by: toroia


Last ones for tonight whoooaaa I have no stamina now. Can you tell I really like making characters who could fit in rpg type of worlds? Thank you all for being so nice and liking what I’ve put out so far!

Toroia: As a dancer she travels to distant lands and brings stories/history of her homeland/other lands. Because of her immense knowledge of history and highly sophisticated dances she is greatly respected and well-accommodated where ever she goes. However, her favorite place to rest is outside under the stars. She is humble and soft-spoken but if anyone approaches her with malicious or vulgar intent she is trained in magic of the hardest element in their world, water.

Kashuan: After his country was conquered he was enslaved, forced to partake in coliseum battles due to his physique and previous background as a general. However, he was quickly bought by a famous young weaponsmith to act as his bodyguard. The two surprisingly became friends since both were quiet natured and preferred to be alone. In the end the weaponsmith released Kashuan so that he may return to his homeland and build his nation anew. “If her people live, then so shall she” were the last words the weaponsmith told him. He continues to wear his handcuffs as a reminder that whatever hardship he goes through at least he’s free.


Toroia is a lady knight instructed to guard the prince. She had known him since they were both children, and once thought him charming, but now found him troublesome. He liked to make fun of visiting dignitaries, kept his hands busy by flipping up maids’ dresses, and often ran off to entertain himself in the woods, making her chase after him and drag him back in time for supper. She’s skilled at both swordplay and archery, but her weapon of choice is the spear, which when the prince acts up, she’ll gently prod him with. Just a little.

Kashuan, said troublesome prince, would rather eat shards of glass than sit through another drawn out dinner where he was expected to care about what the duke was yammering about in his ear while another noble tried to bargain off his horse-faced daughter to be his princess. If he didn’t get the benefits of endless wealth and power, he might just consider forfeiting his birthright. He hated it when Toroia would step on his foot to wake him up when he snored through meetings, and often told her she would die a lonely shrew with that furrow between her brows.


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