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Coming off a career coaching a minor league team marred by steroids and scandal, Will Bauman (Kyle Chandler) takes the only job he can get­­­—head coach at a Division III university. Stuck in the middle of nowhere coaching a team fallen from grace with no money, no recruits and only one pitcher (Josh Hutcherson), Bauman looks to drive the team to championships and move on as soon as he can.

[ insert entire plot here, end with them in the championships playing the final game in the series, emotional scenes where Hutch’s character confronts Bauman about how no coach ever sticks around (he knows b/c the university is in his hometown and the baseball team used to be great and the athletics program is what brings the town together obvs), they don’t win the final game but Bauman sticks around ]


Josh Lyman + his backpack. (I made this to amuse Josh.)


Here, have a giant picture of your husband! You’re one of the very first person I’ve followed on here and I do not regret it one bit. I love talking to you because you’re smart, funny and super sweet. I’m sure one day you’ll win an Emmy for writing the most amazing tv show and you’ll have a big fandom worshipping you and hating you at the same time (c'mon, fandoms always hate the showrunner, you can’t escape it). #JoshsVP is one of my favorite thing to listen to so keep them coming, okay. I LOVE YOU! ♥

ps: I promise I will watch The West Wing, one day. I will!



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You're doing the meme of domesticity! CJ/Toby

I really wanted to write meme-based fic, but I did some a while ago for similar questions and am too lazy to do it again.

Who cooks: Toby mostly, but CJ occasionally helps out with the odd meals. He tries giving her cooking lessons, which she’ll pick up on, but she always loves watching him in the kitchen.

Who does the laundry and other chores: They both do, they’re good with housework. CJ has a tendency to stress-clean though, in which case Toby stays out of the way.

How many children do they have: None together - Toby wanted them to have a child but CJ didn’t think she could handle another pregnancy in her 40’s. They moved back to DC to be closer to Huck and Molly, plus CJ has joint custody of Hannah with Danny (who also moved back to DC) so there’s seldom a time when they are without kids.

Who’s more dominate: Usually Toby but they’ve found that with age, CJ is more frequently becoming the dominant one. It differs with the situation too so varies with sex, general behaviour etc.

Favorite nonsexual activity: Reading - to each other, although more so Toby reading to CJ. It’s something they’ve always enjoyed doing, starting from right back when they first were friends. Their bookshelves are filled with books containing scribbles/notes from their times reading together; criticism and analysis as well as smaller things like the date they first read it together, or underlinings of their favourite parts.

Their favorite place to be together: In their apartment sharing a quiet moment away from the world. They love to sit and watch tv/movies together in comfortable silence on the big leather couch; or read and drink in bed; or share a cosy meal in their elegantly decorated kitchen. They’re basically trying to make up for all the times they weren’t domestic in the Bartlet years, but it’s effortless nonetheless.

Any traditions: Attempts at egg balancing on the equinox started being a thing, all teasing aside. Their big one though is the ‘hand on heart’ gesture that has been carried through the entirety of their relationship and still continues to be.

Their “song”: The Jackal and I’m Too Sexy mainly, for their obvious reasons. There’s also a random collection of songs that seem to have become an unintentional soundtrack to them over the years.

What they do for each other on holidays: Depends on the holiday. (For example: on Jewish ones, CJ strives to make an effort to observe the traditions) Their typical holiday tradition though is sharing an intimate meal, even though Thanksgiving and Christmas is spent with extended family and friends.

Where did they go for their honeymoon: Italy: they spent about 10 days there, spending most of their time in Rome and then Venice, and also visiting a couple of vineyards.

Where did they first meet: In the small New York campaign offices of a Democratic nominee for Senator. Toby was angry that a new grad school intern was picking apart his speeches and when he came to confront them, there stood a young Claudia Jean Cregg practically bossing all of the other interns, and some of the lower level staff, around.

Any pets: When Gail died, Toby felt awkward being the one to replace her, so they don’t have any. The twins sometimes bring their puppy over though.

What do they fight over: Politics, what to watch on TV, the little petty things they’ve always fought over. Bigger fights are scarce, but have occurred. One that haunts them is from when they considered trying for a baby which somehow ended up unravelling all of their dark history, past hurt and reasons for conflict. It was vicious and emotionally draining and CJ temporarily moved out of their house - it was a real turning point for them.

Do they go on vacations, if so where: They’re still busy people, so they don’t get to go away as often as they’d like. When they can, it’s either to New Hampshire (to see the Bartlets) or to unusual (not always the typical tourist destinations) European cities.

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Top 5 scenes you'd like to see between Sloan and Don.

Oh I like this a lot!

