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  • Boring opening sequence.
  • Donna doesn’t know why she and Jackie are friends for no apparent reason.
  • And keeps getting better by not actually caring about her or anyone but herself. And Randy.
  • Hyde’s villain mustache.
  • It’s been just a month since season 7 finale, why on Earth Kelso looks like if he hit the gym 24/7 for three years?
  • Fez/Jackie.
  • Hyde’s clothes.
  • Jackie pining for Fez. I’m going to say it again: Jackie PINING for FEZ.
  • Samantha.
  • No Eric, no Kelso.
  • What on Earth is Hyde doing married to a stranger and how he got to accept it so easily?
  • For some reason, Hyde suddenly doesn’t care of his friends either.
  • How’s that we were never told both, Jackie and Hyde, had half brothers? How is that this didn’t made them bond even more? What the fuck?
  • Jackie doesn’t fight Hyde about his bullshit, doesn’t even slap the asshole.
  • Hyde leaving drugs is a bad thing and his friends make an intervention so he will start consuming drugs again. It’s not funny. IT’S NOT FUNNY.
  • “Whorus maximus”, says ex-feminist Hyde.
  • The fuck is wrong with Fez’s super greasy hair, I–
  • Donna/Randy, Eric breaking up with her via letter for the most stupid reason ever after we got entire episodes in season 7 about how the distanse was not going to be an obstacle for them.
  • New guy suddenly is “the best”, is Hyde in love with him or what?
  • Hyde slaps Donna’s ass.
  • Red and Kitty are ok with a stripper living in their basement instead of, I don’t know, kicking their now fucking married son out of their house.
  • There was nothing wrong with Kitty’s hair, you suck, writers.
  • Jackie lets her romantic life be dictated by a fucking list.
  • Ridiculous dream about the beauty and the beast staring Jackie and Fez, when their “love story” is NOTHING like that one. It’s worse.
  • Is Kitty an alcoholic now? Ok.
  • Bob decides to leave town.
  • Donna doesn’t go to college and does actually kind of nothing with her life but wait for Eric, doesn’t go to college even after he breaks up with her and instead starts dating a guy she has met for about a month and keeps doing nothing.
  • Hyde yells at Samantha like his parents used to yell at each other to then have sex, because that’s healthy, alright. And the show makes it look like if that’s fine and good for their already unbelievable relationship.
  • Jackie constantly gets injured, humilliated in public, stepped on and fucked over. She literally gets green hair from her one true love, Fez.
  • Out of nowhere, Jackie thinks she IS a bad person and constantly says so and the laugh track is put because, for some reason, a girl hating herself is funny.
  • Hyde is married and nothing changes for him, he is still the same asshole living in his adoptive parent’s basement to the point the show kinda forgets about Sam for entire episodes.
  • Donna decides her new best friend is the stripper, because she wasn’t a bad friend already.
  • Zero chemistry between Donna and Randy. Fez and Jackie? LMAO, ridiculous.
  • Hyde’s beer belly.
  • That guy that took Hyde’s place and face.
  • Jackie’s sudden shallowness and other backwards steps, even wrose than her season 1 self.
  • Fez macho and playboy self, like, eww.
  • Caroline’s mental illness is still a joke, even more so now.
  • Donna decides to not tell anyone, not even Jackie or Hyde, that Eric broke up with her but tells new guy that is obviously going to get into her pants.
  • Samantha is actually married to an old man that could be her father.
  • Romantization of old guy-young sexy woman relationship right there.
  • Hyde is ok with everyone saying his wife is a whore and even says they can watch her take off her clothes but have to pay him, actually uses the phrase “Sam? What I told you? They have to pay ME first.” when insinuated she was going to strip for his friends.
  • Hyde calls Jackie a whore, a bitch, and other names after he couldn’t stan some random guy calling her that.
  • These people aren’t kids anymore and for the sake of jokes decide to do shit like stealing, proclaim drugs are ok, doing nothing all day but talk bad about the other and hold their life on pause because the show forgot they aren’t teenagers anymore.
  • Actually, all characters are worse than when they were teens.
  • Fez/Jackie (yes, it’s here two times).

