it lmao

Just adding to some dorky Lockwood but can we just let him have this phase where he’s constantly telling Lucy and George bad ghost related puns?

Lockwood: Luce? What’s it saying?

Lucy: I… It isn’t responding.

Lockwood: *promptly faces towards Visitor* You’re dead to me.

Lucy: *face-palms* Lockwood, enough with the ghost jokes already

Lockwood: Never 

                     i don’t wanna work today, like the muse is so high ?? ;u; but bless you all for being amazing && I hope each of your days go well !! i have a management lunch meeting tomorrow, but other than that && promised time I need to spend with the mom, I should be free !! my main focus will be replies cause I’ve been hoarding those for a bit xD. i’ll also finish up the memes, or have them queued I hope. 

          Gaston && I love you, never forget <3.

yesterday i got a message from a guy who sent me friend request on facebook some time ago and it was so weird and vague. all it said was basically that i probably wonder why he’s writing and who he is but he can explain that if i want to and that message was so creepy i deleted it lmao

Lately I’ve discovered some weird pattern in situations like these. They all start with a few lines of rly dumb small talk which 99% is compliments about your looks/body, and then BAM a creepy inappropriate question like this. And this is what I noticed: they will always try to make you feel guilty for replying mad/irritated/disgusted, or try to get away with it by saying “I didn’t intend it in a creepy way, it was just a normal question in a polite tone, and look at the nice casual conversation we had before which showed I was also interested in you as a person and of coooourse I didn’t just had that conversation as a mandatory process, just so I can use that to guilt trip you to point out im a nice guy without creepy intentions so there’s really no need to react so negative". Like wtf no we both know you’re just a creep bye


Specifically THIS dog 

putting the GOLD in GOLDEN essentially 

and iDK BONES WOULD MAYBE BE A BULLDOG - I mean look at that cute lil’ grumpy face and those baby blues

and SPOCK MAYBE A WHIPPET ? lean and sleek and sort of majestic but still really powerful/fast

Okay so like the Joshaya conversation was really nice and their voices sounded amazing and their eyes were both full of tear and ahhhhhh