1. I really want a scene where Sloan tells Don about what happened with her ex-fiance. Like, they get drunk at the bar after a long, really hard story, and she winds up spilling everything, in a way that she doesn’t spare him pain, just gives him all the details and doesn’t see how much it hurts him to see her hurting.

2. I need a scene next season where Don tells Sloan why he still asked Maggie even after her revelation in his office; like, they pass in the hallway and she can’t look at him and he stops and pulls her into an empty hallway and forces her to talk to him.

3. Idk if this counts, but I’d love a flashback about when they first met on the show. I’d like to see how Sloan acted around him, when she was waiting for him to ask her out; if she gave signs of wanting him to, or if she was too shy to give him clues.

4. I’d really like an accidental kind of kiss. Like, they’re working late, and Sloan says something cute or witty or intelligent, and Don just leans over and kisses her. Or, hair falls into her face, and Don brushes it back behind her ear and does that thing where he cups her cheek and she blushes and tries to adjust her glasses and he kisses her.

5. After Maggie and Don break up, I want Don to go to Sloan’s apartment; not to necessarily get with her, but to be around her. Their relationship has shifted, obviously, but I think he’d still go to her if he needed a friend, and she’d let him. He’d sleep on her couch and she’d stand in the doorway, watching him with that sad little smile she has, and give him coffee in the morning and ask him if he wanted to talk about it.

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I SWEAR TO GOD MIKE SCHUR IS DOING THIS TO ME ON PURPOSE WITH THE ETHEL BEAVERS AND THE PILLNER FOR PAWNEE AND THE UNSPOOLED SAM SEABORN THAT IS CHRIS TRAEGER AND JUST EVERYTHING. Also: one time Adam Scott said that Ben’s celeb crush (his Biden, if you will) would be Janel Moloney. I felt the need to bring that up again.

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The West Wing, obvs. 😉

❤ Favorite Male: Toby Zieger
❤ Favorite Female: CJ Cregg
❤ Favorite Pairing: Toby x CJ
❤ Least Favorite Character: John Hoynes
❤ who’s most like me: I’m a mix of CJ and Josh
❤ most attractive: Claudia Jean Cregg or Tobias Ziegler or Joshua Lyman
❤ three more characters that I like: DONNA MOSS, JED BARTLET, LEO MCGARRY

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Amy is a character that has grown on me a lot. I really do think she is a female Josh, which is precisely the reason I don't ship it. They are so much alike that they bring out the worst in each other rather than the best. I don't think Amy means to say hurtful things like this, but, like Josh, she can be very emotionally stunted and put her foot in her mouth. Josh has done things like that too, said things re: Donna's boyfriends; talking about the pilot in 1x22…

I’ve gone from not liking her, to feeling indifferent about her, to being quite mad at her existence. Without wanting to shout you down, I completely disagree about her being anything close to the female Josh. Josh says insensitive things from time to time, but I think it’s rare and I think it’s done absentmindedly. Everything about Amy feels measured to me. She knows exactly what she’s doing. All the warmth that Josh has, Amy’s just so offensively cold.

The only times Amy “puts her foot in her mouth” as far as I remember are this and the first time she asks Donna about it. And that’s played in a way that is measured and considered; she knows exactly what she’s asking and she ISN’T stupid—even if she isn’t doing it to straight-up humiliate Donna and it’s just curiosity, which I think you can make an argument for, she’s definitely socially-savvy enough to know it’s not an appropriate question.

I just don’t see any evidence at all that Amy finds social interaction at all awkward and hard to navigate, whereas Josh states it outright on at least three occasions.

Even if you want to argue that Amy kind of doesn’t understand where the boundaries are, bringing up Donna’s feelings for her boss when the PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER’S JUST BEEN KIDNAPPED? You have to be too socially inept to function for that to work, or Amy and Donna have to be on way, way more comfortable terms than the original scene or really any scene between them gives any indication of.

The other scene that makes me incredibly, incredibly uncomfortable about Amy, and Amy being compared to Josh, is the end of We Killed Yamamoto. She throws his cell phone in the stew, then cuts the cord of the home phone when he tries to use it. Sorry, but if that was the other way around I would be in tears that Josh wasn’t at all the person I thought he was. It would be heading into domestic abuse territory. And yet because it’s Amy, I’m supposed to find that endearing or something? How can that be anything other than maddening? Obviously Josh is fine, if not a little pissed, but I certainly don’t feel bad for her when she loses her job as a result of all that. 

That’s another thing: she can’t keep a job. They make a joke about it in Red Haven’s on Fire, but then you compare that to Josh. He’s overwhelmed by loyalty. He still feels guilty about leaving Hoynes, he works for Bartlet for something close to eight years, and the transition period when he moves to Santos is not an easy one. He’s so fucking loyal. She’s driven by something else entirely.