♔ May 6, 1910 – Death of King Edward VII 

Bertie met death with courage. At one moment he said, ‘I am feeling better and intend to fight this, and I shall be about again in a day.’ He refused to go to bed that night, but sat up in a chair, fighting for breath and unable to speak.

In the morning he was wrose, but he insisted on dressing. He rejected the informal clothes laid out for him by his valet, and asked for grey trousers. He was angry when the doctors forbade him from having a bath. He tried to do business with Davinson and Knollys but his voice was faint and indistinct. He smoked half a cigar and had a violent coughing fit.

Outside Buckingham Palace, a crowd gathered waiting for news. Margot Asquith was ne of the first to go to the palace to sign her name, ’It is like a dream and all London is standing still with anxiety’, she wrote. At one p.m., Bertie walked to his bedroom window to play with his canaries, and fainted. Nox the oxygen was given almost continuously and so were the strychnine injections, but to less and less effect; he gradually lost consciousness during the afternoon, slumping forward in his chair.

The last authentically recorded words that Bertie spoke were ’I am so glad’, when Georgie told him that his horse Witch of the Air had won the 4.15 at Kempton park. He then suffered an alarming heart attack. Alix watched as her husband drifted into a coma. At eleven, they lifted him out of his chair into bed, quite unconscious. The Prince of Wales called the archbishop into the King’s bedroom at 11.30. Fifteen minutes later, the King was dead. ’I have seldom or never seen a quieter passing of the river,’ wrote the archbishop.     {Bertie by Jane Ridley}

drakethedragon165  asked:

*sits down and signs* hey lugiadaily.... Do you ever have a day when you was trying to made one of your freinds happy but instead hurt them because I have that day yesterday and feel bad about it. And it was over thing he like to do and I don't. I try to be kind about taking without being rude but instead made him go offline. And I told everyone the same day but Im not sure if I want to go online again and Im afraid to hurt someone else. *crying * I have to the wrose freind ever T.=.T

But do not take such things to heart. Everyone has good and bad days, and perhaps your friend was dealing with other problems and didn’t know how to express that to you? I’m certain they still care about you as much as you do–Wishing for their happiness and having good intentions is sometimes all you can do. Now that also means that giving them their space when they need such time is equally as important. It’s a fine line knowing when to do which….

Regardless, I feel you should give it a short time, try speaking with them again regarding the issue; I’m certain you can come to a clearer perspective then. Your intentions were pure and your goal sincere, and that’s what matters in the end.

Life In Parenting

“Hey,Doc! Doc! Docdocdocdocdocdoc-”

“WHAT–What Demencia!?” Flug asked as he once again,was interrupted by the annoying fangirl.

He needed to do this. Black Hat had a meeting in an hour,and it was very important to make everything perfect!

“Whaaatcha doin’” She asked and pushed the scientist out of her way. She grabbed the dark green substance shaking it a bit. Flug let out a panicked scream and snatched the dangerous chemical out of the lunatic’s hands.

“Demecia! What you can’t-you can’t just do that! D-D-Do you have any idea what Black hat would do to me?! or YOU?!” Flug yelled. It wasn’t in his nature to yell,because in general, he was a pretty calm person,just nervous and anxious.

Demencia laughed and patted his back while taking the liquid and putting it back on the table.

“Fluggy relax! What can happen?” Demecia said with a smirk and landed on the desk filled with chemicals. Flug knew he should’ve organize his chemistry chemicals better,because if he wasn’t.

Demencia’s laugher turned into a gasp as her shoulder knocked another yellow substance who spilled inside the green one.

Flug screamed again as he tried to catch the bottle,but then


The exploration wasn’t a massive one,but it was enough to make the doctor’s head fly around the room. His ears were piercing and he couldn’t see very well through his goggles,he just prayed that the paper bag was intact.

