Intersecting Skies AU (Part 2)

@caiahat​ requested for some Trinisette Skies bonding. -bricked- I’m sorry I took your prompt and flipped it all around. I hope you still like it. -bricked- 

It was by chance that the three of them met. A quirk of fate, a turn left, or perhaps simply the nature of the Trinisette’s magnetism.

Yuni had followed Reborn to Japan; the weight of the Vongola Ring heavy on her finger. She still didn’t know to make of her new position. Her mother was so angry, her new Guardians couldn’t look her in the eye and everyone else looked at her with degrees of pity. She sat on the bench that Reborn to told her to wait at, legs kicking and feeling small.

Young she may be, but stupid she was not. Yuni knew full well that no one could look at her without seeing Aunt Luce in her place. A replacement was all she would ever be.

“It’s not fair,” Yuni whispered to herself, biting back the frustrating tears threatening to fall.

A sparkle of orange caught her eyes. Yuni’s head snapped left, catching sight of a white haired teen with an orange pacifier around his neck. Before she realized what she was doing, Yuni was already off, following after him.

(Later, much later, when Reborn was scolding her for running off, Yuni couldn’t explain why she had done so, only that she had to.)


Visions were annoying.

They always were. People claim the ability to see into the future was amazing, but that was because none of them ever had to suffer through it. Visions were messy, confusing, ever changing.

The only reason why Byakuran was even in Japan right now was because the visions were making him violently sick and the only things he could make out from them was this small town of Namimori. So here he was, miles away from the home, wandering empty streets as the sun slowly climbed higher.

He unwrapped a strawberry lollipop just as someone tugged at his shirt. Looking down, he saw a small girl with dark teal hair in a white dress. The most interesting thing was, on the hand that was tugging his shirt, the Vongola Sky Ring gleamed in the sunlight.

“Wao~” Byakuran said, kneeling down closer to her height. “You’re the Vongola heir, Decima-chan.”

The girl flinched, stepping back.

Byakuran produced another lollipop with flourish. “Maa, don’t be afraid. I don’t bite.”

Decima just looked at him, wary and mistrusting. Smart girl. She had to learn not to trust if she was going to inherit Vongola.

Before anything could happened, another person crashed into them.


Tsuna was going crazy. He just knew it.

His… hallucinations were starting to affect him during the day. No longer did they only haunt his dreams at night. No, instead they began to spill over into the day. He was just so tired. All he wanted was it to stop.

His vision swarmed, his head pounded, signalling another vision. For a brief second, he saw his hands tightening another frail neck of a small girl with dark teal hair and blue eyes. No, no. Tsuna never wanted to hurt anyone. He took off blindly, foolishly hoping if he ran fast enough he could escape what he was seeing.

Tsuna didn’t even see the people before he crashed into them. “I’m sorry,” Tsuna apologized, eyes opening.

Dread filled him as he recognized the small girl he had just run into. ‘This was the final straw wasn’t it?’ he thought hysterically. Meeting the girl he had seen himself killing over and over and over again in so many different worlds.

“Are you alright?” the girl asked.

“Stay back,” Tsuna said, trying to scramble to his feet. His exhaustion worked against him and he stumbled again.

The white haired teen caught him just as the girl reached out to grab Tsuna’s hand. The three of them froze as something clicked into place.

Tsuna sagged, dragging the two down with him, completely boneless. Tears flowed down his face. He had no idea who these two were, but for the first time he felt in control, in balance and completely safe.

Maybe they would be the ones to help him.

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