evolucional  asked:

Sweetheart, i'd love to know if you'd like to accept a paid domain for you, i know it's not much but i'm trying to thank you everything you've done for me and my tumblr <33

:O Not much? Are you kidding me Charlie, that’s like a huge thing, or it is to me! That’s wow, that’s literally like the nicest offer I’ve ever gotten, and as flattered as I am I have to respectfully decline. I would feel silly and guilty for having you pay for a domain name for me, just for reblogging your photos. You’re awesome and you create amazing things, you don’t need to thank me or repay me for anything. Ever! So thank you so, so, SO fucking much, but I just can’t. If you’d like to do anything for me, I have a section of my photos in my navigation that I love to see reblogs on as well ;p you could always lurk there, that would be an amazing help to me!

And I thought about replying to this privately, but I really and honestly have to show people how generous and kind hearted you are. You’re an incredible guy for real, please live closer to me and be my best friend. <3