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Alx@Giratina: "OOOOOOOO, you're a Giratina! I've read all about those in my trainers old books, but i never thought i would meet one face to face! Oh, Oh my i'm sorry for disturbing you, I got a bit over excited <3"

Lethe: …there.. I.. ah. books? I wonder what they say.. 
Lethe: …. ah but I spend most of my time alone, I watch things..
Lethe: but.. I’m not.. a bug..

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Alx smiles apon hearing Dia’s kind words, taking her flipper off of her face. despite the obvious worry that Dia was experiencing she still tried to help her. Alx took a few deep breaths before getting up off the wall.

“Thank you Dia, I know you’re feeling stressed and I’m proud you’re able to keep it from affecting you much. What we need now is confidence, the confidence to stand up to whoever took us here.” Alx says, taking a confident stance. She turns her head to the rest of the group.

Alx turns back to Dia, with a reassuring smile clear on her face.

“Alright, even if these rooms don’t contain the exit we’ll still get closer to knowing what’s going on here. Perhaps knowing why were here will also give us the way out, let’s go.” Alx turns and looks down the hallway, she could see Surprise standing there, though he looks oddly confused… Did she miss something?

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Alx@Galon: *Squeals with excitement* "You're a sea mon now! that means you can swim with me! I've got so much I want to show you, that is if you are willing, Oh please you have to let me show you some of my favourite places underwater!"


Galon would love to swim with Alx and see all her favourite places! That is, if he can figure out how to swim properly with this wierd getup…

Mermaid 1/5

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Alx nervously grabs Dia’s hand, shaking it softly before letting go. 

“Sorry for approaching you so suddenly but you were the first one I saw awake when I awoke, by the way you were shaking earlier I guess you’re just as scared as I am. Waking up somewhere with no knowledge of how or why you’re here, it’s not an ideal situation.” Alx apologised to Dia, looking around she noticed a few more of the unconscious figures begin to awaken.

“Looks like more are waking up, it’s probably for the best of we introduce ourselves to them. I hope none of them lash out at us, a fight now would be awful.” Alx sighs, looking over at a few of the figures that were standing.

“Here, if you’re nervous I’ll go with you, and hopefully we can get out of this place.”


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hi yes hello i just want to say happy six month anniversary (spelled it right this time!!!) to my darling girl @smileforyourlove!!!! she’s been such a huge part of my life ever since we first met and she’s everything i could ever ask for and more!!!!! i’m so lucky to have her by my side!!!

alx, i want you to know that no matter how shitty life gets, no matter how much it tries to kick us both to the ground, i’ll always be here and we can pull ourselves up, brush off the dust, and start again!!!! you’ve made me happier than anyone else ever could and i love you unconditionally, angel!!!! 🌻🌻🌻💖💖💖💕💕💕