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shunasassi  asked:

What on earth?! I don't understand why people are having issues reblogging you. It's not rocket science. I reblog you all the time, from your blog, not just from my dash. And anyone concerned with spoilers should just unfollow any TWD related blogs until they've seen all the episodes. That's just common sense, really. ♥♥♥

i think they think “repost” and “reblog” are the same..

repost = save le image/gif and repost

reblog = re-blog

ellabellarob replied to your post: Today is 1 year anniversary of my blog…

Aw, I love you!! And the fact we can never go a day without talking!!! How do we do that haha!!! <3

hahahahaha absolutely!!! And the fact we talk a LOT on weekdays and hardly do on weekend! hahaha<3 We can’t say loudly we’re working properly ;P<3 Love ya bby!!!!!

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Thanks so much, babe! ♥♥♥

Awh thank YOU honey!!<33 (I’m having my friend lend me TWD comics during the absence of TWD! yayay<3)

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oHHH GOSH I JUST SEE MYSELF ON THERE! I’m so honored to be on a list full of so many amazing people and awesome blogs! It means so much to me!

Happy anniversary! I’m so happy you get to celebrate it with all of us! I’m so glad I get to talk to you because you really are extremely sweet and so easy to talk to! I hope you have many more years to come~

Yaaaay thank you!!! I’m so happy to have known you and talked with you sweetie!<3 hahaha being easy to talk to is only one thing I’m proud of my self! Thank you sooo much!<3

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OMG!!! You’re So Precious, i just love you so much<3333 it’s a great honor to be your friend and talking to you and maybe meeting you one day :) Thank you so much for being sweet and kind to me,and for filling my dash with Norman, and for including me here is more than i deserve.i don’t have words to express how i feel right now. All i can say thank you for everything and for making my day sweetheart<333  and Congratulations! Happy 1 Yr Anniversary :)

Awww hehehe<3 See, how lovely, sweet and precious you are!!!<3 Thank you so much for everything of you everyday, you know I just need you and your posts every single day! Because they make my day & night, always<3 I can’t put my thanks and love for you into words, so one day I’ll hug you tight when I meet you! ;D<3 Be prepared! hahaha<3 Love you!!! *muah*

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woman how can I not. You make awesome gif’s, post all the things I like, you’re nice to people. I’m surprised you don’t have more followers. You deserve it and I’m happy and proud to call you my friend. Happy birthday

Daww don’t make me bluuush! I think I’ve received precious things and followers too much to me! I don’t think I deserve it, so I’m trying my best. Thank you so much my moonlight friend, I love you more than you think!!!<3

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Tumblr Crushes


  1. light-comma-sticks
  2. team-rugrats (don’t undertsand how Shayna is here as I don’t reblog on here but still :P
  3. i-think-i-just-shat-myself
  4. lostaway
  5. miracleininches
  6. smells-like-carrots
  7. 23-shepard
  8. scrubs-gifs (again don’t understand lol)
  9. l-o-s-t

  1. lostaway
  2. team-rugrats (Shayna somehow my LOST blog loves you!)
  3. light-comma-sticks
  4. vetica
  5. 23-shephard
  6. l-o-s-t
  7. ifeltlikeaplasticbag (how is my personal on here :S)
  8. oli815
  9. lost-in-moments

(ignore the background image behind it I don’t know how to change it :|)

paulsspectors  asked:

1.Who is the funniest on Tumblr? 2.Who makes the best gifs on Tumblr? 3.Who is the nicest on Tumblr? 4. Who has the best blog on Tumblr?

Funniest person - light-comma-sticks can have this, as his Jacob/The Social Network thing made me laugh.

Best GIFs - definitely everythingislost for me. I die for their Spartacus ones! And all the rest.

Nicest person - three of you in particular are SO nice and lovely, I have to name all of you: you! (these-horrors), miracleininches and firepluswater. The rest of you are great too.

Best blog - ah, there are so many. For reblog content, I’m really fond of malickian’s. For amazing quality, creations, content, the whole shabang - everythingislost’s is the best one I can think of.


as long as i have a blog, i will always follow these bitches.

hypnosis727 | kingpellegrino | pinaqueen | missmysticsalvatore | miracleininches | luci-is-my-homeboy | frenchvanillacoffeebean | morningstar-lucifer | yoho-mrsbagwell | ask-satan | gabrielscandybar | super-fuckin-natural | pelledreamo | fuckyeahrobertknepper |


miracleininches replied to your postwhen there’s something about Michael or Walt on LOST…

Fucking Walt. Michael would have been far less annoying if it weren’t for his brat kid. :|

lostaway replied to your postwhen there’s something about Michael or Walt on LOST…

ACCURATE. god so damn accurate. i still stick with i coulda liked michael had it not been for that damn brat kid and how he made michael nuts. the one tangible good thing they brought…the DAMN DOG.

*imagine a gif of Michael shouting WALT!*

HEY DON’T HATE ON VINCENT! He’s the best character! Best animal character should I say.