My sister’s cat Milla was put to sleep a two years ago because at the old age she started to have severe mental health and OCD problems, which affected not only her but the whole cat pack. Note that she was treated with utmost care since kitten, just like my sister’s other cats and pets, so her health issues weren’t due abuse or neglecting her care. She also came along with the other cats fine before her health issues.

My sister says that if you sleep on the living room floor at mom’s place (where the cats live due tenant rules), Milla sometimes walks on the mattress as a spirit. You can feel a cat walking but there’s no cat when you turn to take a look. 

I woke up this morning because a cat walked on the mattress. I turned to look who it was and it was my sister’s other cat Minna, going to the bedroom. I turned to sleep on my side and felt soon how a cat was kneading the edge of the mattress. It went on and on and I suspected it’s Minna’s brother Verti, who is a kneading machine. Then I pondered how Verti had managed to squeeze himself between my mattress and the living room’s table as he’s a BIG BOY.

I turned to look at Verti but he wasn’t there. There was no cat. Both of the cats were in the bedroom.

It’s nice to know Milla visits here every now and then. Maybe she’s the spirit Minna and Verti are staring at times, when they just stare at empty spots curiously.

Have some Milla from Freedom Planet! Saw the “Milla” gameplay trailer for Freedom Planet 2 recently as well as the killer concept art by  and just had to draw some fan art of her. The new sprite animations and character designs are fantastic and super charming! You too can watch the trailer Also, keep on a lookout for the upcoming demo ;)