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mwahahaha random question. IN THE LIGHTNING THEIF [movie] LUKE GOES "I guess we all have daddy problems" AND LOOKS AT ANNABETH AND SHE'S ALL "..." LIKE AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS? I WAS AT MY GRANDMAS WATCHING IT AND I STARTED SCREAMING "LUKE HOW DARE YOU! YOU KNOW SHE HAS DADDY PROBLEMS YOU BASTARD" did you notice this? oh btw i love your account that's why I asked you, sorry.

No I never noticed that but omg I just looked (i have the dvd) and oMG YOU’RE RIGHT 

And thank youu <3

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by camphalftribute! =)

Favorite book series?

uh… i dunno, the sheepman series probably, if it can be considered a serie even with only 2 books… but yeah

Favorite book from your favorite book series?

a wild sheep chase. it’s sequel, dance dance dance, is more famous but i don’t feel it’s as great as the first one

Your biggest fictional otp?

damn i have so many fandoms… mulder and scully is definitely up tere, as are adama and roslin and sam and jack ♥ most recent feels are all about haymitch and effie tho XD but yeah…

Favorite actor/actress from thg/cf/mj cast?

elizabeth banks and jennifer lawrence XD also woody ♥

Place you would like to visit?

hokkaido and alaska (because summer hit today and i was melting so bring the ice ._.)

3 people you would like to meet in real life?

the kind ones XD talking celebrities, maybe phyllis logan and jim carter ♥

Favorite school lesson?

japanese language, italian literature and arts

Favorite band?

muse? i dunno XD depends on my mood but i’ve been to 3 of their concerts so i guess i like them a lot =P ♥

Name the books you believe everybody should read.

underground (murakami haruki), alice in wonderland, the frenzy of orlando (orlando furioso, ariosto)

Favorite song?

right now? run by daughter

Do you think comparing between all successful book-to-movie (HP, THG, etc.) is right?

i think adaptations are what they are, the original is another thing entirely so we can compare but keeping in mind that they rely on different grounds to begin with. i think we can compare the thoughts behind them but not the execution.

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You're not a total loser! Here is another thing- you have an amazing blog, and you seem really nice so I'm sure people who know you personally can add a lot more things!! You sure have AT LEAST 5 good things, and I'm sure you have more :)

Aww thank you but I am, believe me. I’m sorry for that, just having a bad time. Thank you again sweetie <333 You have a great blog yourself