Look At This Bread

Tumblr is about bread.

Mary Colby Bakes (@marycolbybakes)

is baking through the classic recipes of Mary Berry.

Is that hand buried inside the loaf? Is this a bread glove? Yes, probably.

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Brad Rohloff (@brohloff)

is an artist whose name sounds like “Bread Roll Off.”

Look at this real physical patch he made:

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Sourdough Bake Off (@sourdoughbakeoff)

is a bread nerd who takes great photos of their lil’ bread children.

This little guy looks like he’s going to skitter away like a crab!

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Marty Lopez (@martylopez)

is a bread obsessed professor. Say that ten times fast!

Now whisper it to this challah:

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Video Game Bread (@videogamebread)

is a mysterious blog that posted progress GIFs of an in-development game about making sandwiches and now posts nothing. Will it ever return?

No idea, but look:

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based off of this awful horrible painful beautiful pic of calum working out

ok but Calum being home from tour and he’s super jet lagged and his sleeping is all off and he’s been waking up at like 4am every day and he’s just so tired of being tired and he’s bored so he gets out of bed carefully trying not to wake you and he goes into the garage to workout because he has nothing better to do and maybe working out a little will help tire him out enough to sleep until the usual time he’s supposed to wake up and he has music playing quietly from his portable speakers so he doesn’t wake you up inside the house and you end up waking up because your body subconsciously knows he left the bed and now that he’s back from tour you hate having to sleep without him so you wonder where he’s gone but then you notice that his nikes he usually keeps by his dresser are missing so you sleepily get out of bed and wrap a blanket around your shoulders and trudge out to the garage in your skimpy bed shorts and oversized t-shirt and no shoes and the concrete is cold against your feet but you see Calum working out, working on a shoulder press, his gaze focused on the wall in front of him and sweat trailing down his temple as his favorite workout song plays through the speakers. he’d hear the door into the garage open though and his eyes would flicker to see you rubbing your eyes and yawning before sitting down on the steps, keeping your blanket wrapped tight around your shoulders. he’d stop his movement, his bicep and shoulder aching, before pausing his music and walking over to you, standing with his hands on his hips. “what’re you doing up?” he’d ask concernedly, cocking his head to the side while you stifled another yawn, shrugging your shoulders. “couldn’t sleep without you,” you’d reply, nodding your head toward his workout equipment. “go workout more, it’s hot,” you’d tease, earning an eye roll from him. “no, we’re going back to bed,” he’d say gently, care in his voice as he helped you stand up, his hand on your back as he guided you back to bed before kissing your forehead, saying he was going to jump in the shower, and by the time he was all clean he saw you fast asleep in bed, the covers pulled up to your chin and he’d join you even though he still wasn’t tired, letting your body curl toward his in search for comfort of the boy you were so in love with.


THE TEAM SO FAR on my Pokémon Naturia adventure, we just beat the Violet gym (well Dandelion did, single handedly in fact) 

I think I am going to pause any leveling up with Daisy, because no matter what I evolve him into, he is going to miss out on loads of moves if I keep levelling him up as is. Anyway, I am feeling a Vaporeon, and I think you can get the evolution stones in Ecruteak in this hack, so it’s not tooo much of a wait 

Drawing manga characters in a semi-realistic style while making them look like themselves is still Really Hard but hey. I’ll probably draw Kurogane again without it being like. Generic bg-less portrait.

On a different note, I’ve opened my commissions: clicky here for info

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