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What on earth?! I don't understand why people are having issues reblogging you. It's not rocket science. I reblog you all the time, from your blog, not just from my dash. And anyone concerned with spoilers should just unfollow any TWD related blogs until they've seen all the episodes. That's just common sense, really. ♥♥♥

i think they think “repost” and “reblog” are the same..

repost = save le image/gif and repost

reblog = re-blog

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ellabellarob replied to your post: Today is 1 year anniversary of my blog…

Aw, I love you!! And the fact we can never go a day without talking!!! How do we do that haha!!! <3

hahahahaha absolutely!!! And the fact we talk a LOT on weekdays and hardly do on weekend! hahaha<3 We can’t say loudly we’re working properly ;P<3 Love ya bby!!!!!

miracleininches reblogged your post Today is 1 year anniversary of my blog… and added:

Thanks so much, babe! ♥♥♥

Awh thank YOU honey!!<33 (I’m having my friend lend me TWD comics during the absence of TWD! yayay<3)

walkersinthecell reblogged your post Today is 1 year anniversary of my blog… and added:

oHHH GOSH I JUST SEE MYSELF ON THERE! I’m so honored to be on a list full of so many amazing people and awesome blogs! It means so much to me!

Happy anniversary! I’m so happy you get to celebrate it with all of us! I’m so glad I get to talk to you because you really are extremely sweet and so easy to talk to! I hope you have many more years to come~

Yaaaay thank you!!! I’m so happy to have known you and talked with you sweetie!<3 hahaha being easy to talk to is only one thing I’m proud of my self! Thank you sooo much!<3

kendaspntwd reblogged your post Today is 1 year anniversary of my blog… and added:

OMG!!! You’re So Precious, i just love you so much<3333 it’s a great honor to be your friend and talking to you and maybe meeting you one day :) Thank you so much for being sweet and kind to me,and for filling my dash with Norman, and for including me here is more than i deserve.i don’t have words to express how i feel right now. All i can say thank you for everything and for making my day sweetheart<333  and Congratulations! Happy 1 Yr Anniversary :)

Awww hehehe<3 See, how lovely, sweet and precious you are!!!<3 Thank you so much for everything of you everyday, you know I just need you and your posts every single day! Because they make my day & night, always<3 I can’t put my thanks and love for you into words, so one day I’ll hug you tight when I meet you! ;D<3 Be prepared! hahaha<3 Love you!!! *muah*

wise-emperor reblogged your post Today is 1 year anniversary of my blog… and added:

woman how can I not. You make awesome gif’s, post all the things I like, you’re nice to people. I’m surprised you don’t have more followers. You deserve it and I’m happy and proud to call you my friend. Happy birthday

Daww don’t make me bluuush! I think I’ve received precious things and followers too much to me! I don’t think I deserve it, so I’m trying my best. Thank you so much my moonlight friend, I love you more than you think!!!<3

shunasassi  asked:

Five random facts about yourself then pass along to your 10 favorite followers? :)

  • I have some OCD ritual I have to carry out before I can go to sleep
  • In my Sixth Form’s end of year awards, I was given a certificate for being the most foul-mouthed student lol (i’m sure I’ve posted about it before)
  • I’ve never been outside of Europe
  • I hate flying, no matter how many times I travel by plane, it never scares me any less
  • The thing I most want to do in my life is see the Northern Lights

Thank you, Jenn!

miracleininches replied to your post: Why is it choosing what to do when I have little…

This is why I never actually get anything done. I can never decide which things I would rather do, so I wind up wasting too much time thinking about it & doing nothing. :\

Ha, so I’m not the only one!  And then when I realize I’m doing it I just tend to sit there chiding myself for wasting time and still doing nothing.

 dangerkittyn replied to your postWhy is it choosing what to do when I have little…

I think you should… do whatever you want!

(Sorry couldn’t help it)

dangerkittyn replied to your post: Also it is 73 degrees inside and I am wearing a…

But how will you visit me in Nebraska and make a snow angel with me?

NOTHING WILL STOP ME.  NOT EVEN THE MOST BITTER COLD.  Though I will probably show up bundled up in so many things I will look like a walking mattress.  Mattress-angels.

miracleininches replied to your post: Also it is 73 degrees inside and I am wearing a…

Look at pictures of Nestor…? That always makes me feel warm & fuzzy. Ha. :P Or drink tea. Or hot coco. Sometimes the only way I can get warm is to drink something hot.

Ma'am, I like the way you think.

(And tea really does sound good, I should go get some)

shunasassi  asked:

Five random facts about yourself then pass along to your 10 favorite followers? :)

Ooooooh, five random facts about me? This’ll be tough. I can’t even think of one that isn’t basic, like I’m 5'7" (you can have that one for free).

Let’s see:

  1. I just changed my ringtone to Godzilla’s roar (from the new movie), and I’m fairly certain it’s going to annoy a few people,
  2. I’m currently bored with so much revision for upcoming exams, so I’m wasting time online temporarily,
  3. I’ve been doing a bunch of free logo designs, photo restorations, and colourisations on Reddit in my spare time (I genuinely ran out of things to say at this point), 
  4. (Two hours later) I’ve also been asked by a bunch of people at uni if I could create logos for their game dev groups, as well as being the graphical artist for them,
  5. If I’m feeling stressed or angry, the one soundtrack that never fails to relax me is The Godfather soundtrack. Amazing music, amazing movie.

Thank y'very much!

u guys I’m gonna do this for both because I’m running out of facts and I’m not that interesting >_<

  1. One of my front teeth got chipped when i was a kid, so it’s 70% fake
  2. I’m going to study in Spain during autumn/winter u_u
  3. I can speak 0.00001% Korean
  4. I suffered from a speech impediment earlier, and even though I’m better now, it still comes out sometimes when I’m under a lot of stress/anxiety
  5. I have a whole fantasy saga planned out in my head, along with the ending and all, but I’ll never get around to it hahaheeh

shunasassi  asked:

Hi. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog. Like really, really love it. You have great taste & everything you post is awesome. Figured it was about time I said so. And I also really appreciate you following my blogs. :)

Thankyou so much!
Haha I am smiling, thankyou really :)
I love your blogs too!
Excellent content matter and great taste as well ;)