Callin' dis da QQQQQQQQuestion Game :D

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^ please check her out! her name is Janice & she’s super pretty and sweet and nice & down-to-earth TRUSTTT. ;)


Rule 1: Post the rules!!!!!!! 

Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger asked you, then make 11 new ones!!!!!

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Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them!!!!

(so sorry about the exclamation marks HEHE you can tell im pumped fo’ dis SON!!!!!!) 

Questions I was asked hehe you’re honestly so nice fo’ da tag bro: 


1) What’s your favorite drink?

HMMM, da heck???! it took me so long to think of this tbh hahah (i had to actually google ‘beverages’ after a while omg o.o talk about FUNKAY) i have no idea why…my mind is like blank right now for some reason :/ but yeah i’d say if i had to pick a soda, coca-cola ^-^ but other than than IM SUPPER IN LOVE WITH SMOOTHIES YO!! More specifically ice lattes and mochas you know what im on about…they aint really smoothies but i fit them into the same category anyway :/ id actually pick a smoothie or icee over cola tbh! but it depends on my mood ^^’ oh, and im really insane about mango smoothies and milkshakes!! <3


2) Dog or cat?

I don’t have any pets but if you’re asking which one I prefer Janice hah, I TOTES PREFER KITTY CATS WOOO~! Mano billies ftw man, I’m even wearing a bracelet with a cat on it right now haha : )

3) Favorite cartoon character.

O MAN THIS IS HARD!!!! Every question is hard for me LOL…uhh…I like Johnny Test and all of the Rugrats characters tbh, also all the Teen Titans characters, but i really like Beast Boy because he’s soo funny!!! XD oh & phineas and ferb!!! &….the simpsons….omg i cant choose LOL

4) Weirdest dream you could remember.

My cousins and I were gathered around our 'aunts’’ graves…..i was so confused LOL because in my dream a scene was showed of our 'aunts’ underground and they were cartoon version but like we were real??? and the setting was supposed to be scary for some reason and our aunts were talking on the phone (in the grave?????WTH LOL) and they were like “omg did you hear that sound!?!?!” “what sound/!!” and my cousins and i were talking and something scary was coming so we all rushed and trampled into the scooby dooby doo van  or safety LOOOOL don’t ask broski

5) What is one achievement you have completed this week? 

Tbh i don’t consider anything I do an achievement because i could be better, but I’m kind’ve happy with myself that i made this “progress schedule” thing. =) Don’t ask what it’s for otherwise you’ll think im even more lame than i already am HAHAA

^ that’s for me sadly :( haha

6) What is your favorite movie? 

AHHH, i seriously can’t have a favorite anything haha. :’/ When I was really into bollywood movies I loved Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Vivah, bascially all of sallu bhai’s movies (esp Kyon Ki and Lucky), Veer Zara, Kal Ho Naa Ho, K3G, and supper suuuuper Raaz 2 only because it’s a tradition for me to watch that movie with my cuz whenever I see her AHAH we make fun of it so much X’D I’m not really into english movies but i basically loved every disney channel movie including HSM, Starstruck, Let it Shine….etc. as for Japanese movies I loved Koizora!!! I’m sure there’s more I just can’t think OTL sorry! just a taste of some of my interests! 

^ i seriously can’t believe i own that picture LOOOOL

7) Biggest fear. 

Losing every single one of my friends, losing the strength to live, and losing my faith. I also want to include that i am TERRIFIED of heights…esp like when you visit those special attraction places/skyscrapers/buildings and then they invite you to stand on that see-through glass floor place where you can see everything below :O …that…is just….mad. 


((((long link i apologize my SUGARRRRRy biscuits ^^;;))))

8) Dream profession. 

I’ve always had 3: rainforest explorer, rapper, or WARRIOR. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!!

Tbh I’m really diggin’ rapper…..

& im also really interested in drawing/painting/writing, also stuff to do with dreaming/subconscious….but i don’t wanna be labeled as a psychologist as silly as that sounds LOL i dont really wanna do psychology i just dig it? Ya understand? ;)

OR OMG A ROCKER!!! like a drummer in a rock band or summin XD

I really like Uverworld & OOR :D

^ like that would be super coool to be!!!

9) Favorite song(?) from your favorite band. (haha i assumed thats what you meant right ^^’ i dont refer to them as my sons LOL)

I have 3 favorite bands…oops again LOL

Uverworld - Core Pride (the lyrics are amazing!)

OOR - Convincing (or Let’s Take it Someday, or Jibun Rock, basically everything haha Taka is awesome)

BEAST - How To Love (IN. LOVE.)

10) What is your favorite piece of clothing this month?

I like this new shirt that I bought and it says FRESH on it. :D It’s white & green (WOO PAKISTAN ZINDABAD LOOOL FRESHIE MUCH) and I’m saving it for the first day of school! I’m also obsessed with wearing my black cardigan errywhere i go yo. : )

WOOO!!! DONE!!! I feel like I’ve actually finished something for once AHAHA (I still haven’t finished the last ep of SUFBB or the last few of shinee’s hello bb and it has been like years for the latter smh XD I DONT WANNA SEE THE GOODBYE SESSION BTWN YOOGEUN AND THEM!!)

