by: frontier works

  • a random 4 year old girl going through my line at work with her mom: hi. what's your name?
  • me: my name is jack.
  • girl: are you a boy or a girl?
  • me, internally: do i risk freaking out her mother by saying "neither" and prompting more probing questions about my gender from a strange child which will then launch me into an extensive lecture on gender as a social construct and transgender and nonbinary identities and how my gender is so outside the socially accepted binary that "neither" is really as close as i can simply explain it???
  • me, out loud: a birl
Rune Factory in a nutshell
  • Rune Factory 1: I can't remember who I am and I am in need of food and water.
  • Mist: Oh you should run a farm!
  • Rune Factory 2: I can't remember anything and where am I?
  • Mana: Oh you should run a farm! Also I'm taking some of your money.
  • Rune Factory 3: I just woke up in someone's bed and I can't remember anything.
  • Shara: Oh hello random person that looks a lot like that wooly I helped. You should run a farm!
  • Rune Factory Frontier: Mist, I finally found you!
  • Mist/Stella: Oh you should run a farm!
  • Rune Factory Tides of Destiny: This is and not our home at the same time, also we're somehow in the same body.
  • Odette: Oh you should live in that old house no one uses- oh look at that amazing golem behind the house, you should run a farm!
  • Rune Factory 4: Ow my head...who am I?
  • Venti: Oh you must be the royalty that was coming! You should go sleep and tomorrow... you should run a farm!

Preview CM for [Natsume kun wa Nandemo Shitteru] by Tamekou from Frontier Works

Pairing = Shimazaki Nobunaga x Uchida Yuma

Release date = July 28, 2017

***Another Zakki seme role??? Hmm interested but might be weird since Yuma speaks in a slightly lower pitch for this one



Inma Vol. 2 Prologue Scenario Translation

Okay… First thing… I’m done with the prologue!!! YAY!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Well… enjoy the still “normal” prologue…


On that fateful evening, two Incubi with the same appearance, an appearance very much to your liking, but different personalities to the depth of their hearts appeared in front the sleeping you…

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[Calendar] Hetalia: The Beautiful World - 2014 Anime Desk Calendar

Company: Frontier Works
Retail Price: 
1,575 Yen
Release Date: November 2013
Reservation Deadline: 29th September
Size: 128mm (incl. ring part 135mm) x 182mm 
Specifications: Full colour printing, 13 sheets (incl. cover), monthly calendar for January 2014 to December 2013
Bootleg Version? No

We received news of this desk calendar back in August and now we finally have a stock image and more product details to go with the news! It is super adorable, don’t you think?

Please note that it was originally set for mid-october but is now expected to be released in November! It will also be available at the Frontier Works booth at Animate Girls Festival 2013 (AGF2013) in Japan.

simonemoorexo  asked:

Can you recommend some good Feysand fanfic

(I’m so sorry it took me a while to respond to this! Trying to add links to a post on the mobile app is a total pain in the ass.)

Oh, my gosh, you have just opened up a can of worms! I have SO many Feysand fic recommendations!

A Court of War and Starlight by the queen @sarahviehmann

Safe at Last by @highladyofthenightcourt5

Nightmare Frontier by Therabis

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Magikenz

Anything by eliniel

Come Home by @bats-and-hawks

Anything by @bioticblackops

What Hurts by @propshophannah

Anything by @kitashiwrites

I’m sure I’m leaving out tons, so if you want more of my favorites, you can go search the “ship: feysand” tag on my side blog @acourtoffaeandfanfics. It’s where I reblog all of my favorite SJM fanfics. :)
Daria on Twitter
“【巻頭カラー・連載再開】座裏屋蘭丸先生の「コヨーテ」をチラ見せ! リリーの部屋で見つけた写真に、動揺するマレーネだが――!? コミックスの続きが読める、ダリア4月号は2月22日発売!”

Frontier Works published the preview for the new chapter of Coyote by Zariya Ranmaru in this month Daria available on the 22nd of February.