[ARSENAL] Byakkoshinken.

In episode 14, Yufang’s fiancé Xiao Qiao was seen with the legendary sabre Byakkoshinken (白虎真剣; White tiger true sword). Yufang plunged the sword’s blade into a rock at a temple. Only the rightful owner could remove it.

A young boy named Kou turned out to be the sixth Dairanger - Kiba Ranger. Once he pulled the Byakkoshinken out of the rock in episode 17, he became Kiba Ranger.

Byakkoshinken’s nickname was “Byakko”. Unlike the other Dai weapons, he was alive and could speak. Until Kou revealed his true identity to the other Dairanger, Byakko spoke for Kou in battle.

Kou’s mother had to perform a ritual to cleanse Kou of his Gorma heritage. To do so, she needed the Byakkoshinken. Shadam captured the sword, and Kaku made a deal to retrieve it.

After she combined her ring with Byakko in episode 44, Kou’s mother purified her son of all evil.

While piloting Won Tiger, Kiba Ranger placed Byakko in a special slot on the dashboard.

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