Boy George & Marilyn photographed by Derek Ridgers, 1980.

There was a time Boy George didn’t wear frocks and jewellery. Just a pretty kimono. This was how he looked nearly four years ago. Alongside him is his pal Marilyn.  Behind them is the house in Couburton Street, central London which they shared with fellow squatters. Marilyn remembers the squat fondly. “ I discovered the amazing clubs in London and realised there were other freaky people like me. It was George O'Dowd and me against everybody else, going to parties and seeing who could look the prettiest.” Both have come a long way and gone their separate ways, since those days, Yet their steps aren’t that for apart.

(Record Mirror,  April 1984)

Star Wars Preference- What They’re Like When You’re Sick

Maz jokes around about it and is pretty easy going. She wants you to be alright and always pops in to check on you.
“You are right back in the mess.” You hear Maz say as she wants into your room and sees you curled up in blankets with tablet packets, tissues and heat packs all over the bed.
“Yeah.” You tell her in a hoarse voice.
“Alright, I’ll make soup.” She says smiling as she walks off.

Phasma is very protective when you’re sick and will do anything to make you feel better. She also keeps major guard on your door and makes sure no one disturbs you.
“What are you doing here?” Phasma says to a fellow stormtrooper 
“I was going to see y/n, Captain.” 
“That won’t be happening, now move along.” 

Rey is pretty scared when you’re sick; she worries that it could get worse and she also never likes you being in pain.
“Is she okay?” Rey asks Poe who is standing out the front of your bedroom door.
“Yeah, she’ll be alright. Puked twice today but her fever seems to be going down. She’ll be fine, Rey.” Poe says reassuring his friend. 

Han makes sure to always check up on you and tries to make you smile as much as possible while you’re sick. 
“Who’s there?” You yell pathetically as you rush out of the bathroom with a toothbrush for protection.
“Hey… it’s me. Now come on toothbrush warrior, time to get back to bed.” He says to you smiling as he helps you into bed.

I literally

love this show so much like just

look at these small children

look how confident he is being a female superhero

look at his friend making fun of him

but then just helping him/her during the battles

and she’s so protective of them.  

I literally can not describe how adorable this show is. Like I need y’all to watch it immediately. Right now. On Netflix. So I can fangirl with someone. 

M̯͌̀ͮ́ͣͮ̆̈́͐͟y̸̵̬̳̺̮̪̮ͤͥ͋ ̺͔̱̰ͭ̇ͦ̽͊ͥ̈̌ͅh̗͓͚̰̺̬ͧͧ̽͒̍̈̚ë̬͉̯͍͕́͑ͩͨͤ͋̽̚͟ȃ̦͍̻͗ͫ̋͗̅͠͝d̹͔̃̄̎ͪ̊̐͌̚͟͟ ̵͖̣͔̐͋͌͘h̰̭̱̫̾̎̄̈́͢u̵͉̣̬̙̤̤ͩ̐͛̑̆́̆ͪ͘r̜̻͇̬͔̞͉̹̻͑̽͝t̵̠̭̙͙͎̖͔̊̿ͪ̋̽̋͝s̨̬͉̫̙͒ͣ̋̒̾̊́͘


star wars + archetypes: the platonic ideal [maz kanata]

the platonic ideal is a woman who is a source of inspiration to the hero, who has an intellectual rather than physical attraction to her.”