bye ;(

Markus “uses 1000 emojis when texting” Velafi

Ashe “still uses XD unironically”

Gregor “never replies so you think he’s dead” Hartway

Thog “always sounds super pissed off when texting you but really isn’t”

Kyr “how the fuck does your phone even work its falling apart dude” Fiore

Inien “leaves her read receipts on so you know she saw them but is purposely ignoring you”

anonymous asked:

no offense but Taylor Swift latest song is so bad, and the previous one too. I mean the lyrics are just... dumb, I seriously don't understand her shit. Like, girl, have a little respect for your self, not everything's about the D (i said no offense)

Hey here’s some advice for you:

(1) If you think all the lyrics to Gorgeous are dumb, you have (a) not listened to the song or (b) are lying to yourself.

(2) That slut shaming is so 2013, and we don’t wanna do that am I right? 🙃

(3) If you don’t like or understand her [awesome] shit, don’t listen to it! Problem solved!

Sending you love! 💕

10 facts

I was tagged by @rennalemma and @pasteljohnlennon <333 thank you darlings♡♡♡

10 facts about me here I go~~

1. I don’t have any idea for this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  what should I talk??? I’m not good at talking about myself.

2. oh, I pre-ordered “the news of the world” 40th anniversary edition on amazon. it’s more expensive than I expected :o but it’s okay :))) it will be great♡♡

3. oh, and I watched lady gaga’s documentary movie on netflix. I cried so hard. I really love her. she’s real star.

4. umm I want to draw in other new style :/ but I don’t know how.

5. I love my bob cut now<333

6. someday, I want to have a cat and name her Delilah.

7. I love rain. I love listening to the sound of rain :)

8. I can’t speak/write English well, so please give me a break😂🤚💦 I can’t even speak my first language decently tho😝 can I speak with only my soul?????? what’s language???????

9. I’m obsessed with lemon tea. I’ve always drunk it while I’m drawing ;)))

10. as usual I’m singing while driving. in these days I’m like “ ROLL UUUUUUUUUPUPPjegrj;grhsg!!!!!!!!!!! roll up for the mystery tour klgjklwehewgklge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“