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U got anything for chubby girl eliza?

hell yeah i fucking do

Okay so eliza, as a child, was around the same weight as her other two sisters. Her figure was just something she didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about. She didnt love her body but she didn’t hate it either; she didn’t have any relationship with her body.

But then angelica became one of those Healthy™ people (ya know, the type that have a gym schedule, carefully plan their meals and actually buy freaking protein bars), so she started handing over some of her sweets and junk food to her other two sisters. Which was fine, because Eliza and Peggy had no problem eating her stuff for her.

But then, a few years later, Peggy became anorexic and was unhealthy obsessed with her body. She’d smile and thank her parents for dinner before discreetly handing her plate over to Eliza. It didnt take Eliza long to figure out what was going on there, and, although she supported Peggy’s fight against anorexia, she was still eating more than her own share of food.

So, pretty soon, she was a lot chubbier than both Angelica and Peggy. At first, it didn’t bother her, because she had never considered slim as the only beauty out there. But Angelica was hella toned and Peggy was still extremely skinny, and Eliza began to feel uncomfortable around them. Every time she stood next to them, she was reminded of how much bigger she was. So she started avoiding them.

She tried hitting the gym, but she felt too self-conscious about exercising in front of people when she could see her body jiggling. Jogging outside was the same problem too. She couldn’t ask anyone for advice because she was now too embarrassing to talk about her body

When the other two sisters figured out what was going on, they tried to help. They tried to join her at the gym, for moral support, but that just made her feel worse. They’d make her diet plans, but those would make Eliza break down every time she broke it. It was Peggy who came up with the idea of making Eliza realise she was still beautiful by setting her up with a guy.

So Angelica introduces Alexander to Eliza at a ball. It goes well; Alex is a smitten puppy around Eliza and she’s clearly helpless around him. They start dating and Eliza seems a tad more confident than before

She starts talking to other chubby people, buying cute clothes, even starts wearing bikinis and crop tops, which is something she would never had the courage to do before. It feels a little like a fairy tale happy ending

But then Alex is too engrossed in his work to spend time with her. He’s staying up all night, spends more time at work, only leaves his room if she drags him out, and stopped having sex with her. There’s a niggling fear that it might have something to do with her weight, that Alex has grown tired of dating someone chubby. But she pushes the concern aside and tells herself its just Alex being Alex

Eliza decides to go upstate to visit her father and escape all the negativity in her own home. She invites Angelica and soon enough, Eliza’s forgotten everything she was ever worried about

Then the affair happened.

As soon as she sees Maria, her insecurities are back like they were never gone. Maria is slim and pretty, and Eliza thinks her previous fears were right. Why else would Alex make time to have sex with another woman when he wouldn’t even have sex with her?

She breaks up with Alex, but not before Angelica rips him a new one. Peggy screenshots the most loving messages he sent to Eliza, prints them out and let’s her burn them. They laugh and admit it’s a little over the top, but Eliza feels good

She starts dating other people, exploring her sexuality, comes out as pansexual, joins clubs and starts up hobbies. She and Alexander remain friends, though they’re much more distant than before. Eventually, she starts dating Maria, who’s a champ at all food contest, and loves food - and sharing food with Eliza - too much to let Eliza feel insecure about her body.

(i’m a slut for mariza, in case you couldn’t tell)

Here’s the HD video of Eliza singing her original song at DaydreamCon, I can’t believe she actually gave permission for them to post the full performance! 

I will never get over this moment and all the emotions going through everyone that day, the theatre was in complete silence for her, and she was so nervous, and shaking. Can you believe that after she finish it she said that she doesn’t sing or play well??? She has no idea.