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I always thought that the hipster tumblr quotes on photos were really funny so I decided to make fun of them with one of the most quoteable people, Miss Alyssa Edwards
[Part 2]  [ Hipster Jujubee quotes ]

Phi Phi: *Talks shit about Alyssa unaware she is behind the mirror listening*


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Signs As The Walking Dead Characters

ARIES: Abraham Ford
passionate - impulsive - adventurous

TAURUS: Michonne
independent - stubborn - reliable

GEMINI: Eugene Porter
adaptable - lack of direction - intellectual

CANCER: Carol Peletier
loving - suspicious - faithful

LEO: Daryl Dixon
straightforward - headstrong - loyal

VIRGO: Rick Grimes
practical - fastidious - wise

LIBRA: Rosita Espinosa
romantic - diplomatic - charming

SCORPIO: Sasha Williams
focused - resentful - brave

optimistic - reckless - honest

CAPRICORN: Carl Grimes
ambitious - stubborn - disciplined

AQUARIUS: Tara Chambler
friendly - detached - inventive

PISCES: Maggie Greene
imaginative - restless - caring