by: lexi


“That’s the benefit of knowing someone for over a 100 years. You can just be yourself.


I bought a blazer for my Lexi cosplay as it looked so similar to the one in the show and then @stuckinmystory told me it looked like Clara’s blazer from Hide so I googled it and it turns out that I bought the SA Hide blazer which is apparently super rare for a ridiculously good price. 

And here we have some gifs in character and some not quite so in character (celebratory dancing) any excuse to make a gif

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The Other Side”, The Vampire Diaries spin-off starring:
- Bonnie Bennett as the supernatural kickass witch anchor, main character of course.
- Kol, the sassy original vampire.
- Silas, the sassy original vampire witch.
- Katherine, kickass amazing flawless vampire.
- Lexi, the cutest blonde vampire of the Other Side.
- Alaric, the incredible vampire hunter.
- Qetsiyah, the crazy vindictive stalker witch.

ps: and not written / produced by Julie Plec, please.