A collection of illustrations by Charis Tsevis, visual designer of Greek origin, based in Athens. He serves global clients including Toyota, IKEA, Best Buys, TIME, Fortune, WIRED, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and many more. 

  1. BIG ISSUE (UK): A Big Home for Big Santa
    Big Issue is a magazine that helps homeless people around the world to get some sort of income.
    This holiday season the editors of the UK edition asked me to create a Big Santa made out of hundreds of photos of these sellers from the streets of London. 
  2. TRANSAERO (Russia): Warren Buffett
    A mosaic portrait of Warren Buffett for the inflight magazine of Transaero Airlines made out of parts of the Dollar bill.
  3. LEADER’S EDGE (USA): The Dogs of Cyber War.
    A mosaic illustration for the cover of Leader’s Edge, the magazine of the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers. The subject is Cyber Terrorism and the ongoing war on the internet.
  4. ARISE (South Africa): Hey, Big Spender!
    Mosaic illustration of an African girl made out of luxurious brand logos. Created for an article about the new wave of consumerism on the African continent.
    Two portraits of the two presidential candidates created during the weeks of the Republican and the Democratic Convention for the HUFFINGTON magazine. Photos of the key people for their presidencies (according to the editors of the magazine) have been used to create the portrait. 


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