by: thepulsetobegin

Tumblr Crushes:

I normally don’t do these, but am ridiculously happy with this current little collection. This is kind of a 50-50 SPN/QAF mix. And that is why it is sexy. So, yes; improve the quality of your pixel life and take a peek at these lovely people and their lovely blogs. 

So, I’m on vacation with my family in a town near Valencia, in the Spanish coast. And there’s this waiter who served us dinner tonight who looks JUST LIKE Jensen Ackles. But taller (this is extremely important). He awoke the straight part of me, no problem! Really hot.

But then I was sad, cause I started thinking about Jensen’s fans that I love, and I just miss my girls so much. I’m sure there are TONS of SPN fans among my friends and followers, but really, like Maria, Ria and (lately) Eva? 

So, guys, I’ll try and sneak a picture of this waiter, yeah? :)

I looooove you all!