After Papyrus, felt like drawing some Gasters in fun outfits. In the mood for some void dad.  

I’m still figuring out how I want to interpret him. Like I like him classy and composed, but I also want at least a little sense of humor in there. I picture him MST3K-ing by himself over all the timelines as he watches from beyond the code. Like, 60% cryptic and terrifying, 35% science puns, and 5% the kind of person who would make a lot of vines, if he were corporeal. Haha, I know it’s dumb, but I like silly “hey son watch me do a sick backflip into the Core” Gasters a lot more than I ought to. :V

But what would be his fashion style…? If only there existed a real person, or two, that were super cool and distinguished but also giant nerdy dorks.


Excuse me while i cry for a year or two


A birthday present for my friend!! Happy birthday Emilie :D

also labelled two criminal aromantic ace/pan dimension hopping old geniuses with estranged family’s cause trouble for everyone