“Do you think he’s dead?”

“Nah,he’s just dizzy. I don’t know if he can breath with that paper bag on thought ”

“Should we take it off?”

“…Nah,the guy probably has a good reason for keeping it on. Hey,do you think the chemicals are edible?”

“I don’t know…but I’m hungry, so let’s find out!”

Dr. Flugg groaned as he slowly,but painfully, made an attempt to sit up again. He was pretty sure his elbow was done for,and one of his wrist will sure have to stay out for at least a week..he didn’t even wanted to think of what Black hat might do to him.

“The chemicals are not for eating” Dr. Flug said as a set of cought freed his smoke filled lungs. As his eyes adjusted better, he could see two people .Two children to be more exact. A girl and a boy,who were twins ,as it seemed. The girl had long purple and white hair held up by two pigtails while her bangs stood out. The hair clippers were purple and yellow,with a sad face on the right pigtail and a happy face on the left pigtail. She was dressed with a purple crop top,and it looked like it was cut with scissors intentionally at the base.

She also wore a dark purple skirt who matched her left high knee purple sock and her knee Chuck taylors with yellow laces,while on her left leg,she wore a half ripped yellow sock with purple heart on it and yellow Chuck taylors with purple laces.

Just like Demencia, her right eye was pitch black,while her left eye was blue turcoaz. She offered him a very big smile as she helped him up.

He inspected the boy after. He had middle long curly hair,the right side beign dyed black. His right eye was turcoaz blue, while the left eye was blood red. He wore a white hoodie and black tank shirt ,both matching his jean’s who were smirking part black a part white. He was wearing black and white Chuck taylors also,and his deranged smile never leaved his features.

Dr.Flug guessed they were both to the age of 9 to 10.

“How did you kids get in here?” Dr .Flug asked and looked around “and where is Demencia?” He asked anxiety suddenly pooling inside of him. The twins looked at echother and then at him.

“It’s okay,the big blue thing came and took her away. Friendly little thing he is” The boy said. “So,what’s your name?” He asked.

Dr.Flag was caught off guard. First of all,how did these kids knew where their base was?! Well,it’s a giant hat building so he shouldn’t be surprised.

“F-Flug, Dr.Flug” He said. “What’s uh…your names?” He was not good with kids.

The two twins looked at echother in confusion and then back at him,giving him a smile again. Okay,these kids smile as much as Demencia, if not even more,and that is creeping him out.

“We don’t have names” The boy said. Flug raised an eyebrow,well behind his paper bag,and looked around the lab. Then his eyes fell on the spilled yellow liquid. Then realization smacked him in the face.

“Oh no…” He whispered to himself .

These kids-these experiments, were created by the same chemical he used to create Demecia. Oh no. What Black hat is going to do to him…Oh No! Black hat!

“Was there a man here?!” He asked “ a man with a mask,and a tuxedo! Was he here?!” Dr.Flug asked.

“Yep, he came in shouting how you were late for some meeting,but saw you on the ground and said,and I quote, ’ make sure nothing happens to Flug while he’s passed out, or I’ll skin you both brats alive and wear you as my rain coat’ oh and he said to go to his office by the time you’re feeling better” The boy said smiling wide,looking like he was looking forward to be skinned alive.

But it was kinda hard to believe. Black Hat usally called him idiot or imbecile, but rarely called him by his name.

“So wait,you created us right ?” The girl asked stepping closer to him. Flug took a step back.

“U-Um,yeah,technically” Flag said. Happiness wrose in the girls eyes as she jumped into his thin,but kind of muscular arms. Dr.Flug wasn’t so study,but he had the body of a swimmer after beign in the track team in high school.

“So that means you’re out father ,right?!” The girl yelled in pure bliss.

“Oh,yeah! I didn’t even though about that!” The boy yelled too .

“What?! No! I didn’t created you–it’s not the same thing!” He said blushing under his paper bag.

