bye bye byeeeeee

Omg people think that fae creatures follow a human gender binary? That’s hilarious. Gender is fake, harold. Fae don’t give a shit about how you identify harold. You crushin on a fae? Surprise your gay asf.


Finished my Saizo sketch! I know he’s not the most popular FE:if character but.. he’s.. my husband so.. too bad >_>

Will be a print for Fanime, AX, Otakon etc. Hope there are other saizo fans out there TuT

zacharyquinto i never post paparazzi pics - but this one captures the joy of the amazing birthday morning family walk which lead to an incredible day full of gratitude and creativity and love. thanks for all the well wishes and celebration. i am thankful for such amazing fans and even more amazing friends. not to mention @milesmcmillan and noah and skunk… where it all begins and ends. thirty-nine never felt so good!!!

NT Moments - Just hi
  • INTP calling ENTJ on the phone after not meeting for a few days because INTP was visiting her parents.
  • INTP: Hi!
  • ENTJ: Hi.
  • INTP: Haaiiii!
  • ENTJ: *laughs* Hi. What is the purpose of your call today?
  • INTP: Just saying hi.
  • ENTJ: Oh, really... I didn't think you do that.
  • INTP: Ok, bye!
  • ENTJ: Already? Did you get back yet?
  • INTP: Yes. Last night.
  • ENTJ: Welcome back to civilization.
  • INTP: Bye!
  • ENTJ: Bye.
  • INTP: Byeeeeee!

“You have ruined my trust, you have ruined our loyalty, I’m not playing this game with you. So play chains by yourself. This is what happens when you break trust and loyalty, this right here. I’m sorry Frank but you done this to yourself."