bye bye deserts


Screenshots from BYE BYE DESERT | Turmoil #12! :D

I love this series so much! xD Honestly Grow Up and this are my favorite series Jack is uploading right now. It’s just that I love how giddy he gets when plays this game you can tell he has so much fun playing and recording it. Especially since he restarted the game I just feel like he’s having so much more fun with it now. :) 
But we’re in the final area of the game now guys and it’s gonna be fun! :D 


[15/11/16 TAO’S WEIBO] 

Song name: I’m the Sovereign, new song and MV has been released. “This…. endorsement, the real Swag… if you have… then i would like you to…. me what is the Best”, if you want to know the rest (of the lyrics) then please go listen to the song, haha. Long time no selfie, i just post randomly to make it up, hope everyone will like this song and give lots of support, thank you~ 👍❤️😘☺️


Novak Djokovic (dressed as Jackie Moon) attends the 10th Anniversary Desert Smash in California, March 4.