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anonymous asked:

What armor does Kamila wear???

hi anon! 

here are the skins i use: 

Head: Glorious Crown (from the Glorious Reward Track, you can get it from PVP)
Shoulders: Chronomancer’s Epaulets (which you can get from completing the Chronomancer Mesmer elite spec)
Chest: Carapace Vestments 
Gloves: (Hidden)
Legs: Incarnate Pants (Gemstore)
Boots: Incarnate Shoes (Gemstore)

just in case anon is asking about her other set, here are the names for it too! 

Head: Masquerade Mask
Shoulders: Masquerade Mantle
Chest: Illustrious Doublet
Gloves: Phoenix Gloves (Gemstore)
Legs: Glorious Leggings (from PVP reward track)
Boots: Incarnate Shoes (Gemstore)


moreee side Sammie characters… Kamila and Kenneth. Kamila is a self-proclaimed witch and she runs this little fortune-telling business with the help of her snooty son. she’s not the most honest person in the world however so her readings tend to stretch the truth a little… or a lot.. she is a legit witch tho despite this and she’s pretty good at what she does (when she’s not telling people what they want to hear). her son Kenneth on the other hand is basically a fashionista who’s obsessed with becoming rich and famous someday. he’s.. working on that. really.

like Jack and Oliver they travel from city to city and their paths have crossed before so the two “businesses” have this rivalry going on. when they’re not fighting over customers they’re busy coming up with schemes in which to get the other to leave town. 

Oops one of my answers to the character headcanon meme for Cabanela turned into a mini piece of family +1 fluff because of course it did.

Uncertainty and Cabanela did not mix. Uncertainty on Cabanela was like a Cabanela gone still. Theoretically possible, but nearly unheard of and in other circumstances unsettling. In this particular instance Jowd could only laugh at the sight of him standing as if petrified in the middle of their living room floor.

Kamila sat on the floor with her arms firmly wrapped around his leg and appeared ready to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. Now that was one way to keep them both out of trouble.

“Jooowd, she won’t let go. What do I do?”

“You could let her stay. She looks pretty happy.” Jowd chuckled and stepped toward them at the mixed look shot his way of ‘not funny’ and ‘help.’ He crouched down and gently tried to prise Kamila’s hands away from Cabanela.

“No!” she exclaimed loudly.

“Come on, you’re scaring him.” He leaned close to her ear and whispered, “And that’s not easy. You can get him again another time. I promise.”

Kamila’s grip loosened and he took the opportunity to scoop her up and away into his arms where she giggled. He wondered how involuntary the step back Cabanela took was.  

Ahh, fearsome detective terrorized by toddlers.