bye babes


 Word Count:1048

Warnings:Language,and mention of Smut


You typed on your computer looking for the latest research on the Tulpa you and the Winchesters were currently hunting. Dean walked into the library causing you and Sam too look up.

He was walking with the keys dangling in his hand. He threw them at you and you caught them giving him a confused look. It had taken you almost a whole year to convince Dean to let you drive the Impala once, and that was backing out of the garage. You asked Dean about 3 days ago because you guys were running out of food and he already said yes.

You gripped the keys tightly in your hand and stood up. “Bye babe, I’ll be back soon.” You waved to Sam as you left for the store, and this may take a while because they don’t sell pie there so you would have to go to the store in the next town over just for some damn pie.

After you left the bunker Sam looked at Dean suspiciously and opened his mouth then closed it again. Dean rushed over to your laptop and quickly turned it on. “Um, what are you doing.” Sam asked, looking at his brother. “Seeing if Y/n left her computer unlocked…. which she did.” He said smiling and picking it up.   “Yeah, Dean you can’t just do that, wheres your laptop?” Sam said getting up and walking towards his brother. “Mines broken.” He simply stated walking down the hall and going to the search bar. Sam guessed he was looking up some type of porn.

Dean suddenly stopped in the midst of his tracks and smiled. “Have you ever seen Y/n’s search history.” This caught Sam’s attention and he looked up. “No Dean I haven’t, and I don’t want to.” Sam said getting up once again and walking towards his brother.

“Really because this chick watches a lot of porn.” He said emphasizing ‘A Lot’. Sam grabbed the computer from Dean, shut it then walked back over to his laptop with yours in hand.

Dean sulked away to his room, without a laptop… So him and his horny self would have to wait. Sam sat the computer down next to him, the screen still bright with Google wide open. He kept looking down at it but then looking up again. It was eating him away to look at it. He finally got up with your computer and went into his room. He hid it under his bookshelf then walked back to the Library.

He heard the rumble of the Impala and a door shut. Then you walked in with grocery bags in hand. Sam walked up to you and grabbed some bags and walked with you to the kitchen. “There are some more in the car.” You said. Sam nodded and walked back out to the car and came back with the rest of the groceries.

When he came back you were already almost done putting everything back when Dean waltzed into the kitchen heading straight for the pie. You chuckled and Sam put the pie on the highest shelf before he could reach it.

“Seriously dude what the hell.” He said standing on his tippy toes. “Dean, its 5 o'clock just wait until after dinner.” Sam said getting out the hamburger meat you had bought. “God, your such a dad.” You said walking back out into the Library.

You paused for a moment looking around for your laptop. “Um guys, where is my laptop?” You asked. In the kitchen Dean looked at Sam and he shook his head. They could have a whole conversation without actually speaking to one another.

You walked back into the kitchen. “Guys, I almost had the information we needed on that Tulpa, please help me look.” Reluctantly the boys helped you look but you came up short.

“Okay, fine. I’ll find it later, I’m gonna go shower.” You said walking to your and Sam’s bathroom.

Once they heard the door shut Dean immediately started talking. “Where did you put the computer.” Sam started walking away and into the kitchen to start dinner. “Sam!” Dean said more sternly.  "Its under our bookshelf, I’m gonna give it back to her tomorrow.“ Sam said innocently, going back to browning the meat.

"Oh really, how do you plan on doing that.. Seeing as how you two share a friggen’ room.”  Dean said in a hushed yell. “I’m going to wait till shes asleep then I’m going to go through it, then I guess tomorrow I’ll pretend to find it” Sam stated nonchalantly. “Dude, you’re unbelievable.” Dean said grabbing a beer out of the fridge. Sam just stared at him, as if saying 'You literally told me too.’

Dean chuckled “Besides, when do you even listen to me anyway.” Sam now ignored him and continued cooking.

After dinner Sam took a shower and you still looked for you computer. When you  couldn’t find it you settled into bed and waited for Sam.

When Sam finally came out he started changing and you couldn’t help but try to look. He walked back into the room wearing sweats and no shirt. You weren’t complaining it was an awesome sight.He got into bed and laid down next to you. Within minutes you were asleep and tangled up with Sam.

Sam carefully got up out of bed and went to retrieve your laptop from under the bookshelf and turned it on. Suddenly realization hit him. 1) What was a relationship if you didn’t have trust and 2) He didn’t have your password and it wasn’t worth hacking.

He shut the laptop and quietly brought it out to the living room hiding it under papers and going back into your guys’ room where you were still sound asleep. He got back into bed with you and you pulled him closer. You mumbled something which startled Sam, especially because you said “Thank you for not doing that.” Sam looked down at you in his arms. “What?” He asked. You murmured again. “I saw it when I went to shower, but I wanted to see what you were going to do with it.” You half smiled, but you were on the verge of falling asleep.

Sam kissed your forehead “Goodnight babe.” was the last thing you heard before drifting to sleep.