by: courtney


you were mid conversation with Eric when someone tapped you on the shoulder. the girl was about your size, “you. me. fighting ring.” she stated.

Eric rolled his eyes. “she will not be joining you in the ring.” he stated.

“and why is that?” the girl glared at him.

“because you are bellow her and if you get in that ring with her you will be leaving on a stretcher.”  Eric said, “now leave. and dont be this stupid again or i’ll have to show you the consequences of idiocy.” 

i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes

Pièce de Résistance - Part 4

PAIRING(S): Jai Courtney/Reader
SUMMARY: You are taking a Life/Figure Drawing class in college. The usual model has called out sick at the last minute and the professor has had to ask a friend to help out for a few classes. Much to your surprise, the fill-in is a bulky, sexy, famous movie star.

A/N: This update has been a long time coming, I know. I didn’t know when I posted Part 3 that it would be over a year before I posted Part 4. I do apologize, and I will say that it should not be that long before I post the final part. I have not started Part 5 as of yet, but I plan to soon. Part 4 is a bit of filler, but its main purpose is to move the story along and wrap some things up for the final part. 

I hope you guys enjoy! ♥

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I know this is a radical idea… But if you don’t like something/aren’t interested in it…. Ignore it! Don’t watch it. Don’t make bitter text posts. Don’t get mad that it exists. Instead just find something you like and think about that! It’s really easy to do and it makes everything just so much better.