bye babes

new theory
every morning only a fourth of Slytherins go to breakfast
people think it’s an entitlement thing
“OF COURSE the Slytherins are in bed,” they say, “too good to wake up with the rest of us”
in reality we’re all either hung-over or just fell asleep an hour ago
we either work all night (copying homework and cramming informative essays) with a couple upperclassmen leading study groups or we join our house in the shadowy, cool common room gulping strong liquids from family goblets in rebellion or laughing gaily with pipes in our hands, watching the silvery giant squid hunt in the dark waters of the black lake
Slytherins come alive at night
we thrive with the strange creatures under the water
no one ever notices, partly because no one ever cares what the Slytherins are up to, and partly because we’re smart enough to cover our asses with protective spells and enchantments layered on the thick stone walls

there’s a reason no other house has the bond that Slytherins do
we understand each other
we’re a different breed entirely
we know how to accept hatred and mistrust
we know how to stick together and carry on