by: matt carr

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small rant about NFL MVP

Okay so most of you like won’t give a fuck but this has been pissing me off since end of November. In the NFL, they have MVP race and they keep up with until the night before the Super Bowl. Now, Tom fuckin Brady was suspended for 4 games for an allegation two seasons ago. He couldn’t play in the first 4 games of this season and his back up came in. Now, yes Tom is putting up large numbers (per usual) and has been doing what Tom has been doing for almost 20 years. What’s pissing me off is the fact that these “analyst” are constantly shoving down the audiences ear Tom, Aaron Rodgers (who had his most mediocre season and had literally 2 good games through the whole season), and Stafford in these MVP talks and rewarding there mediocre ass playing.
When more deserving players like Derek Carr(who took one of the shittiest franchises to the playoffs after years), Ezekiel Elliot, Dak Prescott (who had to take over for pussy boy Tony Romo’s bitch ass and prove the REAL owner of the NFL, Jerry Jones wrong.) Dak and Zeke are literally THE best rookie duo in current NFL history. Also, Matt Ryan deserves so much more talk as well. These players took these struggling underrated teams from barely making the playoffs and always being last to winning there division easily.
Stop rewarding players that have been just doing what they’ve been doing for years or players that should’ve been doing these things and it finally click in there fuckin brains. Stop rewarding players that float by and leave there defense to do all the work. Stop talking about MVP numbers if they can’t go all the way which most of the time they couldn’t do. You giving Tom this reward is like saying, “hey kids cheaters do win sometimes.” Giving Aaron or Stafford this award is a slap to the face to Wilson, Carr, Dak, and Ryan. “Analyst” for years have been telling Wilson since he’s been drafted that it’s all the LOB and he’s just mediocre. There mad that he is a great QB and they were wrong to draft him so low due to height. They keep telling Dak and Carr they run too much but when Aaron and Tom would run, “it’s great scrambling…” get the fuck outta here. “MVP” means “Most Valuable Player” when have Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady not been valuable to there fuckin team, look around there and you’ll see more amazing players putting up similar if not better numbers. Sorry that Peyton isn’t in the league for you to throw him in race as well.
All in all, stop rewarding players for being mediocre in the season and start rewarding players for there change on there teams and how they change the atmosphere of the game overall. I’m not saying Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Matthew Stafford aren’t good at all (cause they are great if not future HOF) but they’ve been doing this for 10+ years. It seems like some players can walk, when some HAVE to fly 1000 mph to be recognized.
Sorry, I had to get this off my chest…
Happy Holidays😌