by: wroses

Charles/Raven Oneshot Prompt Fill :)

Title: The Right Turn

Author: BundyShoes

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Charles/Raven

Rating: General

Summary: A sort of prompt fill for wroses on tumblr: ‘RAVEN AND CHARLES ARE BOTH SEVENTEEN. CHARLES IS VERY EXPERIENCED WHILST RAVEN STILL HASN’T EXPERIENCED HER FIRST KISS, SO CHARLES KISSED HER OH MY GODOODODODSDHFGSJ’ Obviously tis Charles/Raven. I might make this into a two shot but for now it’s just a oneshot :)

Can read it on ffnet or ao3 :)

Once again, I am full of love and gratitude from last night. The energy was beautiful. The love was beautiful. Thank you to everyone who came out to the AllThingsWrosey seed 1. event last night 🌹. I truly appreciate it. Thank you to all of my performers and those who did open mic. Thank you to @sunihippiee for being present and painting my jacket for me that I love 😍 and thank you to @trust.icollection for having her handbags available.
I am unsure of when, but there will definitely be a seed 2. coming soon ✨ I love you all.

chazelle  asked:

prompt: high school AU where tol shy boy illya asks smart smol girl gaby to prom!

He sort of shouts it at her at first.

The question leaves him loud and off-key, stumbling over his accent as he looks down at the girl walking along side him. Her nose  buried in a book. The sudden sound drags Gaby from her reading, causing her to let go of her book  with one hand. She moves her hand to push the glasses back up the bridge of her petite nose.

“I’m sorry, what?” Her brows start to crease and she looks more confused than shocked at the sudden outburst. In fact if he hadn’t made a sound she probably would have kept walking past him, nose deep in academic studies. Her brown eyes focus on the quiet exchange student, the one she’s pretty sure has never spoken a word to her. He is however, always in the library always reading. Just last week he had managed to get a book off the top shelf for her after watching her struggle for several minutes.

“Illya?” Gaby asks quietly, shifting in the hallway trying to avoid the onslaught of students moving to their next class. No one is paying them any attention.

Just as he gets the courage to open his mouth again the bell rings and silences him. He snaps his mouth shut with his cheeks turning a soft shade of pink and then red. He can feel the edges of his face burning and suddenly his throat is all tight. Illya looks over her head to another “PROM 1960!” poster stuck on the wall. Those posters have been covering the school for weeks now.

The shorter woman moves the book in her hands, closing it and hugging it against her chest. She lets out a sigh as her patience dwindles to almost nothing. “I have to get to class. Whatever it is can wait.”

She’s leaving, but before she can go Illya reaches out and grabs gently on to her free arm. His fingers wrap around the bend of her elbow as he urges her to stop, “I-.” He starts listening to his voice go up a little too high.

Clearing his throat he tries again, “I want to go to prom. I mean,” He stumbles again watching her lips turn up into one of those cat-like smirks. She knows what he’s about to say but doesn’t cut him off yet. She is too busy enjoying  the red creep over his face. The deep blush turns his boyish face all the different shades of crimson before he manages to find his words just as the tardy bell rings once more.

“I simply meant, I would like to go to prom with you.”

Her smirk doesn’t fade as she reaches up once more to push her glasses up like some nervous habit. Gaby starts her dark head to him before answering, “And I would like to go to class, but we can also go to prom.”

She leaves him there, almost skipping away from his towering form in the hallway. He’s blushing fiercely and there is a smile on his face that doesn’t even fade when he gets detention for being late.