bye bye byebye

Irish John grew up in gaeltacht district and curses @ u in gaeilge constantly but talks dirty to Sherlock in gaeilge because he’s the only english person John likes lol. Carries taytos instead of guns. Made it all the way to The Great Game, and after the pool scene immediately took Sherlock home and Gave Him The Business because, “JAYSUS WHY DID YE NA SAY ANYTHING, WE COULD HA BEEN UP TO IT THE WHOLE TIME YE MADMAN!”

Takes forever to say bye to on the phone, “byebye bye bye aye bye bye bye luv bye oh wait bye bye bye”

“not only do time lords have 2 hearts, but they also have 4 buttholes and they are arranged like the barrel of an M202-FLASH rocket launcher. i’m going to turn into a woman now so uhhh….byebye!! bye!!!!………bye!”

- the 12th doctor, in their final moments.

i just love how in that sneak peek how after the dagger falls to the ground, killian is deadly still 

snow is being basically held up by charming and regina’s stomping around and killian is just tense and quiet in the background

and even when the camera’s not on him, you know he’s so heartbroken—he’s just been told he’s loved by the woman he loves and now she’s gone. and all he’s left with is shock and anger and determination and so much raw pain because everyone who loves him leaves 

he’d follow her to the end of the earth but she has gone where he cannot easily follow and it breaks him