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Derek watched with narrowed eyes. Everyone in the room knew what was happening and instead left him alone - angry Derek Morgan wasn’t someone to mess with, especially jealous Derek Morgan. 

No one knew who the guy was except you. To you, though, the guy was nothing more than a dear friend you’d known since you were a kid. But did Derek know that? Nope, and when you heard a sickening crack from a few feet away you wished you had at least showed him a damn picture.

“Shit! Derek, what the hell?” You rushed over to your boyfriend’s side, snatching his wrist away from the wall and inspecting his knuckles. The skin had split instantly upon contact and the cuts were starting to bruise. “God, Derek, why would you punch the wall? Wait, no, first - alcohol. And bandages. Seriously, what were you thinking?”

“That you two were getting a little too comfortable with one another,” he ground out and you glanced over at your friend, who sent you a wave and then was off, seeing it wasn’t really the time to stick around.

“Who? Him? He’s just a friend - and he’s married! Wait, are you…jealous?” Your voice took on a teasing tone and he tensed up the slightest. You were a profiler as well and could easily see he was; you just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “The mighty Derek Morgan - jealous! I never thought I’d se - hey!” 

He was dragging you off to one of the empty conference rooms, chest heaving and as soon as the door slammed shut, he was on you. His lips crushed against yours and he was sliding your jacket off. If this is what the outcome was each time he got jealous…well, you certainly weren’t going to complain.

How I Met Your Mother; Moriarty x Reader

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Anon- Could you puuuurrty please do a oneshot based on the song That Don’t Sound Like You by Lee Brice? :) I don’t care which character xD I just think it would make a really cool story line! btw love your blog! —XO

the-doctor-stuck-5-seconds-back- Hi, I’ve requested before and loved it. Now I was wondering if I could request again? A Moriarty x reader, with the reader being a former dancer and wife to Moriarty. Could it also have reader telling their son Dean how they met? Thank you!

Anon-Hello! If you’re still taking requests, could you do one where the reader and Jim were best friends as kids, but then the reader moves away and they loose contact. Years later, Jim sees the reader again but he finds out that she’s friends with Sherlock and John, and that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. But Jim won’t give up and tries to get her back.

I hopefully tied this requests in correctly! I hope you enjoy!

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Siblings on the Run; Sherlock x Sister!Reader

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Anon- Could you do a Sherlock one shot of being the youngest Holmes sister and Moriarty threatening her life and her brothers becoming overprotective and trying to send her away, but she refuses to leave them?

queen-of-ravenclaw- Could u do a Sherlock x sister!Reader where you’re out figuring out a crime and you get hurt and Sherlock gets really worried and won’t stop till he find you

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