“Well,we’re here,right? So you created us in SOME way,otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Take responsibility, DAD” They both said in unison as they hugged him tightly.

Flug was at loss of words. He didn’t even know these kids names. How was he suppose to raise kids when he can’t raise himself?! Beside,he worked for a villain! They could be in danger in any moment.

“So,what are our names ,dad?” The girl asked and sat back on the ground. She was a little bit shorter than her brother, pretty sure she’s 5'3 while her brother is 5'8.

“N-Names?” Flug asked.

“Well,duh! The parent has to name the kids ,remember? Jeez,I’ve been on this world for two hours and it seems like I know more than the rest of you” She said and laughed .

“Hmm… about…I don’t know,Psycha and M.D.?” He said shrugging. Wow,such parent material. The twins looked at echother and jumped up and down saying -I like it,I like it- over and over again.

But then Dr.Flug gulped.

He had to go see Black Hat.

Fuck his life.

oh my god dude… we get it, you hate bry, you hate that she’s really intelligent and cool and knowledgable about true crime and that in most of the arguments she’s gotten into she’s been on the right side.. like we get it!!

but like… please dont use a taylor swift gif to express your emotions. like… i already dont like you I really dont want you to associate with my fave, and considering how annoying you are to most people on this godforsaken website, i have no qualms in saying this.

just… chill out, stop referencing taylor swift and her GENIUS THAT U LITERALLY DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND, stop giving a shit about bry,  and while you’re at it, go call earthquakefox and tell her to chill out too bc… y’all are being A LOT.

Let me list out what’s all wrong with this response, @whouer

1) You seem to imply I’m not intelligent? I know how y’all hate being called out when you’re ableist, so then stop being ableist. I get called the r-word, Bry stays friends with the person who did it. I get told “pee your pants” even though I’m incontinent and post that I am, nobody gives a fuck. Dogpiling on an autistic person for a mistep with social clues is also ableist, as is claiming to thatperson that you know autism better than they do.

2) Fuck your antiblack princess. Fick that fucking piece of shit who uses Kim Kardashian’s kidnapping and near rape as a burn in one of my her stupid music videos. I’ve hated her ever since she crossed out of country and tried to rapand make songs whining about her exes and the meanies and whoever she deems beneath her. Finally the critics are opening up to the fact thatshe sucks, too, and aren’t absolutely licking her cunt like they used to.

3) Taylor swift is a genius? No Taylor Swift is a spoiled rotten little white feminist who likes to get into arguments with women of color so she can come out pretending she’s a perfect little angel and all black women who call her racist are bad. Fuck her and half of these little spoiled white chicks who think they’re gifts to God ‘s green earth. Taylor is still friends with Lena Dunham, you know, the chick who made jokes about molesting her sister? A true musical genius was Michael Jackson, who used his height of fame to benefit other people, not just himself, and didn’t run around making songs for his exes saying how better than them he was, he uses music to address poverty, police brutality, climate change, important things, not his poor ass after some breakup after two months. He’s been dead for years and he still outsells her woe-is-me-little-I’m-the-Messiah of-all-music ass.

4) What wrong is Earthquakefox doing in defending herself against that emotionally manipulative narcissistic piece of shit?Oh, that’s right, a gif is the same as a threat. All of a sudden, a gif is wrose than using your trauma and sexual assault for sympathy in some fucking internet war. Excuse me. Btw, Bry is non-binary and yet stays friends with people who are openly transphobic and who have lashed out wat me with transphobic shit, but who cares, it’s not like trans women are dying and bein misgendered by the same fucking cishet pieces of shit she likes to kiss up to.

5) I’m annoying but at least I use my account for social justice. I reblog every single “I need help” post I see, I don’t waste my feed with internet drama unless it’s a bigot. I didn’t see Bry doing the Timbblr boycott to kick Nazis off this site, did I? No, internet drama is more important than people’s safety. She’s probably friends with some of those fucking Nazis. 

