Jupiter Jone’s Agency: Character Development and Non-Violent Strength

I’ve wanted to write this as a full-fledged meta for quite a while and having just re-watched the film recently, now seems like a good time. 

LOTS of people have already commented on wether Jupiter Jones is a “strong” character or a “Mary Sue” or somehow “detrimental” to women’s attempts at positive representation in film. This is my own take on the issue, which can basically be summed up in two main statements: 

Jupiter Jones has a great deal of character development throughout the film. 

Jupiter Jones prizes violence only when it’s to defend herself or others. 

As I move through Jupiter Ascending, I want to focus in on these two points, as well as point out the numerous places where Jupiter demonstrates agency. I honestly believe that Jupiter appears “weak” to many viewers because she represents a type of female strength we’re not used to seeing on the big screen.  

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