bye bye pretty face

Fleur & Hermione as hair braiding buddies is something very dear to my heart, okay.

who in naga’s name let me draw this


Yes this shawl is too big for me (im only 5ft and the shawl is waaaaaaay more, maybe it’s 8ft) also this is a weird face. I’m in a car. That’s a seat belt. I’m pretty sure this shawl is from mardan, so I’m kinda bias.

hey what’s up it’s been a while 🎧


The fitness magazine Dean was reading mentions mammograms on the cover three times, and healthy foods twice, once in relation to avoiding cancer. I can’t help but think we’re supposed to make the association here between cancer and the mark, especially considering all the healthy food Dean’s been eating as a preventative measure.

I think this is a very interesting association to make considering cancer is a disease characterized by the body’s own abnormal cells growing uncontrollably into tumors. Cancers are caused by environmental factors and/or genetic inheritance, but nonetheless it is still the body’s own cells that mutate and cause the disease.

Like many cancers, the mark is something that came from an outside source, but is using what is already inside Dean to proliferate. And if we’re thinking of it as a cancer, as far as I know most cancers are never completely cured, they simply go into remission. There are treatments to rid the body of the tumors, but there’s always the chance that cancer will come back in the future. 

Taking this as just another sign that Dean will be stuck with the mark for good, but with treatment, a lifetime of remission may be possible…