The Byam Shaw Summer Show 2016 Invite

Inviting tumblr to our first summer show! Representing 4 amazing artists in London. It will be a fantastic long weekend exhibition.

Byam Shaw Facebook Invite:


Inviting tumblr to Our First London Exhibition

I am honoured to be able to invite you all to our first Summer Exhibition. 40 paintings will be on display - a great bank holiday weekend.

my partner, Elizabeth Byam Shaw, myself and the rest of our team look forward to seeing you and are thrilled to be supporting the work of 4 emerging artists:

Rose Arbuthnott

Kerr Ashmore

Arthur Laidlaw

Paul West

The exhibition runs from the 30th July - 2nd August 2016, we are open every day from 9am - 9pm. 

The Old Brompton Gallery 

238 Old Brompton Road, Kensington, London. SW5 0DE

Guinevere. Alfred Lord Tennyson. Illustrated by Byam Shaw. London: T.C. & E.C. Jack, 1906.

QUEEN GUINEVERE had fled the court, and sat 
There in the holy house at Almesbury
Weeping, none with her save a little maid, 
A novice: one low light betwixt them burn'd 
Blurred by the creeping mist, for all abroad, 
Beneath a moon unseen albeit at full, 
The white mist, like a face-cloth to the face,
Clung to the dead earth, and the land was still.


We are recommended by Harpers Bazaar!

Over the moon to see our first summer show featured. It is a tribute to the hard work put towards this exhibition and the talented artists we represent.

Come visit the show next weekend and see what the great emerging artists have to offer - Old Brompton Gallery, Kensington, London SW5 0DE

Curated By Frederick Ardley and Elizabeth Byam Shaw

Byam Shaw’s illustration for Poe’s William Wilson in ‘Selected Tales of Mystery’ (London : Sidgwick & Jackson, 1909) on the frontispiece with caption ‘A masquerade in the palazzo of the Neapolitan Duke Di Broglio.’

“It was at Rome, during the Carnival of 18 – , that I attended a masquerade in the palazzo of the Neapolitan Duke Di Broglio. I had indulged more freely than usual in the excesses of the wine-table; and now the suffocating atmosphere of the crowded rooms irritated me beyond endurance.”