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Ed performing Nancy Mulligan for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

*WARNING* You may become mesmerized by Ed’s thighs while watching this video.

anonymous asked:

As much as I liked the reunion, is it bad that I was kind of annoyed about everyone praising Bangel? Like I don't have a problem with people liking bangel, but they only talk about spuffy as an unhealthy relationship and not about spike post-soul? I mean at the end of season 7, their relationship seemed a lot healthier than Buffy and Angel ever was. Plus in the comics right now, which is meant to be canon, Buffy and Spike are in a happy, healthy relationship. It just felt one-sided to me.

tbh, I didn’t mind it all that much because I was way too elated to see them all back together again. But… the first thing I saw regarding the reunion was the cover, and I immediately thought: “I guess the EW people are Bangel shippers, then.” It kinda rubbed me the wrong way. And I’m not saying this as a Spuffy shipper myself. I wouldn’t have liked to see Spuffy on the cover either.

 I would’ve liked to see Buffy alone or the four main Scoobies.

That was what the show was about, the ships were secondary.

OOC post/public service announcement

[[I know I’ve been making quite a few of these lately. Though seeing what happened when I had a rule to Never Break Character Ever I suppose it’s better like this.

So, we just got an anon that said something like “is the sharing lgbt+ friendly? I could use a safe place right now” and… in the case that they were serious, I feel like I should try to clear something up.

I didn’t answer that ask. I didn’t feel right answering it in character, and I feel like an out of character response deserved its own post.

I know that in a time like this, when it seems like the whole world is against you for who you are and who you love, you would almost WANT something like The Sharing to be real. A place where you’re accepted and loved no matter what. But this is not the place for you to find that. If you want to talk, my main blog is @to-reach-the-farthest-star, and I promise that I care and I will listen. BUT as a cult survivor, it’s kind of upsetting to see anons coming to The Sharing for love and acceptance. You deserve better for yourselves than what an organization like the one portrayed on this blog could give you.

Much love,

Mun Cassandra]]