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As usual, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but I’d love to see your handwriting so~  uvu

Music challenge thingy

Ah, so got tagged by zombieheroine and what better than kill some time on the train by doing this! ☆

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 5 people. One rule: No skipping.

1. LOADED - Koda Kumi (feat. Sean Paul)
2. Marmalade Chainsaw - Dir En Grey
3. Gothic Party Speed Session - Ayabie
4. EROS - Lycaon
5. Lying From You - Linkin Park
6. Electric Heart - SHINee
7. Powerless - Linkin Park
8. Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination) - Muse
9. DECAYED CROW - Dir En Grey
10. Nevermind - The Birthday Massacre
11. Closer - Lacuna Coil
12. 『』曰わく - 朱
13. Dears - D’espairsRay
14. Sing For Absolution - Muse
15. LOTUS - Dir En Grey
16. DAMNED - D’espairsRay
17. Chocolate Prayer - DIV
18. So What - P!nk
20. DOLLY - Hyde

Well that was pretty Japan-biased even though I have a ton of other music on my iPod as well haha!
But anyways, would like to tag darkness-immaculate, piitou, pink-milk-raindrops and bogeyposting share your music with us! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

piitou asked:

1, 4, 14 ~


1. A selection of television programs you do not care for.

Doctor Who - sorry, i just can’t get into it! the whole thing just kinda bores me tbh unu but i can definitely see why others like it and the majority of the fandom is really cool!!
Glee - i used to love this show, but it just went downhill after season two. sorry not sorry.
Heroes - i tried getting into this show! i watched about 8 episodes before i was like “nah, what’s the point”. sorry! again just can’t get into it!

i don’t watch much TV so there’s not much i can say here! but i can tell you most live action shows, besides some comedies, i don’t/won’t like.

4. A hobby you “don’t get”.

Netflixing?? if that’s what it’s called. like when you find shows you’ve never heard of on it and start watching them. and idk the whole idea of spending hours every day for weeks watching/finding shows on netflix sounds very monotonous and awful tbh.

14. A hobby you have/find interesting that other people bother you over/make fun of.

video games and pokemon?? like my family (not as much as they used to) and school friends tease me about it and it’s just ???? frick off. you read books, i play video games, we’re both “wasting time” doing something that makes us happy, stop acting like your superior to me.

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Seeing you smile is the greatest thing - it's adorable how happy your EE is probably making you right now.

Shuuush - my EE is making me very happy indeed >“DD

What do you mean I’m not good at hiding the fact I’m procrastinating. Nobody can see through me. Why are you laughing, don’t you believe me? >’D

piitou asked:

5, 15, 21, 36, 47 ~

5: What are you looking forward to in the next week?

Next week is winter holiday, so I’m looking forward for that! For me it means a lot of reviewing for mocks, but I also get to spend the whole week with my boyfriend~ Distant relationships sucks you know.

15: Is it hard for you to get over someone?

I have been in a relationship three times before my current boyfriend. Those were in junior high, when I didn’t take dating so seriously, so I have to say I never have had got ‘over someone’. However, getting over crushes has been a lot of work. I hope I never have to get over my boyfriend.

21: What is the last thing you said out loud?

“Seeya”, to my roomie in the kitchen.

36: What are you listening to right now?

Tycho - Montana

47: Do you miss the way things were six months ago?

In September I was just getting started with IB2. I turned 18, but I have to say I don’t miss that autumn at all. I was really stressed, just getting used to the whole distant relationship thing and I had tons of school stuff to do. Since I worked the whole summer (9-11 hours a day), I didn’t get time to rest and I was very exhausted when the new semester started.

Thanks for the questions!

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I was tagged by Laretsu !! :3 

1. What’s your favourite book and why?

Aaaaa how do I decide 8D Right now I really really like Fight Club, since reading it again and again always gives you something you didn’t notice on the previous read. Other than that, I think I’ll go with The House of the Spirits. I found it very good, others may say what they want 8’D

2.  What is the last game you played?

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. I’m almost done with Terra, leaving only Ventus left. I can sense the feels coming already QAQ

3. What’s is your favourite song and why?

Denny Schneidemesser’s Dreams of Flight [x] would be one because just….WOAH. And it’s perfect for studying. And epic. I like epic musical pieces. Also the soundtrack of Repo! The Genetic Opera is awesome, I just love it.

4. Do you have pets?

monster terminator cat called Tinjami. I love him ♥

5. Are you interested in history and if you are what do you read most about?

OH YES. I’m mostly interested in the World Wars and Germany during Hitler’s rule. Also other dictator states. And Russian history. All kind of conflicts go fine for me.

6. Your top 3 bands?

ANOTHER TOUGH ONE. Let’s go with SNSD, Haloo Helsinki! and and and OH YEAH VIIKATE. Viikate is awesome. ♥

7. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

8. When was the last time you cried of happiness?

I can vaguely recall crying of happiness some time back but I honestly have no idea when or why 8’’D

9. Why did you join Tumblr?

At first to spread my love for Tom Hiddleston and his pretty face. Pretty soon it changed into spreading the derp tho.

10. Have you ever traveled to a foreign country and if yes, where?

All my childhood, hmmmm now let’s try to remember… Switzerland (6 or 7 times, we have relatives there), Germany once, Sweden countless of times, Russia/St. Petersburg once, Denmark’s airport a couple of times, Estonia a couple of times, Latvia once (next summer again tho, because Riga i just gahsjfcgasdasg I love the Old Town)… I think that’s all?

11. How many languages do you speak? And which ones? 

Technically 5, in practice 3 |D Finnish and English are fluent, Swedish goes if I try hard. I understand well and speak VERY TEENY-WEENY LITTLE German and Japanese. I studied Russian once but I can’t say I understand or speak it basically at all, haha.


1. Let’s start with the great question: Do you have any future plans right now?

2. Is there a special place where you like to spend time? (e.g. A specific cafe, your own couch, someone’s place… Anything! :3)

3. Three artists you like to listen to?

4. Your current fandom(s)?

5. Tea, coffee or both? (Neither is fine as well.)

6. Your favourite movie?

7. Favourite Disney villain?

8. Do you have a favourite foreign language, or a language you would like to learn to speak?

9. Do you have a fictional world you are particularly fond of?

10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

11. Do you procrastinate?

There you go folks, not very creative but I’m in a hurry haha 8D 

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shhhh I’m innocent 〜 (・ω・)ノ
senpai should also plot and rp with meeeh ~ help me have something inspirational and new to unwind my finnish writer’s block ~ (*^◯^*) *makes puppy eyes*