by: funkified

Author: funkified
Title: The Life You Thought You Wanted
Rating: M
Summary: Rachel Berry is a signed recording artist who’s star might already be fading. She returns to the place where her career before her new tour to find what it is she’s been missing. COMPLETELY AU. Puckleberry. M for later. COMPLETE

Author: funkified
Title: I’m Begging You To Be My Escape
Rating: T
Summary: Puck is unhappily married and raising a five year old daughter that he loves more than anything in the world. When he’s at a loss for what to do with himself- enter the girl he loved and never made a move on. Puckleberry FutureFic. Daddy!Puck

Celebration #s 9 and 10. Today, I celebrate Lisa and Amanda (and Rachel).

In light of what is going on for some of my favorite fan fiction writers, I have decided to add on to my “celebrate someone” posts. Even though I already made this post about Rachel yesterday, she is in inherently included in this post as well. :D

Lisa (aka xmonalisa) and Amanda (aka privatestorm) are awesome. They write some of the best fan fics around. Their characterization is spot on, and their plot ideas are unique and well executed. Recently, one of the stories jointly written by these three ladies has been plagiarized. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say this other “author” should have thought twice before messing with the Puckleberry bubble.

Amanda and Lisa (and of course Rachel) have always been more than accommodating when it comes to giving people advice or props about their own writing (note that I said their own writing). Like I said, these ladies are some of the nicest people I’ve talked with when it comes to writing. They do not deserve to have their work treated this way. Yet, through it all, through their anger (rightfully placed of course) and through their hurt, they are still super classy.

So, today, Lisa and Amanda (and Rachel), I celebrate YOU. <3