by: langdonist

defunctplsunfollow-blog  asked:

Your 3 favourite GoT characters and why, then your 3 favourite SOA characters and why? :)

Thank you for the question! :) I can only answer the GoT questions based on the TV show though. SOA, will be hard to do as no one is fresh in my mind and I’ve only seen S1.

1. Tyrion Lannister - He’s just brilliant. Fantastically acted. He’s just so cunning, smart and assured. He dominates each scene with his confidence and demands respect, as a character. 
2. Jon Snow - It’s hard to explain. I feel like I can relate to his character somehow. He’s loyal, and he seems to be very mind-orientated. I like that,
3. Jaime Lannister - I used to hate him. At the start of the series, he seemed a smary bastard. Now, learning more about his attitude and his  rise to being the ‘kingslayer’, I kind of respect him. He’s a great villain. I love to watch him, especially considering he’s just as sharp in mind as he is with a blade. 

1. Jax Teller - Stand out favorutie from season 1. He seems, from what I have seen, to be loyal and sticks to what he loves/knows. I like  his impulsiveness. I don’t know, I just feel to know more about him than anyone else. He certainly seems more humane.
2. Clay Morrow - Motivated, dedicated to a cause. Doesn’t seem to struggle on tough decisions. I like his mental strength and leadership.
3. Tig Trager - I’m not sure why, I just think Kim Coates does a great job with his character. He seems daring. I don’t know, it’s hard to say. He seems more “out there” than the rest.