Anyway, sorry for chit-chatting so much!!!! I just like to really talk to myself in my posts cuz I’m kind’ve a loner so…LOL :/

Here are my questions for all of you lovelies!! Sorry if I don’t tag you, feel free to tag yourself and answer them if you like cuz i love you all!:

1) Favorite saying(s)/quote(s)…haha even if it was said by yourself. XD

2) Favorite songs(s).

3) Thoughts on religion, or what is your religion if you have one?

4) Something or someone that makes you REALLLY happy no matter what, especially when you’re in a bad mood and it/they can cheer you up.

5) If you could be with anyone right now, who would it be?

6) If a random stranger on the street asked to grab lunch with you, or coffee, what would you say?

7) How close are you to your family? Do you wish you were closer?

8) What is your favorite thing about other people? It could be a personality trait, physical trait, human nature thing, etc.

9) Are you a person who usually sees the glass half empty or half full?

10) Where would your dream holiday be?

11) Are you a dreamer or a realist? 

OH MAN I WANT TO ASK MORE QUESTIONS!!!! :’( Hahah sorry if they’re so weird….don’t answer them if yoou don’t want to XD

Those I have tagged are fo'sho in MA TAGZ!!! :D <3 love you all!!! even if i didnt tag you! TAG YOURSELF FOR ME. =) 

yuyoungjaes asked:

ahh hello there~ I hope I don't sound awkward or anything but I've been following you for less than 5 minutes and I'm already in love with your blog. *^*

omfg dsajkfnajkj. I’m sorry! i didn’t see this message before D:

but thank you! it really means a lot ♥


OMG JENCOO~~~~~~KIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.< 

Thanks for being the beautiful you because you’ve always been so lovely to me and you’ve always been just so, so adorable. Take care of yourself because you’re a gorgeous person inside and out so you need to and I’m sorry if its valid for you to take a bit out of me right now and I say that I taste like pepperjack or mozerella cheese or whatever FLOATS your BOAT okay but ugh, I can’t help myself because because this is obviously a run-on sentence yeah but you just make me feel so happy and I’ve known you for AGESS now……I’m like, attached ahaha. AW MAN NOW I SOUND CREEPYYYYYY T.T

You always know how to cheer me up and you even play along with my stupid scenarios AHAHAHAHAHA REMEMBER THE PARTY AT DA MANSION, omg, that was FANTABULOUS!!!! UGH, JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!! (like you ORZ hahaha ♥)

& you’ve been so sweet…….~ I wonder how you’re doing? Don’t stress out over stupid stuff okay because I’ve always got your back!!! ^__^ Take it eassssssssssssYYYYYY :D

& you know, this is our song so………WAHHHHHH COME AT ME EVERYONE

LOOOOOOOL, I AM SUCH A DORK!!! I’m in tenth grade now and I still can’t over hannah montana….ughhh…….its getting bad you know…….like I used to hate her and then all of a sudden BOOM BOOM BOOM EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Okay so enough of me, BACK TO YOUUUUUUU ahahah XD

I can’t handle your cheesy jokes okay, I just can’t. You’re hilarious and your fangirling gets me giggling all the time (ewwww now i sounds like a grandma AAHAHAHAHAH)

and everything you write always makes me laugh, no joke. this is probably getting over-done and repetitive with the “Thank you"s and I know its kinda cringe-worthy because the more often I use it, it loses its meaning but I’ll just say a nice big one with a ribbon on top (OMG HERE,r:11,s:24,i:194&biw=1366&bih=677 LOOOOL, THE LINK IS HUGGEEE!! look inside for your froglocker passcode so you can complete your quests :O even tho you’re already a cherrylemon so you technically don’t have to OMG IM RAMBLINGGG but you know its fun and me and you and Kendra are adventurous girls so WACHAAA! GO BANANAS!!! :D)

Thank you, sorry, and I love you. ♥

I also miss you so much right now because we haven’t talked in a while but it feels like ages. T.T

I really hope you’re doing fine and having fun because you berry berry much need to smile and you’re super pretty so you need to go out and have fun and show everyone how swaggalicious you are because THATS HOW YOU DO,

omg you’re gonna be like "WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH MEEEE?!?!" 

You’re amazing. My love for you will be here always. & chyeah, Kendra & I are ALWAYSSS there for you. BOOMPACHIKINBOOM, BOOM PACHIKIN LOOOOOOVEEEEEE hahahhahah ~~~~ 

I hope you enjoy!!!!! 


Take care and be yourself. ;o;

Like the gorgeous you that you are.

I tried to pour all my heart into here BUT IT DIDN’T ALL COME OUT!!! WAHHH!!!!









you both are my daebakiest sistas ;O;

Okay I’ll stop now.


I love you. ♥

xoxo :)