You’ve got one hand up Taylor Swift’s ass and the other up Bry’s, aren’t you supposed to be rich by now? They’re both rich little twats that can afford to jet all over the world, after all. 

One last thing, Bry isn’t blocked, so if she has any balls, she can mention me directly, rather than sending her sycophants after me. That is if she’s not too busy writing another mile-long post about how she’s suffering and everyone else is mean.

You can read this behind a block, can’t you? I don’t want to see you play like Taylor and write an essay on how much you hate everyone and how perfect you are.

Greyson sighed as he lost yet another character in Fire Emblem: Heroes. He was trying to defeat one of the special levels and no matter how many times he tried he just kept losing all of his men. He had only a day left to defat it and he was starting to get frustraed. 

He finally looked up from his phone to realize he had walked way faruther from his house than he intended to. He was just trying to go to the park and now he was in the middle of the forest with no idea how to get out. What’s wrose his phone wouldn’t last much longer and he didn’t even have a pocked charger on him. This couldn’t be good.


chazelle  asked:

prompt: high school AU where tol shy boy illya asks smart smol girl gaby to prom!

He sort of shouts it at her at first.

The question leaves him loud and off-key, stumbling over his accent as he looks down at the girl walking along side him. Her nose  buried in a book. The sudden sound drags Gaby from her reading, causing her to let go of her book  with one hand. She moves her hand to push the glasses back up the bridge of her petite nose.

“I’m sorry, what?” Her brows start to crease and she looks more confused than shocked at the sudden outburst. In fact if he hadn’t made a sound she probably would have kept walking past him, nose deep in academic studies. Her brown eyes focus on the quiet exchange student, the one she’s pretty sure has never spoken a word to her. He is however, always in the library always reading. Just last week he had managed to get a book off the top shelf for her after watching her struggle for several minutes.

“Illya?” Gaby asks quietly, shifting in the hallway trying to avoid the onslaught of students moving to their next class. No one is paying them any attention.

Just as he gets the courage to open his mouth again the bell rings and silences him. He snaps his mouth shut with his cheeks turning a soft shade of pink and then red. He can feel the edges of his face burning and suddenly his throat is all tight. Illya looks over her head to another “PROM 1960!” poster stuck on the wall. Those posters have been covering the school for weeks now.

The shorter woman moves the book in her hands, closing it and hugging it against her chest. She lets out a sigh as her patience dwindles to almost nothing. “I have to get to class. Whatever it is can wait.”

She’s leaving, but before she can go Illya reaches out and grabs gently on to her free arm. His fingers wrap around the bend of her elbow as he urges her to stop, “I-.” He starts listening to his voice go up a little too high.

Clearing his throat he tries again, “I want to go to prom. I mean,” He stumbles again watching her lips turn up into one of those cat-like smirks. She knows what he’s about to say but doesn’t cut him off yet. She is too busy enjoying  the red creep over his face. The deep blush turns his boyish face all the different shades of crimson before he manages to find his words just as the tardy bell rings once more.

“I simply meant, I would like to go to prom with you.”

Her smirk doesn’t fade as she reaches up once more to push her glasses up like some nervous habit. Gaby starts her dark head to him before answering, “And I would like to go to class, but we can also go to prom.”

She leaves him there, almost skipping away from his towering form in the hallway. He’s blushing fiercely and there is a smile on his face that doesn’t even fade when he gets detention for being late.

Lilith looks at Ichi before looking at the others “I’ve had wrose,my sister and just about all of my brothers have tried to kill me in I’m same way. One time one of my brothers poured a weird liquid down my throat and burned mouth,throat, everything and I still had to go about my chores” she said, talking about when her brother had poured acid down her throat





A/N: Just a Nate imagine. Enjoy xoxo

I never expected to be doing this, standing in front of my mirror in only my bra and panties, and questioning why my boyfriend was even with someone like  – me. I was never one to care about what people thought about me. Was I skinny? No. Was I fat? No. I was curvy. Usually, I embraced my curves and loved my body but ever since I started dating Nate six months ago, I started feeling more self-conscious. I rarely wore tight dresses that showed my curves, I went from wearing a two piece bikini to some one pieces that covered everything. I felt like I was constantly getting judged and laughed at. 

