Sigh. Get in late tonight to the news that we’re getting Quinn and Alara back…but only one. A repeat of Chapter 8 of KotET? Where the point isn’t REALLY the story, but forcing people to chose Companion A or Companion B. And having watched the relevant part of the stream with lots of wink, wink, nudge, nudge conversation, I’m betting only one survives (especially in the context of the one dev who apparently loathes Quinn and couldn’t WAIT to ask the question, sigh.)

And we’re being forced right back into the Empire v. Republic trope. What was really the point of KotFE and KotET if we end up right back where we started? OK, we have a nice fleet; supposedly the most powerful fleet in the galaxy, but apparently it will instantly be made impotent in order to force a choice. But whatever we do in this newest contrived “choice” which, just like real life, can ONLY have two outcomes…oh wait, in real life we can find compromises or, gasp, have a third or even fourth choice of some sort!

Regardless, we probably lose a large chunk of our Alliance following by the end of the chapter. If you side with the Empire, what are the odds that Aygo, at least, doesn’t turn against you, for instance? Of course, if you are a woman wanting a woman to romance and you prefer the Republic then you can romance, oh wait. You can’t. If you want to play a woman who likes women, I guess you side with the Empire, or (probably) take a big approval hit with Lana.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled we’re getting them back. But after forcing all story lines into one, they’re now doing a repeat of minor variations of “hard choices” that have absolutely no point except…I dunno. Is there a point? The branches don’t actually ever seem to make a real difference, except guarantee than neither NPC will ever again have any noticeable story content (which may actually be the point….) It reminds me of weird reality elimination TV shows…

ok so m on the computer going thru the usb my siblings gave us (it was a xmas gift full of pics n vids theyve been takin since she was born!) n i found this cute/funny video of elara lmao 

 Ord Mantell was - in Dax’s opinion - bland. Grey skies and rolling hills that seemed to go on forever. Whilst it wasn’t the Outer Rim, it was the sort of quiet little planet with a seedy underworld that was easily overlooked by Imperial officials. Imperial officials who asked for bribes rather than answers.

 And that was why he was here; it was one of the places where someone could go unnoticed with little in the way of effort. Pick a nice quiet port, refuel, and see if anyone was looking to hire a pilot. in happier times, he would have gone for a look around the place for his own enjoyment - but bitter experience had taught him better than to wander far from his ship.

 With the thin crowds and the lazy atmosphere; it didn’t look like the sort of place where fighting could break out at a moments notice, but that handn’t helped before. All he could do was to push that sense of worry - that feeling that the world was going to burn around him again - into the quietest and most distant corner of his mind, and head towards the nearest tapcafé for something to eat.


                                          || Elara Bloom || 19 ||

Elara was born in France to two muggle parents living in the lower class. Her parents fought hard to provide for her, but their sole focus on her was their downfall and when Elara was 7 her mother got sick with a lower respiratory infection. She was too weak to fight it off and died in the hospital. A few months later Elara’s father died of a heart attack and she was left to fend for herself. 

By sheer luck on Elara’s part Emily Bloom had a sister living in France at the time of her parents death. On a visit to her sister Emily read an article in the local newspaper about a strange orphan who had ‘unusual gifts’. Catching on that she was a Muggleborn witch Emily convinced her husband to go with her to visit Elara and within that first visit the Bloom’s decided to take Elara back home with them. They were loving and treated Elara well, and finding out that she was a witch made everything click for Elara. It finally made sense why certain things always seemed to happen around her. 

But she was a Muggleborn in a wizarding world that was torn about whether she should even be a part of it and her adoptive parents were not blind to this. The day before she was supposed to go to Hogwarts they sat Elara down and explained to her that as great as her parents were they could never be mentioned again. As far as the rest of the wizarding world was to be concerned Elara was a true Bloom. She was to say that Emily’s sister was her mother but she was brought to England because Emily’s sister was unwell and unable to care for her anymore. She was hesitant to create such a dangerous lie, but the Bloom’s insisted that it was for her own protection and after seeing a fellow classmate get harassed and called a mudblood, Elara believed them. As much as she hated lying to the close friends she gained during her years in Hogwarts she knew that it was better for them too if they didn’t know the truth about her.

Always the independent one Elara was quick to take a job after Hogwarts to earn her own money. Working at Honeydukes wasn’t exactly her dream career but it would do for the time being and getting to sneak sweets when her boss wasn’t looking made it bearable. Once she saved up enough she moved into an apartment in London convinced that it would be safer with the war intensifying. But she had misjudged how others would take her move and with her status as a Pureblood at stake she quickly moved back into Diagon Alley to be surrounded by her fellow witches and wizards.

Another Moon-Demon love child.

This is Elara. She is born a few years after Metis. As you can tell she is a girly girl who loves pink! Not only that but she also loves fashion. She is very close to her mom and grandmother. She may look girly but she can be tough too! She has very good fighting skills. 

Elara Star

Height: 5’ 9"
Gender: Female (she/her)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Hair: Pink
Skin: Violet
Eyes: Gold
Other: Gold glitter-like freckles on face, shoulders, and back

Home Planet: Nnajla
Home Town: Briimturia
Occupation: Smuggler
Skills: Magic, Control over water, shape-shifting
Family: Jupiter Star, Masuh Al Nid (father)

Personality: Dependant; Insecure; Focused; Motivated by desire to be loved

Associations: Moths, Ocean waves, Earth’s Moon, Witchcraft, Sunsets, Amethyst, Rose aura quartz

Elara has spent her entire life being told what to do. While Jupiter always dreamed of being something greater than a soldier, Elara just wanted freedom. Now that she has it, she isn’t sure how to live yet. She depends on others, and is doubtful of her abilities on her own.

She’s manipulative, both intentionally and not. She’s often the one to go undercover for Milky Way Trading, and uses this prowess to gain information or stolen goods. However, she also plays the victim and uses passive aggression to get what she wants, mostly because she doesn’t know how else to obtain it.

She’s has a bad habit of throwing herself into relationships, but too anxious to end them when she gets uncomfortable. Romantic relationships aren’t a concept in Briimturia, and she has no real knowledge of how they’re supposed to work. She simply longs for the affection and attention.

Because of her own insecurities, she’s ready and willing to die for anyone she loves.