bye champions

For everyone who is asking what happened between Ronaldo and Torres, it will be good to clarify that Ronaldo was just acting disrespectfully like always, telling to Atleti fans to shut up after the goal, so Torres confronted him about that, like Spanish press reports. So don’t even try to say that Torres is exaggerated and has a poor reaction, he was just defending his people. Maybe Ronaldo should learn to be a REAL champion and he could just celebrate with his team and don’t provoke others. I guess that there are some things that cannot be bought.

I’m? So angry on @steveaoki and his teams’ account. Like. They have been working their butts off for this single. Steve has been mentioning it as much as he can, and his team has been using it as much as possible. So the fact that The Late Late Show is trying to use Louis’ name to promote the single (meanwhile his fans have done more than his team has for this single) is so gross. 

I want a hashtag with Louis and Steve TOGETHER, if not one for Steve alone if you’re going to make the host make one without Steve. The false idea that Louis’ fanbase is just here to blindly promote whatever he does needs to be squashed. We have continued to support this song and promotion cycle because Steve and his team have made us feel like we are being recognized and loved for the effort we put forward. 

The fact that The Late Late Show has been naive enough to think that it has been a blind following is insulting to us as fans and Steve and his team as people. I’m so angry right now.

that reminds me of this soulmate au i was considering 

where you and your soulmate share the same scars and like, as vax and percy are growing up it doesn’t matter that much. there’s some scraped knees, there’s some knicks from percy learning how to tinker and general stuff. nothing too drastic ever happens 

vax joins the clasp and the next day percy wakes up with a scarred shape of a tattoo on his back, only noticed by his sister cassandra who helps him dig through the books in the library to identify the symbol to see what he could learn about his soulmate. 

and then the briarwoods attack, and percy is tortured and vax slips into a coma, worrying the fuck out of vex’ahlia. 

percy’s hair loses all it’s color, and one wouldn’t consider it a scar- not compared to how many new scars he’s gained due his torture and escape- and it never occurs to him that it was something that could have transferred to his soulmate (not that he doesn’t already feel enough guilt over the scars that cover his back). 

not until he’s laying in a prison cell, and a dark figure sneaks in, pulling back the hood of his cloak to reveal shockingly white hair that’s still raven colored at the tips. 

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........................ if u come to sg ur getting sweet soya milk its the fucking shit i will drag myself out to meet u with GOOD CHEAP SOYA MILK


when i come to singapore, me and nana are going bar hopping at all the gay places then me nana you and dylan are going to do rlly bad karaoke

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like no offense but when i say asuka is gonna be champion forever that doesnt mean u tell me someone who “”“can”“” like i DONT CARE shes gonna be champion forever bye muted blocked reported