Today was wrose than usual, I don’t know why I ever decided to go onto Twitter. I normally avoided it because of the hate I received. Nate had posted a cute picture of us together last night on a date, he begged me to wear a new dress he bought me. It was – tight and I seriously didn’t want to wear it knowing there’d be backlash, but he picked it out specially for me and wanted me to wear it. I couldn’t say no to him, so I ended up caving and wore it out. It was a hot pink skin tight dress with a slit up the side, and it showed off my ass and boobs which Nate enjoyed staring at most of the night.  I nibbled on my bottom lip as I refreshed my Twitter feed to see all the hate roll in.

“Ew, she’s so disgusting! Her stomach is bulging out of that dress. #sick”

“oh.. my god. shes fucking ugly, her double chin is crazy #paperbagherheadpls”

“lol what a fucking cow. pls if you’re over 140, don’t wear tight dresses.”

“why is nate with someone so ugly like wtf are you doing? smh”

I slammed my laptop closed before throwing it across my bed, I tried so hard to stop the tears from flowing but it was no use. So now, here I am staring at my reflection and poking at my giant stomach. 

“God, I’m so disgusting. They’re right, why is he with me?” I questioned before turning around and jumping once I noticed Nate standing there.

“What are you doing?” He asked, walking closer to me which caused me to take a step back.

“Nothing, Nate. I was just changing..” I lied, walking into the walk-in closet to grab some sweats.

“Y/N, I know when you’re lying. You always pull your lower lip between your teeth.” He followed me into the closet.

Damn it, I hated how he knew me so well.

“Nate, it’s nothing okay? I just wanna go to sleep, alright?” I told him, slipping on my Victoria Secret sweats before walking out of the closet.

“Come on, baby. Talk to me..” He frowned as he leaned against the closet door frame, watching me get into bed.

“Nathan, I’m fucking fine just drop it!” I snapped.

I just looked at him and he was silent, sighing I just shook my head before laying my head against the pillow. Pulling the covers over my head, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling once again. I hated feeling like this.

“Lil mama, please talk to me..” I felt a dip in the bed and him uncovering my head.

I sniffled before sitting up and pulling the covers over my chest, “Why are you with me?” I asked.

“What?” He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Why are you with me?” I repeated.

“Why are you asking me this?” He crinkled his eyebrows in confusion.

“I just – I don’t understand Nate. You could have a model and here you are with a disgusting fat cow!” I gulped as I looked down, my tears still falling.

I didn’t hear a word from Nate, he just looked at me like I completely lost my mind. Before I could even open my mouth, he cut me off.

“Y/N, you are not are fucking cow. You are a funny, beautiful, amazing and totally drop dead gorgeous girl and you take my breath away if when you’re just in your sweats and your hair is messy. You’re one of the most kindhearted people I’ve ever met, and I love the fact you can get down and dirty with me and then dress up all sexy with me for a date. I don’t want no stick thing model when I can have a sexy, curvy beautiful girl. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Lil mama, I love you with all my heart and I don’t give a fuck about what anybody says. You’re my girl, and that’s never going to change. I love your curves. It’s more of you for me to love.”  He looked into my eyes and I could see the love in his.

The tears that were falling now, were not sad but happy. I couldn’t believe the words that left his mouth, he was so fucking perfect and he was all mine.

“I love you so fucking much.” I wrapped my arms around him and held him close.

Once he pulled away from the hug, he stripped off his clothes and crawled in next to me in just his boxers.

“I love you so much more, Lil mama and don’t you ever forget it.” He smiled, kissing me softly before wrapping me up in his big strong arms as we both drifted off to sleep.