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It’s not a choice. I never chose to be gay. I just don’t get how anyone can be judged based on their appearance, race, religion, or who they love. Okay you don’t agree with being gay, that’s fine. But why do we live in a world where I am scared to tell everyone I love that I love girls. Why should that make me a “disappointment”? Love is love and we are all human beings. I’ve gone through a lot of pain these past few months & I just can’t imagine losing more people that I love. I just want to be happy.

Lexi has SAM listening in on every single member of the crew at all times so that she can listen in if any of them say certain words together in a sentence

Kallo already had to frantically call Lexi to stop Suvi from putting alien stuff in her mouth (again) and Drack was on Kadara and was like “I bet I could drink [the highly poisonous water]” and Lexi immediately came over the comms and goes “NOOO.’” 90% of Lexi’s job is getting everyone on the Tempest to stop putting foreign matter in their mouths because they’re in kindergarten 

Mass Effect Andromeda So Far (Part 1)


So, I’m about 13 or 14 hours in, and so far, I’m loving Mass Effect Andromeda.

The combat is not quite as much fun as in ME3, which still takes the cake for combat mechanics, but I think that might be a function of the way the levels were designed.  ME3, the levels were pretty much rolling fire fights from cut scene to cut scene.  The combat in this game feels a bit more like combat on the uncharted worlds in ME1, with much, much better mechanics.  Fights tend to be brief, short and hella bloody.  I’d say the combat, so far, is a little behind ME2 in terms of sheer, unbridled joy, and again, I think that’s a function of the length of the fights.  In ME2 and ME3, you could just find a groove and ride it for 30 minutes at a shot, as wave after wave of enemy rolled your way.  There may be more of that in the game later, but this feels much more RPGy and much less gallery shootery.

Not far enough in to really critique the story, but so far, I live Sara Ryder.  Her whole character has a “Wait, who the hell put me in charge?  I came on this mission to flirt with cute girls, give my baby brother shit and flirt with cute girls.” vibe.  Her main expression is a sort of pained “I totally know what I’m doing!  Drack, can they tell I haven’t got a fucking clue?  They can tell, can’t they?” look.  I love it.

She likes Vetra, she thinks Drack is the best thing in sliced break, and she’s secretly got Sam hacking all available data on Peebee so she can use it to help plan their first date.

Oh, and she got shot down hard by Dr. Lexi.  That hurt.

first week of school: I am young, scrappy and hungry and I’m not throwing away my shot!

second week of school: I imagined death so much it feels more like a memory