No but really, can we just talk about Abraham's glorious mane of hair and his overall design!?


(Seward, the precious little darling, in the background <3)

I just love these flashbacks, they’re FUCKING AMAZING! My love for Abraham and the old gang knows no bounds <3

He must have been REALLY riled up for the top picture to happen, I mean, have you seen the other designs of him and his hair? In the book ‘Dracula’, it’s described as:
’…such a forehead that the reddish hair cannot possibly tumble over it, but falls naturally back and to the sides’.

He was one of my favourite characters in the book. He was witty, curious, wise and overall smug about everything <3

My design of Abraham is based on this and 'Solid&Etc’ seems to have taken it to heart as well.


[My chibi Abraham] 

[My cosplay adaption of Abe, edited by 'Wackart’ or Vladalucard] 

And finally, we have this little gem from Hellsing Ultimate ep 2 that looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to the rest of them

………….. Apparently his hair got shorter in the matter of minutes

And he got his…. 'Arthur antlets’? XD Which is rather confusing as I connect the 'antlets’ with Arthur, the spiky bangs with Teggy and the shoulder long, reddish hair with Abe.

 I would have LOVED to see more of him in the anime and manga, though I have tons of headcanons about him, my beloved muse <3