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I……. Actually kinda wish I didn’t wake up this morning so I wouldn’t have to see these replies.

@un-desir-able congrats on being the 100000th white woman I had to explain this too. Maybe tumblr had that confetti effect for a reason. 

1. When we say “white feminism” we’re not talk about a feminist who happens to be a white woman. We’re talking about a white woman who claims she’s a feminist, yet she excludes woc and trans women. If you’re a white woman and you include those groups within your feminism, then the term “white feminist” doesn’t apply to you. You’re just a….. regular feminist who fights for the rights of ALL women. It’s not that hard to understand. 

2. “I’m white as hell and I care about every single race and gender”, no you don’t. Because if you cared you would have read the post, understood, and moved tf on. Instead, you felt the need to put in your 2 cents as a tactic to cover your own ass and disregard everything I said. You don’t care about woc, you care about yourself and your own reputation as white woman. If you don’t wanna be associated with these white racists then…. don’t be a white racist. 

3. “Don’t ya’ll get that saying “white feminism” is the exact same as saying all black girls are ghetto??? Or that all Muslims are terrorist???” 

Haha ummm……. not even a little close……….. No. 

Please do not compare being called a “white feminist” to something poc are literally MURDERED over. Sis, you are not going to get killed by a police officer for being called a white feminist, you are not going to get killed by some crazy neo-nazi KKK freak for being called a “white feminist”. The least you will get is a little critique from a lady like me. Sit down, and stop comparing apples to oranges. 

A lot of white girls in my ask have been asking me “what can I do to be a good ally?” well, don’t be like this girl. 

Listen to us, let us educate you, don’t step on us in order to make yourself feel right, don’t make it about you. When a woc makes a post like this, you need to listen. But if you feel the need to put in your 2 cents, feel free. After all this is America and you can say whatever tf you want. But don’t be all surprised when a woc retaliates with some juicy ass receipts. 


The closer we get to the end of this journey the more the contradictions will accumulate, confusing issues we once thought were clear. I suppose the good news is that’s how we’ll know we’re finally getting somewhere interesting.