anonymous asked:

hey i need to follow more loz blogs. which ones do you recommend?

oh gosh… that’s a difficult question, since there are so many good ones. My favorites are actually usually personal blogs that post a lot of Zelda and other stuff, so I guess I’ll go with those first.

  • faroresmemory (who is faroresgrave for october!)
  • firaja
  • templeofhylia
  • thespookycap (a recent follow whose posts I love)
  • sephirona
  • maskmajora (this blog is flawless, seriously)

as far as exclusive zelda blogs, there are some really amazing ones, too. these are in no particular order!

  • ditsycucco
  • bluecojiro (this stuff is endlessly hilarious)
  • hylia-s (another recent follow, her tags are flawless)
  • skyworld101
  • legend-ofzelda

I’m sure there are plenty of other good ones I’m missing… these are just the ones I’m following at the moment. I hope this helps! Hopefully I didn’t give you too many… haha. I would go through all of these and decide which you like the best!