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Hey, just wondering, is there a list somewhere of episodes with Jackie/Hyde moments? Even just small subtle moments. Especially during s4, cause that was kinda sparse with J/H moments. I love the show, but sometimes I just wanna watch it for them. Thanks!

Hello there!

There are tons of JH moments throughout the show as far as I’m concerned, but I also go in for what @those70scomics​ calls “micro zen”, meaning things as small as left-of-center focus eye contact at a specific moments–like in this scene for instance. Those may not be what you’re interested in, but I like them because I think it shows the level of attention DM and MK paid to their characters that went above and beyond what was explicitly in the script. (I went into my reasoning on that in a little more detail here.)

As for a complete list of JH moments, I can’t think of one off the top of my head though I’m sure it’s out there. For the sake of brevity, I’ll focus on my favorite JH moments that occurred after Jackie Bags Hyde and before Going to California:

1. Jackie, Hyde, and Kelso compete with each other for tickets to see Led Zeppelin in Fez Gets the Girl (which, btw, is one of my favorite episodes for this reason.) 

2. In Dine and Dash, Hyde eases Jackie’s conscience about being a thief.

3. In Donna’s Panties, Hyde reminds Kelso that the hurt he feels over Laurie cheating on him is exactly the hurt he put Jackie through when he cheated on her.

4. Oh, The Trials of Michael Kelso. I could write tomes

5. Eric’s Naughty No-No, a.k.a., the episode in which Hyde makes good on his promise in Kiss of Death to help Kelso tell Jackie about all the stupid shit he’s done over the years

6. Fez Dates Donna, a.k.a., the episode in which Hyde tries to break Jackie and Kelso up. 

7. The Promise Ring, when Hyde has to watch Kelso give Jackie her promise ring. (Also, one of my favorite examples of Jackie looking to Hyde when Kelso does something stupid.) 

8. Eric’s Depression, a.k.a. the reemergence of protective Hyde.

9. I love Bye-Bye Basement because it solidifies the easy, low-key friendship JH seem to have developed. When Jackie burns Eric, it’s Hyde she looks to for approval, not Kelso–and Hyde gives it to her. And later when Hyde beats Kelso to the punch of his own nutcracker joke, Jackie laughs along at Kelso’s expense (which btw is something that used to whip her into an indignant lather, such as in Water Tower).

10. Donna’s Story, a.k.a., the episode in which Hyde tattles on Kelso for ripping Jackie off. 

11. Jackie Says Cheese–need I say more?

12. Tornado Prom, for both JH and JHK stuff. (You don’t know how much I adore Kelso and Hyde teaming up against Jackie, and then running away from her like love sick little five year olds who just threw a bucket of frogs at the girl they have a crush on. Seriously. I LIVE for JHK.)

13. Class Picture–JH and yearbooks. It’s a thing

14. Hyde’s Birthday–NEED I SAY MORE?

15. That 70s Musical, in which I have some thoughts about staging

16. Love Wisconsin Style, in which Hyde reacts to Jackie and Kelso getting back together by stuffing dead fish in Kelso’s hubcaps. 

17. BONUS–my theory on JH in-universe during that time.

Goddamn, that got long. 


Not sure if anyone has ever pointed this out but have you noticed that the first meal that we see Hyde eat with the Formans when he moves in with them (In The Good Son) is breakfast where Kitty’s made waffles for the family.

Then in ‘Bye, Bye Basement’ Hyde reveals that he’s moved back into the basement after Bud ‘got transferred’ and left town. He shares this with Red and Kitty when comes up to join the two of them and Eric for breakfast. Breakfast that is, you guessed it, waffles!

Now this could very well be just a coincidence or maybe there was something a little more.

Maybe Kitty had a feeling that Hyde was staying in the basement and sort of lured him out by making waffles, the first breakfast food she made for him as a member of The Forman household (and family). Like she was sort of letting him know it was okay and he was still a welcomed part of their home.

Or maybe it was Hyde. Maybe he’s never been able to turn down a serving of Kitty’s waffles since he had them that morning after moving in.

Looking at these two scenes it seems like waffles are a comfort food to Hyde.A food that remind him of home, a real home, with The Forman Family.

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