bye bye miss awesome


This sketch kinda escalated  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I was driving home from work today, and I must’ve been in the car for only fifteen minutes or so when I hear a loud buzzing and notice a HUGE hornet in the back of my car. I immediately roll down my two windows (i drive a tiny Civic coupe, not the kind of space you wanna share with a hornet the size of your thumb) and open my moon roof and and wait nervously  patiently for it to find it’s way out. A half an hour later it flies out through the moon roof while I’m paused at a light. Awesome! Bye bye miss! I’m glad you didn’t get angry at me, and that we had this time together!

I continue driving, and stop at the next light. I happen to look up through my moon roof just in time to see ANOTHER FRIGGEN HORNET just sail into my car like “Sup girl, what’s good??” This one is much smaller and kinda fuzzy but still a hornet so I’m just like “OH C’MON!!!!” and settle in to wait for this one find it’s way out too.

Finally I get home, looking forward to a hornet-free evening after spending my hour+ commute home with two species of them. WELL APPARENTLY MY  ADVENTURES WERE NOT OVER. I put on a pair of pajamas (freshly washed yesterday, mind you) and I stuck my hand in the pocket and felt what I thought was a pebble but NOPE GUESS WHAT

My guess is she flew into the dryer vent and got trapped there, and decided my pajama pocket was a nice place to die. Which is honestly a sad thought, I don’t hate hornets at all really, but… I’m laughing so friggen hard, what are the odds??

Well, her name is “P.J.” and she’s now part of my insect collection.


VOGUETAYLOR’S BEST BLOGS OF 2014! I don’t like using the term ‘follow forever’ because people, including me, have unfollowed blogs they’ve put on their past follow forevers. Best blogs of 2014 I think is more accurate haha. 2014 was a crazy year for the taylor fandom on tumblr. I’m so happy Taylor joined and followed our blogs and liked our posts. I’m also so happy a lot of you guys participate in selfie night and support each other by reblogging/liking other people’s selfies. You guys are all so so beautiful. I love this fandom so much. I just think it’s so special to able to be a part of this network. Well anyway, here are almost, if not all, the blogs I follow. (sorry if i miss anyone) I LOVE YOU GUYS! I got to meet a few of you guys this year which is AMAZIIING and I hope 2015 brings many more of us together! - Cin <3

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